"Whether you're a b*****r...Or whether you're a mother...You're stayin'
alive, stayin' alive..."

The driver of the gleaming new 1998 Blazer rolled down the windows and
cranked up the CD player for old time's sake. The soundtrack disk to
Saturday Night Fever had been a spur of the moment purchase at a truck stop
a few miles outside of town. Somehow the lyrics to "Stayin' Alive" seemed
less life affirming than he remembered.

Block after deserted block of empty store fronts slipped by in a gloomy
and desolate parade. The front page of a newspaper tumbled end over end
down the empty sidewalk. It advertised, in big red letters, a 'Going Out of
Business' sale for a shop at the edge of town. Someone's dream was going
belly up. There was no one around to stop and look at it, much less pick it
up and throw it away.

A few of the plate glass windows had been boarded over. The rest were
encrusted with an ugly layer of grime that would remain long after the
approaching storm had passed. A row of Jacaranda trees, planted in a failed
revitalization effort in the late eighties, stood guard like broken and
withered sentinels. At mid block, the shredded, sun bleached remains of a
canvas awning flapped in the gathering wind as if trying to get the
driver's attention.

The vehicle signaled and moved into the left turn lane. The driver stared
straight ahead as he waited for the turn arrow. It was ten o'clock on a
Saturday night, and he had the street to himself.

The truck turned off of the main drag and into a spot several yards from
the corner. The meter was gone. Only a crudely hacked off stump
remained. The truck idled for a long time, as if the driver wasn't sure
about staying, and stopped. Another minute passed before the door opened
and the music tumbled out.

"Feel the city breakin'... And ev'rybody shakin'... And we're stayin'
alive, stayin' alive..."

The driver shut off the player and got out. Except for the wind, and the
sound of dry leaves scratching along the sidewalk, it was quiet. He
stretched his long legs and checked his reflection in the rear view
mirror. He ran his hand over his neat, closely cropped blonde hair and
examined the three day's worth of beard.

"You look like hell," he said quietly.

A healthy diet and a strict exercise regimen kept his 6'4" frame at
185. He was slender, but not so much so that people wondered about his
health. His chest, arms and shoulders were well developed, but not to the
point that people could accuse him of being a gym bunny. His face was
smooth and unlined, but with enough character that people wouldn't accuse
him of having work done. All of that superficial nonsense had to be taken
into account. Everything about him spoke of a life of moderation: a
description that accurately described David's life up to that point.

He took a measure of satisfaction in knowing that, even at the age of 47,
he cleaned up nicely. He could still turn heads in any big city. He was
healthy, handsome and successful. Women were attracted to him and straight
men liked being in his company.

He was also lonely. Without someone special in his life, having it all
didn't mean much. David still hadn't met the one guy who would complete the

He walked to the front, shaking his head sadly as he leaned back on the
hood. The engine ticked quietly in the cold air.

"Shit," he muttered. "They've sucked the life out of it."

He pushed away from the truck and walked into the center of the
street. He looked in one direction, turned and peered into the distance
where the street ended and a dirt road began. The wind was blowing harder,
and the cold stung his eyes. He turned his head at the sound of an
approaching car and the flash of red lights on the street.

A police car eased to a stop directly across the street from his
truck. The swirling cherry slashed across a "For Lease" sign on a boarded
up pharmacy.

"Please get out of the middle of the street, sir," a young sounding voice
requested over the roof mounted speaker.

Realizing that he was the one being addressed, he nodded and returned to
the Blazer. He had a feeling that the policeman would want a word with him
and made to attempt to get back inside. Several moments passed, and the
officer still hadn't emerged, but he kept his hands in plain view.

"Probably running my plates," he thought.

More time went by before there was movement inside the cruiser. The
officer emerged and started across the street.

"You David Rochlin?" the officer called out.

"That's me."

"Just a minute."

"Hey. I'm really not a lunatic," David offered.

"Someone could race around the corner and you'd be history," the cop
replied from inside the car.

