This last Halloween got a bit crazy. My girlfriend was going out as a soldier and I was going out as a super skanky catwoman. But I wanted to be realistic about it so I bought these rubber prosthetic breasts and these hip enhancer pads. I bought a latex catsuit and a really nice catwoman mask. I did makeup, the works. In a dark room I looked like a tall woman. For Halloween we get all dressed up and head to my girlfriend's friend's party. I no nobody there so i'm bored. People keep complimenting me on how hot my costume is. I sit on the couch and drink until i'm completely screwed up. So I ask her friend if there is a place for me to go an lay down for a few. She sends me upstairs to her room and I basically pass out on the bed. I wake up with the feeling of someone licking my neck and laying on my back. I hear the sound of latex squeaking as I feel hands sliding from my hips under my body and up my stomach to the fake breasts. His pelvis keeps gently pulsating into my but and each time I can hear the latex squeak, this motion keeps causing my pelvis to push into the bed and become aroused. I kinda moaned out of pleasure and the feeling of just waking up. He took that as his que to roll me over and this black man with a white skeleton makeup on buried his tongue into my throat. I felt one arm slip under me and practically squeeze the life out of me while the other hand rubbed my cock through the latex in a manner that was getting me extremely aroused. He said something like you're super hot and I want to suck catwoman's dick and with that he unzipped my crotch and went down on me. Maybe it was because I was messed up and didn't care or maybe it was because it felt good i don't know. As he was sucking he kept slipping his fingers in my ass and playing with my prostate which drove me nuts. Finally he stopped sucking and said want me to fuck you? I kinda nodded and he got up, grabbed some lotion from the bedside table, massaged it onto his cock then slowly slid his cock into me. I could feel when he got all the way in and it was painful but the pain sorta blended into pleasure as he picked up speed and started ramming me hard. I could hear everytime he 'd slam into my ass the latex on my body would squeak as he held my hips and plowed. Then with no trouble he lifted me up with his cock still in me and he laid down on the bed with me on top as I rode him. At some point a couple of partygoers stumbled into the room and they thought I was a chick so they just said "alright man" and closed the door and took off. Finally he pushed me to the bed, climbed on top of my slammed his cock back into my ass, he locked lips with me and pumped harder than before until I could feel his giant cock pumping cum directly into my ass like a firehose. After this he finished sucking me off and I was just laying there completely in shock as to what I had done. Then I felt him close me up. He came up to kiss me placed a collar around my neck and locked the suits zipper to the collar with a tiny padlock. He told me that I had to come by his place later to take off this suit and to keep his cum in my ass or he'd go down and tell the party his conquest. He grabbed my phone and left his address as a note. I checked my crotch area and the zippers were locked together. I could feel his cum sitting in my ass waiting to leak out but I kept my sphincter squeezed tight holding on for dear life. I went down and found my girlfriend I told her we had to go. She asked me why I was so sweaty and I told her I wasn't feeling well. We left the party, I dropped her off at home and I went straight to the guys house. When I got there I rang the bell. He was there with some buddies. They instructed me to get on my knees and suck them all off, we went into the bedroom and had a wild orgy. I woke up the next day in a bed with two of them, one of their cocks was soft but still in my ass which was leaking cum. The place smelled like sweat and pancake mix. I went home and took a shower. Can't wait to put on that costume again.
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2 years ago
Cant wait to you put on the costume again too. xxx
2 years ago
more plizzzz soooo good