the first tranny I looked for

So i've had some tranny experience unwittingly. I respond to this ad on craigslist from this 19 year old tranny who lives fairly far away, but her picture was so sexy I decided to take the hour drive. So I drive to her parents house, nervous the whole way, when I get there I get out of the car. Stone sober, knock on the door and this little hottie answers. Black and white floral blouse, visible cleavage, tight little leather shorts and a bubble but that would make real girls jealous and about 5'3". She invites me in, she shows me around the house offers me a drink, we go around to the back where there is a pool she asks me if i'd like to swim I say no thanks. Asks me if I want to go to bed with her, so I said yes and she takes me by the hand and I follow her to her parents room as we're walking she slows down every few steps and grinds her shiny little ass right in my crotch. In a cute little voice she says "I can't wait to have you inside me". So we go into the room and we start making out, she takes off her shirt "beautiful breasts" and she undoes my pants and in her mouth my cock goes. She was pretty decent at it, I would've gotten off just from the kinky nature of it but I stopped her and said "let me fuck you" "okay" with a big smile she pulls down her pants turns around and just climbs on. No condom, no lube just her saliva...and I slid right in. Gotta say she was fairly loose, what was hot about it was she was so small that I could feel my cock gradually entering her ass deeper and deeper and I swear my cock must've been by her bellybutton. The whole time she's riding me she's telling me about city college and how all the straight guys fuck her at parties and how their girlfriends are jealous pigs. So I get a bit annoyed and I turn it around and I start plowing her at like 100 mph and she just letting out this aaaa aaaa aaaaa that kinda gets disrupted every time my pelvis slams into her ass finally I hear "oh my god, oh my god oh my god the sheets" as she blasts her load all over her parents bedsheets. "She hops off with my cum dripping out of her ass all over the floor and she's like "you've gotta get out of here I have to clean this up I am so fucked fuck fuck fuck." So I put my pants back on and left. She called me today and she wants me to drive up and fuck her again that's what made me think of it.
87% (14/2)
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