A little s****r b*****r thing, Part 2

The talk between June and Nita had been long and rather difficult. June first told Nita she knew about Jerry and her and then went on to explain how she needed sex and that all it was between her and Jerry.

It took Nita awhile to digest all but then she just accepted it and figured she was just going to have to share Jerry.

The trouble is she was beginning to think she might have to share him with Sarah as well. She was thinking that there just might not be enough of him to go around and she might have to start looking for another cock to fill her pussy.

It was almost a month before Jerry returned but it was still before school was out. Jerry could not wait or go without any longer. He had called ahead with the excuse of confirming the job but his mother knew better.

He pulled up in the early evening and as soon as the car stopped Nita was running out to greet him. There was no longer any pretense about sex as it was all out in the open, well almost, Jerry was not sure what his mother and s****r had talked about exactly.

Nita jumped into his arms and kissed him with such passion. Her legs were wrapped around him so tight he thought she would break something. She was wearing a Tshirt and shorts and no bra. His hands were under the shirt and feeling the bare skin of her back and then dropped to hold her butt. They parted long enough to get his things from car to house and then June greeted Jerry with a kiss that was not a motherly one.

He saw her coming and instantly got a massive ereection. She simple warped her arms around his neck and planted a hot hard kiss on his lips. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and sought his. She ground her hips into his crotch and felt his cock jump to life.

As soon as her tongue found his and they started to dance he lost it and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in close. When she ground her hips into him he simply moaned and let his hands drop to cup each butt cheek. He squeezed and pulled her ass to him. Then he realized Nita was still around and broke the kiss and stepped back. Nita was on the other side of the room just smiling at them.

Jerry now looked at both and was really confused. Taking his bag he headed to the room he usually used followed by June.

“I guess I better explain a few things quickly before we get too involved. I had a talk with Nita and I explained about you and me and how I just needed some sex and also that I know you two have been together. So I am not sure how Nita will take it all but no matter I want you and I want you soon.” With that she walked up and kissed Jerry in the most passionate manner possible.

His body wanted her and so he just reached up under the blouse and released her bra and then lifted the top over her head. He broke the kiss to lick and suck her nipples while he opened her shorts. He kissed down her belly as he pulled the shorts and panties down. While she stepped out of the shorts he licked and tongued whipped her pussy. Soon they were on the bed and his cock was deep in her pussy. To get better penetration he had lifted her legs to his shoulder and was fucking her hard and deep. His hands were squeezing her breasts and his fingers were pinching and pulling nipples.

She started to moan as her body twisted and bucked with every thrust.

Nita had let her mother go to Jerry’s room as she said she wanted to tell him about their talk but when she had not returned she went to see what was taking so long. Then as she neared Jerry’s room she knew why as she heard her mother’s moans of passion. She was not sure what or how she felt but she peeked into the room she saw Jerry and her mother. She instantly became wet and very excited.

Nita was looking at Jerry fuck his mother, her mother, and she was very much enjoying it. Jerry had bent her in half with the legs on his shoulder. She thought she wants to try that with him. She was also hoping he would have enough energy to fuck her tonight.

June used her pussy muscle to squeeze his cock and that caused him to moan and holler out, “oh god you got a tight pussy, oh fuck I’m going to cum you wonderful bitch.” He then pumped a massive load into her cunt and she screamed, “yes fuck me you rotten bastard fuck you mother hard, fill my cunt with cum, yes.” June’s hips bucked up high and her body stiffened and she racked his back with her nails.

Nita was so turned that without any thought she had her hand in her panties rubbing her pussy and clit. The other hand was rubbing and playing with her breasts. As she reached her peak she moaned and said to herself, “yes fuck her you bastard and then you fuck me, yes oh yes fuck me.” Well almost to herself as the words had escaped her lips.

Jerry lowered her legs and then bend down and kissed her softly. “Well that was a very nice welcome home. I think I better take a shower and then I am a little hungry.”

