mmmmm... a fantasy from ktdown

mmmmm...i'd want you to explode your cum inside my tight little pussy after you had patiently slid your big cock into me, ignoring my mouthed pleas to not take me and make me unfaithful, which pleas themselves are belied by my hip motions that seem to be aiding your cause, letting the slippery tip of your big cock start to part my closed lips, tracing the source of my slipperiness until your thick head finds the tiny mouth of my tight little slit and you press inexorably forward, stretching me, slipping deeper, stretching, feeling my tight sheath molding to your hardness, the heat of my soft yielding liquefying cunt adds to your own excitement, knowing that you are taking a pussy that some other man believes he has exclusive rights to and that in fact my heat may be strongly driven by the fact that it's my fertile time is getting you more exciting and making it hard to hold back...and then you aren't holding back...driving harder and harder into my defenseless little pussy...bottoming out each stroke hearing my little grunt as if my wind is being knocked out each time...i'm getting close and starting to writhe and my pussy is trembling as my tension builds...and suddenly i feel you stop with your cock balls deep in me and throb...the first hot splash of cum against my womb sets off my pussy milking you, my womb lapping up your hot cum...your little seeds on their way to find fertile earth...after several more injections of your hot seed into my now willing pussy, you kind of enjoy sending me back to my unsuspecting hubby, your cream rurning out of my soft, swollen, abused little pussy and down my thigh...


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3 years ago
nice needs details
3 years ago
very absorbing story :)