David couldn't help smiling as he looked up and down the street. There
still wasn't another living soul to be seen or heard. He could crawl to

David cleared his throat. The cruiser door opened and the cop emerged.

"I don't mean to sound like a wise ass," David called out. "But this
isn't the sort of place that gets a lot of pedestrian fatalities."

"We still can't have people wandering down the middle of the street," the
officer replied firmly.

"No. I guess not," David responded once the cop was across the
street. "I'm sorry. I forgot myself."

The policeman shined his flashlight into the Blazer's interior as he
walked from one end to the other. He nodded approvingly, but David remained
wary. He still hadn't gotten a good look at the cop and couldn't see his

"Mind telling me what you're looking for?" the cop asked from the other
side of the truck.

"I guess I got turned around or something, but I could have sworn that
the Fox Theater was right around here."

"You're parked in front of it... at least what's left of it."

David's heart sank as he looked up at the bland, non-descript storefront
housing one of the few businesses that hadn't gone under. The gleaming
bronze poster cases and the solid little ticket booth were gone. So was the
leaping and swirling marquee with softly buzzing neon and chaser lights
that left the smell of ozone in their wake.

Everything had been ripped off and discarded. They were probably rusting
away in the landfill on the outer edge of town. It was another victim of
progress. Judging from its present appearance, the used appliance market
wasn't exactly booming either.

"Damn," David replied softly. "I was hoping..."

The cop finished his inspection of the truck and stepped into the circle
of light from the street lamp. In the increasingly unlikely event that he
had to identify the cop during an investigation, David took inventory. He
liked what he saw.

David figured him to be in his early thirties and a shade under six feet
tall. He had a solid, muscular physique that challenged the tensile limits
of his well tailored uniform each time he bent over or squatted for a
closer look at the wheels. His mane of thick black hair was cropped short
at the sides. Large dark, intense eyes were complimented by a pale, unlined
and flawless complexion. His lips were as perfectly formed as his
nose. David also noted, in passing, that the cop was free balling and
dressed to the left.

While those pieces of information might not be admissible in a court of
law, it was fun to think about while he waited for the lawman to
finish. The cop finally came close enough for David to read his name
tag. He wasn't wearing one.

"What's your interest in The Fox, Mister Rochlin?" the cop asked.

"I spent a lot of time in there when I was a k**. I guess I wanted to see
it for old time's sake."

"You've been away for a long time. See that 'Free Parking in Rear' sign?"


"The parking lot is where the auditorium used to be. They bulldozed
everything from the balcony forward and put up a wall. There's nothing

"Just like the town," David replied softly. "What happened?"

"The next town over went Big Box. They've got a Wal-Mart and a Target and
a multiplex with 36 screens. Small businesses couldn't compete. Do I know

"I was thinking the same thing. You sort of look like a guy I used to

"I get that a lot."

"My friend's name was Tony Lamori. You any relation?"

The cop smiled broadly. David noticed that even his smile was perfect.

"Tony's my b*****r. I don't remember Rochlin, though."

"I changed it from Rockford. I mean my agent had me change it. My God. I
forgot that Tony had a b*****r. Epifanio, Right?"

"Uh huh."

David extended his hand. Epifanio's handshake was firm.

"Damn. You were a chubby little k** with braces and a stutter."

"And you were a big, geeky guy with pimples and long, greasy hair,"
Epifanio countered good-naturedly.

David gave Epifanio a quick but thorough once over. There was no way he
could not have noticed.

"Things change" David said, his eyes lingering on the cop's
chest. "Sometimes they change for the better. You sure cleaned up nice."

David thought that he saw Epifanio's eyes drop briefly to his crotch, but
he wasn't sure. He'd left town because of a similar bad call with Tony. He
wasn't about to repeat the mistake with his b*****r.

"Thanks," Epifanio replied with a trace of embarrassment. "So did
you. What brings you back here?"


"What kind of research?"

"I'm working on a screenplay."

Epifanio's eyes widened. Something clicked.

"Wait a minute. David Rochlin. You're the writer."

"I'm surprised you recognize the name."