June got up and looked at the very sexy man standing there and smiled as she took her clothes and walked out naked. June thought no sense putting on clothes as she knew Nita had watched them fucking and so knew her mother was naked and seen everything. She want to her bathroom and took a shower.

Jerry had gone into the main bathroom and started to shower when Nita walked in. “So you have enough energy to give me some loving.” She was naked and just walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

Her tongue sought his and then the tongues danced. Jerry was young and Nita was good looking her cute breast and the tight pussy with just a start of a brush turned him on. His hands went down her back and cupped her butt cheeks with a squeeze. As he lifted up her legs wrapped around his waist and the feel of her nipples and breast rubbing against his chest sent shivers through his body. As he was young and his libido very healthy his cock stood at attention. It was rubbing against the crack between her but cheeks.

Jerry used his finger to pull her but cheeks apart and worked his middle fingers to her pussy lips. He then parted the lips and guided his cock head between them.

She stiffened and moaned as the head of his cock slipped past her lips. She then broke the kiss and bit into his neck and moved to his shoulder.

Jerry turned and pushed her to the wall and felt his cock move deeper into her tight little pussy.

She was young and not fully grown so her pussy was tight. There was some enjoyable pain involved. Using her legs she dug her heels into his butt and pulled helping him penetrate her deeper. He was only able to buck her against the wall a few times before she started to moan louder and then let out with;”oh fuck me hard you bastard, fuck your s****r like you did mother, fill my cunt with cum, oh yes now.” She screamed loud and long as her orgasm raced through her body, which quivered with the surges of pleasure.

Jerry could not believe his ears but he was so close to a second coming that it did not matter. Soon he did as she asked and he pumped a load into her small tight cunt as she had asked.

Jerry was not exhausted, well almost, and he wanted to finish his shower and eat. He was really hungry now.

Jerry looked at his s****r as she walked naked form the shower and out down the hall.
Both women had just walked out naked without a thought.

This was going to be a very great weekend, exhausting maybe but so what. Jerry was fucking two good looking women, well one woman and one girl.

All three had taken showers and were back in the kitchen dressed in very casual attire.

There was a strange silence between them and June was the first to speak. She had finished her shower and had heard Jerry fucking Nita and watched the ending in the mirror. It was a real turn on to see his body flexing as he came into his s****r.

“Well it seems Jerry has taken care of both of us for now. Is there any suggestions as to sl**ping arrangements for tonight.”

Neither of them was ready for that much openness from their mother and so both just looked at her a little surprised.

“Look we all know what the others are doing, I mean you watched Jerry and me and then I watched you and Jerry in the shower. So who is sl**ping with whom tonight? I would like a nice warm hard body next to me in the morning and then maybe a little early morning fucking.”

Jerry could not take it now and spoke up,”hey easy this is all a little new to Nita and me so let’s just play it slower, besides all of a sudden I am a little tired ladies and could use some rest, okay.” Jerry smiled and looked at the two dressed now in lounging slacks and tank tops.

“I am going to my room to sl**p tonight. We can talk more tomorrow.”

Neither woman was interested in TALK they both wanted more of Jerry’s cock.

Jerry turned and left the room and went to bed, in his room.

Nita and June looked at each other and smiled then went to their individual rooms.
Tomorrow would be another day.

Jerry woke alone and was thankful as this whole thing with his s****r and mother was getting a little too complicated.

Nothing was said at breakfast about sex and it seemed they had all cooled down a little.

Jerry spent the morning putting things in his old room and getting ready for summer.

Jerry and Nita sat around the counter eating lunch and Nita mentioned that Sarah had turned 15.

“She really bugged me to call you to see it you would come down for her birthday party but I told her you were too busy with school and such.”

“So did she have a party and did you go?”

“Yes there was a party with about 8 couples.”

“Couples were there? So you went as a COUPLE with some fellow did you.” This was the first time Jerry had even thought of his s****r with another fellow and he was jealous.

He stopped and thought, dam I am jealous of my s****r going out with someone else. Oh shit what am I doing? This is crazy.

