Rough Sex

I was asked by a woman to write a rough sex short story for her to go with some pictures she had. I never saw the pictures but here is the story.

As you walk into the room, which is dark, I grab you and haul you over to a large wooden X on which I strap your wrists and ankles. I put a ball gag on you and using your hair I pull your head back.

"So you like it rough do you, well bitch I am going to show you rough" and with that I slap your face and grab one of your tits and squeeze it so hard I can see tears on your face. Then I pinch the nipple and more tears. Slap your tit and to the same to the other one. Then I take out a knife and cut your clothes from you. I run the blade up from your belly to the neck to cut the front open exposing your tits fully. I cut the sleeves and rip the top from you. Then I cut from navel to thigh cutting off your shorts and panties. Now the only thing you are wearing is the boots. Your pussy is bare. Then I move down your body and I have a small cat of nine and I whip your tits and belly and down your thighs causing small red welts all over you. I grab your pussy and the palm of my hand on your mound I push 2 fingers deep into you and lift up fast and with f***e.

“That pussy will have to get bigger if it is going to be able to handle what I have in mind to put in there.”

The X can be rotated and I spin it over so now you are upside down and I am looking at your crotch.
“That asshole will have to be cleaned and stretched as well. “

Now I grab a large bag with a long hose on the end. The hose is pushed into your asshole and f***ed into you until I get at least a foot in and then I squeeze the bag sending in a stream of warm oily liquid. I keep pumping it in until you think you will drown from the inside. The hose is removed while the X spun around and the liquid shoots from your ass with everything you had inside you.

“That’s better now we can slip some nice toys in there” and with that a butt plug is shoved into your ass. I whip your butt with the cat as the plug is pushed in deep. Now I produce a dildo with all sorts of bumps and what look like wires sticking out of it. Without any foreplay I push it into your pussy, more tears appear and I rotate it and pump it in and out. I pull it out and then pick up a reciprocating saw with a dildo instead of a saw blade. I ram it into you and squeeze the trigger. The saw has a 2” stroke and a speed of 4 strokes per second. The dildo is 2” in diameter and I run the saw at maximum speed. The dildo is pumping in and out of your pussy at 4 strokes per second and going 2” each time. The head hits your cervix and you wince with pain.
Now that there is a butt plug in your ass and the saw dildo pounding your pussy I bit your nipple hard. Sucking on your tit and biting your nipple.

Now for a change and I pull out the plug and put in a bigger one with wires attached. This one is 3” in diameter and you moan as I push it in hard and fast and the ass muscle closes around the base. I hit a button and a mild electric shock hits your asshole and all your muscles tense. Then I attach clips to each nipple with wires and hit the button again and you jerk as the electric shock travels nipple to nipple. I now pull out a big dildo and spread your pussy with fingers and push the new dildo in. This is a special one with a hose attached along with wires. I hit the button and now a shock runs through everything, ass, nipples and cunt. I hit the button several times and as you jerk I whip your butt and thighs. Then the special dildo with the hose starts to pump a sticky liquid into your cunt and there does not seem to be an end. There isn’t as it is hooked to a big pail of liquid and it just cums and cums.
I take you down from the X and put your head and hands in stock. I tie your ankles to rings in the floor.
Now I take a leather belt and spank your ass until it is red while pushing the button and shocking your nipples. I have replaced the dildo with a couple of vibrator eggs wired for shock and put another in your ass.
You wince with pain as I spank and shock you. I reach around and finger your pussy lips looking for your clit. When I find it I pinch it hard and pull on it till you moan.

You enjoy the pain but now I want some satisfaction and so first I grab you head remove the ball gag and shove my cock deep into your mouth. Holding your head up by your hair I fuck your mouth until I cum a bucket load and you gag and spit but I slap your face and tell you to swallow it all. All this time the vibrators in pussy and ass are going full f***e.
I pull the vibrator out of your cunt and ram my cock into you.

“I’m not done yet bitch and you need more punishment” and with that I slap your ass hard. I fuck your pussy for some time and then pull out. I take the vibrator out of your ass and proceed to butt fuck you without any preparation. I reach around and pinch your nipples and tits. I pump a load into your ass.

“Oh god that feels so good, you’re a good feeling bitch woman I think I will keep you around for awhile.”
After fucking you and spanking you some more I take you to another room and put you on a stool. I tie you to the stool with very coarse rope and I wrap it tight around your tits and trough your crotch making sure a length goes between your lips and then hard against your ass hole. You moan and squirm but I just pull tighter.
“There that will keep you in place till I need you again, now don’t run off.” I am laughing as I leave the room, which is cold and dark. You do not know what is going to happen next all you know is you are full of strange liquids that are leaking out of your ass and your pussy. You can feel the cum still in your mouth and your nipples as still tingling form the electric shocks. You’re bleeding from many small sc****s from the cat o nine.
You’re afraid and thrilled all at the same time. Did you have an orgasm, you cannot remember. Oh but the cock felt good in every hole.

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3 years ago
i liked a lot :)
3 years ago
very good & naughty
3 years ago
Interesting story try reading some of my BDSM storys