Surfer girl

I had gotten out of work early, packed my board into my car and headed down to the beach to catch some waves before the sunset. I got into the water with about a dozen other people and stayed out there until maybe 6:30/7 when the only person left was this beautiful sandy blonde surfer girl. She got out of the water about maybe 5 minutes before I did and I headed back to my car. She was parked about 50 yards up ahead of me and she started walking towards me. I have to say she was stunning. That's the great part about wetsuits, you can see the entire shape of a girls body from her tits to the crease between her legs. So waved at me and kinda ran over a bit barefoot to get my attention. I asked her if everything was okay and she pointed to the back of her suit. "My zipper is caught on some salt or something". So she turns so I can look and she was right there was some kind of build up under the zipper so I told her to hang on for a bit while I tried to jam it loose. After about 10 minutes and digging at it with my keys I said "I guess you're gonna drive home wet" - the key pouch with her car key in inside her suit "do you want to call someone? Do you have a friend with a key?" No she told me, but she has a spare hidden at her house. So I offered her a ride which she gladly accepted. I went behind my car to change out of my wetsuit, I wrapped a towel around my waist and pulled it down to my ankles. Before I could say anything she was on her knees with her head in my towel sucking me off hard. I blasted right in her mouth and then drove her home. When I got there she invited me in to have sex. So we go inside her house and try to find some WD-40 or anything to undo the wetsuit...but its not happening, in the meantime we're fumbling around making out, i'm grabbing her crotch and we're trying to pull this zipper down - not happening. Finally she says "fuck it" grabs her keys and just punches a hole in the crotch of her wetsuit, tears it a bit and grabs my hard cock in and stuffs it in. I fucked her for hours while she was trapped in her wetsuit. I came like 3 times. After we cut the suit off her and I went home. We exchanged numbers and a few days ago I got a text telling me she was a bit "late" - yay for me.
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2 years ago
I would have cut her out of the suit sooner
2 years ago
uh oh nice