A Little s****r b*****r Thing, Part 4

I was late in the afternoon but there was still plenty of sun and so as soon as they got home Sarah started to strip in the living room in front of Jerry and Nita. Before anyone could stop her she had her top off and was pulling down her shorts when Jerry spoke.

“Hey what are you doing, you can change in bathroom or Nita’s room but man you don’t get naked in the front room.”

Sarah had her shorts on the floor and straightened up with only a very small pair of panties on. She struck a sexy pose for Jerry, “so you do not like me getting naked, you don’t like what you see?”

“Dam it girl you know I like what I see but not in here. What if someone walked in?”

“So you like me naked? Who would come in, your mother is at work and Nita has seen me naked in fact we have played with each other.”

Jerry was a little taken back with the revelation that Sarah and Nita had engaged in sex, but then to what extent. He was staring at the cute, beautiful, and very sexy almost naked Sarah. He noticed how her breasts had developed and were now a very nice size. Just right for his hands and the nipple were larger than the other girls he knew. Looking at her caused him to start to develop an erection.

“Okay enough put your suit on and lets go out and get some sun.” He quickly went outside and took off his shirt and lay face down to cover his erection.

Nita had seen Sarah strip, the verbal exchange with Jerry and his reaction. She was sure that Sarah was going to get Jerry and soon. Sarah was too horny and Jerry was a young stud. She shook her head and resigned herself to the inevitable outcome, or should that be OUTCUM. She chuckled to herself and then she stripped and put on her bikini.

Both girls now had on very skimpy bikinis that cover little and left even less to the imagination. Then they walked out to the patio together.

Jerry looked up as they came out of the house and his cock jumped and he actually moaned. Thinking, how am I going to handle this I want both of them.

There was a large double wide lounge that Sarah lay down on and looked over at Jerry, “hey why don’t you join me?”

Jerry now had a massive hard on from looking at Nita and Sarah. “No I just want to get some sun and relax, okay?” He turned his head away thinking that not looking might make his hardon go away, crazy boy.

Sarah was not to be ignored and so got up, picked up a tube of lotion and walked over to him. “Well at least let me put some lotion on you”, and with that she sat down and started to apply lotion to his back.

The feel of her hands on his back made his cock jump. As her hands move so seductively up and down his spine and then shoulders, Jerry could only think of how much he wanted this girl. He wanted to do so many things to her.

She moved down and applied lotion to his legs. First she did the calves and then move up to the thigh where she paid special attention the the inside of the thigh. Then she notice the head of his now rock hard cock visible up the leg of his shorts. She reached up and touched the end taking the cap between thumb and forefinger.

Jerry moaned, “oh what are you doing you little …..”. He wanted to call her a slut but stopped. The fact she was holding the end of his cock made him so horny and wanting her so bad. Jerry thought, oh what the hell lets fuck you little slut you.

Nita was laying on a lounge across the patio and was watching the action with interest thinking, you better just fuck the little thing because you both want it I know. Nita was both angry and horny. She actually wanted both of them in a sexual way. Not only did she like Jerry’s cock in her she also like the sexual attention of Sarah and her beginners zest for sex.

Jerry could not stop now and he rolled over and looked up at Sarah. Her hand had released his cock and now they rested on either side of his chest. Without hesitation she bent and kissed the center of his chest then move to each nipple. She kissed sucked and licked his nipples causing him to shutter with pleasure.

He looked at her and saw her hard nipples showing through her thin small bikini top. Reaching up he untied the string at the back of her neck and now her breast were fully exposed. First he reached up with both hand and gently cupped each tit. Then he took each nipple between thumb and finger and rolled and pinched them. Sarah moaned and looked at him with passion and desire. She fell on him and kissed him deeply.
Nita was hot now and had her hand rubbing her pussy watching Sarah and Jerry. She saw Jerry untied Sarah’s top and then Sarah untied her own bottom. Nita was so hot she grabbed her own tit and squeezed it so hard it actually hurt. She continued to squeeze her tit and rub her pussy as she watched Sarah get her cherry broken.

Sarah was so hot and eager she had just untied the bottoms and pulled it away. She was naked and then fell on Jerry kissing him with such passion. The feel of her nipples touching his chest sent a sensation through her like none she had ever felt before. She wiggled against his chest to heighten the feeling and sensations now driving her wild.

Sarah was hungry for sex and so just stood up and tore at Jerry’s shorts. He helps a little but she ripped them down and off. Then she looked at the beautiful stiff cock bobbing up and down in front of her. She had seen pictures and a video but real life cock was something else. She reached out and took it in a hand and then bent and kissed and licked the end. “Oh Jerry I want you so bad please do it now.”

Jerry was so hot he could not help it he simple said, “Come here and I will fuck you good.” He pulled her toward him and rolled so she ended up under him. He then kissed her hard with tongue while his hands cupped, squeezed and pinched her breast and nipple. Then his lips moved down and his tongue teases her nipple until she whined for him to suck them hard. As his lips closed over her nipple and it was sucked into his mouth he felt her body convulse as the first orgasm surged through her.

“Oh god Oh Jerry, oh yes fuck me now yes” She was delirious with the pleasure she was feeling and another orgasm raced through her causing her to actually cry with joy. Her body was quivering all over and Jerry was so hot now.

He could not stop now and his had moved down and touched the soft sensitive lips of her very tight pussy. He heard her moan as he rub her lips and the her clit. He felt her buck up and down.

She could not stand it and as his hand touched her pussy her hips, of their own accord, bucked up to get more contact.

Jerry took his cock in hand and rubbed the tip against her pussy and then pushed it in. The head had just entered her when she exploded with passion and bucked her hips up forcing his cock to penetrate her deeper. He felt the resistance for only a moment and then she had bucked so hard and f***eful that the cherry broke with little hesitation on her part.

She was so hot and when the head of the cock was in her pussy she could not wait and hand thrust her hips hard up to Jerry. “OH god Oh yes, mmmmm”. She moaned and made little other noise as her cherry was broken and the cock moved deep into her. She tightened her pussy around his cock and her whole body quivered and shook as another orgasm ran through her. Then she felt he cock start to move in and out. At first there was some pain but the passion over came that and she was soon moaning and humping again.

Jerry was into her deep now and she was so tight around his cock. I was not going to last much longer and so he increased the strokes and humped her faster. Then the passion over came him and he arched his back and drove his cock as deep as he possible could, “OH god yes”. He came with a massive squirting load of cum being pumped deep into her pussy.

She could not stop having orgasms and when he shot his load into her she squealed and had another massive orgasm.

Both of their bodies shook and shuddered as he came with one of his biggest loands and she had the most wonderful orgasm, but then she had not had very many to compare with.

Jerry lay down on her with all his weight and then rolled to his side allowing his cock to slip out followed by a massive amount of cum.

Nita had had an orgasm as well but not like the one Sarah had just had. Still she wanted cock and walked over to Jerry.

“Well Mr. Stud have did you save any for me?” And she reached down and took hold of the limp organ and bent to suck it to life. Jerry was a young man in the prime and so it was not long before his cock was getting hard again.

This is not the end and there will be more. Wait till mother gets home.

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3 years ago
Wonderful writing...i will read the rest!!! thank you.xx.
3 years ago
excellent i hope that there is a lot more parts of this
3 years ago
wow i can't wait isnt this the 3rd one tho :O