"That movie you wrote for Showtime. You know: the one about the movie
theater and the small town."


"Yeah. I loved that film. I even bought it when they put it on DVD."

"My first fan," David replied after an awkward moment. "I'm honored."

"I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable," Epifanio added. "It's just that
I like to imagine what kind of man writes something like that."

A rumble of distant thunder rattled the plate glass windows of the
shuttered hobby shop next to the appliance store. In the distance, bolts of
lightning snaked across the black sky.

"I'm the kind that gets caught in the middle of nowhere in a big ass
thunder storm," David responded. "As much as I hate to cut this short, I
should be getting myself settled in before the storm hits. Wasn't there a
motel just off the main highway?"

"It burned down a year ago. The owner didn't see much sense in rebuilding
and moved on. Hey. I have an extra room. You could stay at my place."

"I couldn't do that," David replied.

"No reason why you can't. A friend of my b*****r's is a friend of mine."

"I haven't talked to Tony in a long time. We had a disagreement."

"He never mentioned it, and I don't care. That's history. Come on. The
next motel is twenty miles up the road and the storm will be on top of you
before you get there."

David looked off in the distance. The flashes were getting closer, and
the thought of driving in a pounding rain didn't appeal to him. He would
just have to be very careful about what he said.

"Okay. It'll give us a chance to get caught up. So, where are you living

"Same place. Mama and Papa turned it over to me when they moved to New
Mexico. Think you can find it?"

David glanced up and down the desolate street. The landmarks that he'd
known as a k** were all gone. He shook his head.

"Doesn't this thing have GPS?" Epifanio asked, indicating David's
expensive truck.

"I think so, but I've never used it. Talking trucks that criticize my
driving and give me advice make me queasy."

Epifanio smiled as he opened the door and climbed in. He punched a couple
of buttons and the screen came to life.

"Okay," he said, making another entry. "You're in. I've entered the
address. All you have to do is follow the directions. Here's my cell phone
number in case you screw it up."

Epifanio handed David a business card. Whether it was a trick of the
light or just his imagination, David could have sworn that the young cop's
hand was shaking.

"Thanks. I sort of remember where it is. What time should I meet you?"

"I just have to check in at the station. You go on ahead. The back door's
open. Make yourself at home."

"You leave your door open?" David asked incredulously.

"Sure. Who's going to rip off a cop?" Epifanio ventured as he started
back across the deserted street. "See ya in a few."

The smooth, easy movement of the Epifanio's butt held David's
attention. He laughed softly as he climbed into the truck and secured the
belt. Things had definitely changed for the better.

David took one last look at the old theater as he pulled away. Someone
with a sense of humor had left the masks of comedy and tragedy in place
just above the entrance.

David turned the corner on to Larch Place and breathed a sigh of
relief. At least something was as he remembered it.

The Lamori house was an imposing three story Victorian with a red roof
and a yard that could safely accommodate two more houses of equal size. It
had always been the biggest house on the street. Based on what he'd seen so
far, that hadn't changed in all the time he'd been gone. In the ninety
years since the house was built, nothing else had come close. Most
importantly, it was a house with tradition: exactly the kind of house that
you'd expect a close knit f****y like the Lamoris would have.

David pulled up in front of the house and shut off the ignition. He
thought of the f****y gatherings he'd seen and been a part of, and the
loving way everyone treated each other. It was a far cry from the distant,
alcoholic mother that he'd grown up with after his father bailed. It had
always been quiet at his house. He wondered if it was still a Lamori f****y
gathering spot on special occasions. Things could also change for the
worse. He set the truck alarm and started up the driveway.

Once inside, David felt as if the last twenty or so years had never
happened. The black and white linoleum tile floor that Mister Lamori
installed as a tenth anniversary gift for his wife was still there. So was
the big white stove where Mrs. Lamori spent so much time. The only thing
that was missing was a simmering pot of Marinara sauce. It made him smile
in spite of his discomfort at being alone in someone else's house.