“There were just some boys from school that Sarah and I both know so they were invited along with some other girls. It was not necessarily a DATE you fool and why are you so …. oh what is the matter with you anyway?” She looked at Jerry and wondered what was going on in his mind and then wondered what was changing in her feeling toward him.

“We just had a little party danced and the played spin the bottle. Before you ask, yes I kissed all the boys at least once but none of them can kiss like you do.”

Jerry was a little upset and then it changed and he smiled. After she said they did not kiss like him he reached out touched her cheek and then pulled her to him and kissed her soft then probed her mouth with his tongue and then pulled her to him tight. He savored the feel of her young body tight to his. The feel of her small young breast pressing into his belly and the feel of her slender legs along his leg sent shocks through him. The feel of her crotch against his thigh sent sexy sensations through his body.

The kiss broke and they looked deep into each other’s eyes. Both were deep in thoughts about what they felt toward the other and the thoughts were not really the same.

“Sarah was real upset that you could not make her birthday party, but I can just imagine what it would have been like if you had been there. All the girls would have been hitting on you and all the boys would have just wanted to HIT you.” She laughed and hugged Jerry. Being a senior and 2 years older would have made him the dream hunk at the party.

Jerry put on some old cut off shorts then went outside to get some sun and relax a little.

Nita was doing some internet surfing when Sarah showed up. They went to the kitchen.

“I saw Jerry’s car here and wondered what you two might be doing today? I was going to the movie and wondered it you might want to go along.” Sarah had no intention of going to the movie but she could not think of anything else to say as she had only come over to see Jerry and the whole thing was a little too awkward for her. She looked out the window and saw Jerry lying on the longue in just his shorts which cause her to get all hot and bothered.

“I don’t think I want to go to a movie on such a nice day, in fact I was going to just put on a swimsuit and lay out back like Jerry is.”

“Oh that’s sounds like a better idea, would you mind if I joined you?”

“Okay with me better ask Jerry but I don’t see why he cares.”

Sarah did not wait but ran out the patio door to ask Jerry. “Hi Jerry, Nita says you guys are just going to lie around here and sun mind if I join you. I had a birthday last week I’m 15 now, had a party and we played spin the bottle. You look so good in….”

Jerry smiled shook his head and cut into her chatter, “Hello Sarah, and happy birthday. I did not really have any plans for today and as this is the first real sun this spring I thought I would get a little of it. Yes you can stay if you want.”

Hearing his voice and the cool relaxed tone calmed Sarah a little and when he said she could stay, well she felt all was right with the world. “Oh thank you , Nita is changing into a swimsuit so I am going home and get mine on. I will be right back.” She ran over and gave him a kiss. To talk Jerry had rolled onto his back and so when Sarah had bent down and kissed him hard and then deep, her tongue really working its way into his mouth, it did not take much for her to end up just lying on top of him. She lost herself in the feeling of his body under hers and she gave a little moan.

Jerry was a little taken back but enjoyed the kiss and the feel of her body on top of his. She was becoming a very sexy young woman with nice legs, hips, tight belly and breasts that were big for her age. She was better built than Nita. He broke the kiss and pushed her up. “Hey that was quite a kiss, I see you have been busy learning things and playing spin the bottle.”

Sarah was not sure how to take that comment and got defensive. “Oh it was just fun and did not mean anything, I mean we were just playing. I not going with…”

“Easy Sarah I did not mean anything by it only that you kiss really good maybe a little more passion than you should but I enjoyed it.” He pushed her up and saw the look on her face change from one of desperate panic to relaxed relief. The smile on her face told him that she was willing to give him a lot more than a passionate kiss.

Sarah went home to change and Nita came out in a very skimpy bikini.

“So does mom know you have a suit like that?”

“She let me get it if I promised to only wear it around here.” The top barely covered her nipples and areola but not much more and the bottom covered the small fuzz strip and her pussy lips but nothing else. There was a string up her butt crack with two ties on each side. She bent over and kissed him in a very passionate way.

