Drinking Decisions

I was at a dance club one night a few years back. It was one of these goth/electro sorta things, it kinda looked like something out of a Marylin Manson video. I had been drinking most of the night with my friends and had a pretty good buzz on. This girl comes to the bar next to me, black vinyl corset, black vinyl pants with a zipper that ran from front to back. Long crazy colored hair. She sees me looking and just licks me on the neck. So I grab her ass and tell her "nice ass" without a word she runs her tongue from my chin to my lips and into my mouth and starts making out with me wildly. She grabs my cock through my pants and drags me through the crowd of people, into the mens room where we proceed into the stall. She undoes my pants gets down on her knees and starts sucking my cock. She was deep throating it and working it hard. I was so close to cumming when she squeezed it to stop me. Under her breath she said "fuck me" she quickly got up. Turned to the wall, unzipped the back of her super shiny vinyl pants, grabbed my cock and guided it right in before I could say anything. She was super tight and I came almost immediately. When I was done she quickly zipped up the back of her pants leaned into my air and in a deep manly voice said "not too bad" and she took off into the club. I whiped my dick on some toilet paper and there was feces there it turns out I had just had sex with a tranny.
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2 years ago
Wow that must have been one hell of a suprise
2 years ago
No shit huh?!