I met with an xH friend; it started like this...

I hooked up with an xH friend recently; it was he first time we met- I'm still playing it back in my head- a lot of fun and very hot for hours.

She requested that she take off her clothes first and show herself to me while I stayed dressed- That alone was fuckin' hot and a sweet start- In 2 minutes, not only did I had a huge bulge in my pants, I had a wet spot where my precum soaked through my underwear and jeans.

She got completely naked except for her white socks. She was on my couch spreading her legs, showing me her pussy. The area around her lips and clit where shaved clean with a closely cropped "landing strip" over her mons pubis. However, there was this little bit of hair, just a few hairs around her asshole- So erotic. The very first time I touched her, the first thing I did was to delicately touch these hairs around asshole with my finger tips- I didn't even touch her skin. I, then, began to gently, very gently, tug on these hairs- The first thing she felt was a gentle stimulation to her asshole through the hair follicles around the rim of her ass being tugged. She got so wet so fast- I had to open up my pants and drop my underwear. I grabbed my cock and squeezed out a big bead of clear precum which sat right at the slit of my cock. I took my cock and rubbed the slit and warm, slippery precum on the hood of her clit, then lightly tapped the slit of my cock directly to her clit. I sucked my salty precum off her clit, then kissed her. We rubbed the precum between our lips.

This is how it started. We played for 2 and half hours.
80% (4/1)
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3 years ago
Great start!