Their tongue meet and his hands found their way up around her back and he pulled her to him. She gave no resistance and soon lay on top of him.

Jerry loved the feel of the soft, smooth, and warm skin under his hands. His hands sent tingling shock waves through her.

She moaned and wiggled her hips against him and she could feel his cock stiffen against her leg. She knotted her fingers in his hair and f***ed her hips down against his now rock hard cock.

His hands move down her back, cupped her bare butt cheeks and then squeezed hard and pulled her up and to him. He moaned breaking the kiss he let his lips move along the jaw line to her ear. After biting the ear his lips moved down her neck and he bite the shoulder next causing her to moan louder.

She arched her back, “oh god Jerry you turn me on so, suck my tits now”. Reaching around her back she untied the strings holding her top. Then she rose up enough so her tits with the very hard nipples were available for his mouth.

His mouth found the hard nipple without trouble and he sucked it in hard and deep. They both moaned and there was not stopping now. His hands moved down and untied the strings to her bottom.

Now she rolled to her side and stood up. She was naked and he could not resist as she bent and pulled down his shorts. Now both naked he grabbed her and pulled her to him and kissed her hard and deep while his hands cupped her butt and lifted. He carried her to the covered area and a large sofa. He laid her down and attacked her nipples and his lips then moved down to her wet pussy. Parting her pussy with his tongue and teasing her clit made her moan and have a small orgasm.

She could not wait she wanted his cock now and pushed him around and the crawled on top of him. Spreading her legs to straddle him she reached down with her hand and guided his pulsing cock into her hot wet pussy. She threw her head back and arched her back as his cock penetrated her. She moaned and her body shook with pleasure.

Jerry could not believe how good her hot pussy felt as his cock slid in deeper finally hitting the cervix. When she start to bounce up and down and squeeze his cock with her kegel muscle, he could not help but grab her tits and squeeze them hard. As he neared his climax he grabed her hips and f***ed her down hard so his cock was deep inside her.

Both of their bodies shook and they both moaned as she had an orgasm and he climaxed. He filled her with cum. Then they collapsed onto the sofa and were breathing hard when they heard Sarah. Both jumped up to get their clothes on.

Sarah had run home to change into her swim suit. She put it on, a two piece that barely fit anymore as she had grown a lot since last year, especially in the bust department. The bottoms covered a lot compared to most and the top was more like a sport bra. She was sure Jerry would not notice her in this and she was very upset. Still she was going to be with Jerry and he only had on shorts. She got all warm thinking about Jerry and his bare chest and the hair and the muscles and, oh god she wanted him. She was excited now and grabbed her gym bag with stuff and ran out to Jerry’s house.

Sarah was so close she hardly ever knocked on the door but rather just walked in and announced herself. So in she went and as she moves through the kitchen she looked out the window and saw them. She froze and just looked at the two of them fucking. She just watched fascinated by the action and soon she was getting horny and her pussy was wet. Without hesitation she put her hand into the bottom of her suit and rubbed her pussy hard and fast. Then she saw them shake and stop. They then lay down.

Sarah thought, “oh god I have to get out, I can’t let them know I saw.” She ran back to the front door and opened it and closed it hard so they could hear her. Then she ran back to the kitchen and out the patio door. “Hey I am back.”

Sarah was a little too fast for Jerry as he struggled to get his shorts on he tripped and fell. He was lying on the ground with one leg in his shorts and his cock fully exposed.

“Oh Jerry are you taking them off for me?”

“Ah oh no I was just trying to fix them and I fell.” He tried to cover up but no use as Sarah saw what she wanted and reached out and grabbed his cock.

“You know you did not come to my birthday you can at least give me a little present of some sort, maybe let me see you squirt or something. Maybe Nita could help with a suggestion?” She looked a Nita with a devilish smile.

Nita was sure she had seen more than just Jerry’s cock and was afraid of what would happen now. Still she saw how much she wanted Jerry and figured that would save things. “Oh I don’t think you need any suggestions from me seems you have your hands on what you want now.”