The walls of the large den were filled with f****y photos: just as David
knew they would be. There were pictures of Aldo and Anna Lamori, Epifanio's
parents, s**ttered among the pictures of Tony, Epifanio and the two s****rs
whose names he couldn't remember. There was even one of him.

"I'll be damned," David exclaimed as he took the photo from the wall.

David sat on the big, over stuffed couch and turned on the light. He had
so few pictures of himself from that period of his life, but there he was
with his arm d****d over Tony's shoulder. Epifanio, still weighted down
with baby fat and braces, looked up at him with adoring eyes. It wasn't
surprising that he never noticed the way Epifanio looked at him. Back in
those days, he only had eyes for Tony Lamori.

David leaned back and shut his eyes. He began to dream, and it was 1977

A 1968 Corvair pulled up to the only stop light in town. The soundtrack
to Saturday Night Fever pushed the car's tiny speakers, and the nerves of
those who weren't big fans of disco movies, to their limits.

..."I believe in you. You know the door to my very soul. You're the light
in my deepest, darkest hour. You are my savior when I fall..."

It wasn't exactly cruising music, but the town wasn't a cruising kind of
town. It was a quiet, friendly little Central Valley berg: the kind that
you might pass in the night and not realize it. The light changed and the
car started forward on three cylinders. The air was still and you could
hear the music long after the car disappeared from sight.

"Shit! Would you try and keep up, Davy?"

David Rockland grudgingly turned his back to the display in the window of
Barlow's Books and ran to catch up with Tony. They'd been friends for ten
years and, in all of that time, Tony had always walked ten paces ahead like
he didn't want people to think they were together. Sometimes David
suspected that Tony kept him around to make himself look better. Not that
he needed it; Tony always turned heads.

Tony Lamori was tall and well built with the most beautiful hair David
had ever seen. His alabaster skin had never known the touch of a zit. He
had large, liquid eyes with thick lashes that were the envy of every girl
in town. He was just about perfect in David's adoring eyes.

Tony was in the throes of his 'King of the Discos' phase. He'd taken to
wearing tight pants and platform shoes, which drove his father crazy, and
strutting around like a small town John Travolta.

"Mister Barlow is saving me a copy of Planet of Judgment," David offered.

"What's that?" Tony asked without interest.

"It's the new Star Trek novel. Didn't you see the display in the window?"

"You still reading that shit?"

"Yeah... and it's not shit."

"Jesus. I wish you could hear yourself. You're pathetic."

David bristled at being called pathetic. That was what his father called
him before he took off.

"How can you say that with a straight face when you're dressing up like a
character in a movie. Now that's pathetic."

Tony pulled out his comb and ran it through his carefully arranged
hair. It was part of the "attitude" to stop everything while adjustments
were made. He examined his perfect complexion in the window of Bea's Beauty
Boutique. That was also part of the package.

"Saturday Night Fever is cool. John Travolta is cool. The Bee Gees are
cool. Star Trek is for nerds, queers and losers. That's how I can say it."

"Fuck you, Lamori," David grumbled.

"Show me your tube 'cause I've got the lube," Tony replied with a self
satisfied smirk that always made David furious.

David fell in step with Tony. The Fox Theatre lay just ahead and there
was a line for the 6 o'clock showing of Saturday Night Fever. The sun was
almost down and, next to Tony's blue leisure suit, the marquee was the
brightest thing for miles around.

"How many times do we have to see this flick, Tony?" David whined.

"Other than jerkin' off, what else is there to do? Read?"

"Bite my crank," David replied sullenly.

"We can do that after the flick: unless we run into some fine looking
ladies," Tony responded with a lewd wink.

The two friends walked the remaining half block in silence. To his
dismay, David found himself asking the question that had been nagging at
him for weeks.

"Tony? Do you really think I'm a nerd and a loser?"

"What? Oh hell, no."

"What about queer?"

Tony flashed another shit eating grin. He nudged David in the ribs.

"Well, it was your idea to fuck."

"I'm being serious. What if I turned out to be a fag?"

