unexpected visit

My wife was visiting her parents for a week, and i had too many over hours to build off so i took a few days off. My s****r and husband wanted to come over from Holland for a visit. I prepped the spare room and left them a message on the Counter, they have a key and come whenever they liked. I went for a shower and heard some noise outside, my s*s was there. They came in and she needed the bathroom quick so she came in not caring i was there in the shower. I could see her look at me as i watched her take a pee. I could not hide my errection and washed my Body and touched my cock which made her smile at me. After she was done she stood up very slowly cleaned her pussy and kept looking at me. She pulled her pants up and left the bathroom telling me that the next one would come in. I did not care for my b*****r in law so got out the shower and started to dry off ass the door opened and my s****r´s daughter came in. She froze on the spot when she saw mee and same happened to me except for one Body part that was growing instantly. I had a heartbeat thick cock in less than a seccond. She has never seen me naked before and could not Keep her eyes from my cock. I told her if she wanted she could come over and feel what she was looking at. She mentioned she had not seen an errected cock being 18 1/2 years young. She came over very slow and reached for my dick, it was a Special Moment for both of us. As it was in bth her Hands the door opened a bit and my s*s tried to look in and saw what was going on. I just let it happen when she came in and guided her daughter what to do. She made her wank me and showed her how to lick and blow my cock which she did as perfect as her mom. Both my s*s and her daughter where trying to Play with their pussys when my s*s got up and pulled off her clothes and sat down on the bathtub Corner spreading her legs pionting towards her pussy. I went down on my knees and licked her lipps and knibbled her love button when i felt my neice touching my cock again trying to blow it from behind. I told her to be a good slave and give me a rim Job, she was very carefull and gently but extremely good. After a few minutes my s*s asked her to stop and come towards her face for a check, she gave her daughter a intense kiss and tasted my but on her dauhgters mouth and tongue. I stood up and asked my both horny Ladies to follow to the bedroom. My s*s went first and her daughter mentioned she needed to pee, so i asked her if i could stay, she said yes. I offered her to try something new and she said yes. I laid down in the bathtub and she kneeled over me, i had this almost untouched pussy above me and was able to lick her a bit before she started to spray her golden shower on my face. It was very warm and Kind of sweet in taste and she couldnt stop for ever. Thats how it felt, like for ever when i still tried to lick while she kept on peeing. In the meantime she had licked her fingers clean which she had Held in the stream of golden fluid. She licked and liked it. I gave her a kiss and we stayed like this for a few minutes when my s*s came back to remind us she was waiting and horny. The hole time i didn´t even think about my b*****r in law that did not come with.

We went to the bedroom and continued our fun Party, with my fucking my s*s and her sweet daughter for a Long time.

to be continued if you want, leave comments please
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7 months ago
superb... would love to hear how you slowly pulled their knickers down and exposed their shaven cunts to you ... more please ...
7 months ago
great story.... reminds me of some things that happened me in my teens!
7 months ago
Please continue this story
7 months ago
I would LOVE to hear about him fucking his 10 year o9ld niece!!
7 months ago
I would LOVE to read more! I would also like to hear about him fucking his 10 year old niece!!