Sarah pulled and squeezed Jerry’s cock then saw the look of pleasure on his face. She moved in closer reaching out grabbing the back of his head she pulled him to her and kissed him hard and deep. Her tongue went into his mouth without hesitation. She was hot and wanted what she saw Nita getting.

Jerry could do little as the passion of the moment took over and Sarah was a hot sexy little girl. His hands went around her and he kissed her back hard. Then his hands moved down and cupped her butt cheeks pulled her to him.

Nita was caught unprepared for this but soon came to her senses. “Hey easy there, back off Sarah”.

Sarah was hot and wanted Jerry so almost let on to what she had seen, but stopped. She thought that it might be better talked about later and so she stepped back still looking at Jerry and his wonderful cock now hard as rock. “Okay but I get to see Jerry squirt and I get to help.” With that she began to pump Jerry’s cock with her hand causing him to moan.

Nita moved in with some lotion and offered it to Sarah, “here you need some moisture on your hand or you will rub him raw.”

“Oh I have something better for moisture”, and she reached into her suit and rubbed her pussy for it juices that were flowing heavy.

Nita was getting worked up seeing Sarah jerk off Jerry and started to play with her own nipples and pussy.

Jerry was feeling the passion mount in him and he wanted more. He bent forward and reached into Sarah’s top to cub one of her young budding breasts. As his hand slid over her nipple she let out a gasp and then moaned.

Sarah was so hot that when Jerry touched her nipple she had an instant orgasm. As she had only had orgasms by her own hand having Jerry’s hand on her tit caused her the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Her body quivered and shook as the wave of passion sweept through her. She jerked harder and faster and soon Jerry shot his load, small but still a load, of cum. It was aimed at Sarah and it hit her in the stomach and down one leg.

Sarah had another orgasm when the cum hit her and then she sat down with a thud on the lounge.

“Oh god that was so good”, still holding his no softening cock. “I want more and I want … “ , she stopped short. To cover she stood and kiss Jerry again.

Jerry broke the kiss, “hey sorry I shot cum all over your belly, let me clean it off”.

“Oh that’s okay I don’t mind and next time you can shoot that stuff somewhere else, okay.” Then she kissed him again before he could protest.

Nita had been rubbing her own pussy and had a small orgasm. She heard it all and watched as Sarah jerked her borther to cum and squirt all over her best friend.

“Oh man that was so good I want more Jerry please.”

“Gee girl easy your only 15 and I could get in a lot of trouble.”

“Why would you get into trouble?”

“Man if your folks found out I could end up in jail, that kind of trouble.”

“Well I sure won’t tell and nobody else know what we are doing except the three of us and I don’t think any of us are going to tell.” She looked at Nita intently now.

Sarah all of a sudden notice Nita’s bikini, “hey I want a suit just like that one, I bet I would look good in that.”

“Oh I am sure you would but your folks will never let you have one.”

“Well Nita has one.”

“I only get to wear it here at home to sun bath.”

“Oh so that’s what you were doing out there then?”
Sarah suddenly realized what she had said and covered, “I mean that I would only wear it to sunbath too, in the back yard, and my folks don’t have to know.”

“What are you says Sarah, out here doing when?”

“OH nothing, hey Jerry can take us to the mall and I can get a bikini like yours and keep it here, okay. I will have some shorts and top so we can go now.”

Jerry looked and Nita and shrugged his shoulders, “okay Nita get something on and lets go.”
For the time being things had cooled down. As the two girls walked to the house to dress Jerry looked at the cute little asses the wiggled their way into the house. He paid special attention to the very round butt cheeks of Sarah and thought, “well jail or no jail I am going to fuck that little girl soon, she is just to hot not to.”

At the mall Sarah picked out a very skimp bikini like Nita’s and asked Jerry if he wanted to come in the dressing room to see it. The clerk, a young woman just looked at Jerry and then the booth and shook her head, not to stop them but in disbelief. The clerk want some of what every Jerry was delivering.

With purchase in hand they now headed home.

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