Tony stopped short. He dragged David to the curb and turned his back to
the theater.

"What's up with you, Rockland?" Tony whispered. "Just because we joke
around about it don't mean shit. My dad said that he used to jerk off with
my Uncle Ernesto and they're as straight as John Travolta."

"Okay. You're as straight as your dad. What if it turns out that I'm not?
Would I still be your best friend?"

"Maybe: maybe not. Are you a fag, Davy? Is that what you're telling me?"

"It isn't important."

"So why the fuck are we having this discussion?" Tony demanded.

"Forget I asked," David replied.

Clearly relieved, Tony straightened his wide lapels and ran a comb
through his hair...again. The crisis had passed.

"Come on. Gimme your money and I'll get the tickets," Tony demanded. "You
get a place in line and don't go picking up sailors while I'm gone."

The scene changed in a flash of green and blue neon. David and Tony were
in the top row of the balcony. Tony liked to sit there because the sound
was better and he could sing along without someone making fun of him.

David glanced at his friend, expecting to see him moving around in his
seat, mouthing the words to Staying Alive. Tony's eyes weren't on the
screen. There was something bothering him. His eyes were fixed on the
fancy, carved plaster grilles on the ceiling.

In light of their earlier conversation, David resisted the urge to touch
his friend's shoulder. He was afraid of what he might do.

"Hey Tony," David whispered. "What's wrong?"

Tony jumped in his seat. He looked around to see if anyone else had

"Nothing's wrong," Tony whispered. "Can't a guy think about stuff without
somebody asking what's wrong?"

"You had that funny look on your face: like the one you get in Algebra on
the day of a test," David replied.

"Yeah... like a test," Tony answered back after a long time had gone by.

"Okay, Tony. I was just asking," David whispered.

It seemed to David that if there was something wrong, his friend didn't
want to talk about it. He leaned back and tried to show interest in a film
that he'd already seen more times than he could count.



"You want to get out of here?"

"But the movie..."

"Fuck that. Let's go back to my house."

Tony had started for the door without waiting to see if David was
following him. David hesitated just long enough to wonder if Tony even knew
that he wasn't right behind him.

The balcony disappeared, in the way scenes change in dreams, and they
were in Tony's bedroom on the third floor of the Lamori house.

Every available inch of wall space was filled with posters of John
Travolta and The Bee Gees. The closet door stood open. David counted three
leisure suits hanging between last year's leather jacket and the navy blue
suit that he wore to church. As usual, the soundtrack to Saturday Night
Fever was on the tape deck.

"...Jive talkin'. You're telling me lies. Good lovin' still gets in my
eyes. Nobody believes what you say. It's just your jive talkin' that gets
in the way."

"Don't your parents get on you about having that playing all the time?"

"That's the good thing about me being up on the third floor. I can play
it as much as I want and they can't hear it."

"I guess..." David muttered as he looked around the cluttered room.

Mr. Lamori and Epifanio were downstairs in the den watching The Man from
Atlantis. Mrs. Lamori was singing opera and cleaning the spotless
kitchen. Some neighborhood k**s were playing touch football on the Lamori's
vast front lawn while the two Lamori daughters flirted and giggled from the
front porch. It was all the way David wished his f****y life could have
been. Staring out the window, he sighed deeply

"Hey Davy. How about giving me a hand with this?" Tony asked from the
other side of the room.

David turned and caught his breath. Tony had stripped out of his suit and
was down to just his skivvies.

"Help... I...I mean help with what?" David asked shakily.

"This gold chain. I can never get the clasp undone. See if you can do

David couldn't resist admiring Tony's almost naked body as he crossed the
room. He had just about the most perfect body he'd ever seen. There wasn't
a bit of fat on him, yet he wasn't skinny. Three years of parallel bars,
side horses and laps around the track had done their job. He was also the
only one in their class who actually had hair on his chest.

David stepped up behind his friend, his heart racing, and fumbled with
the tiny clasp. He'd seen him naked, lots of times, but he'd never been so
close that he could feel the heat rising from Tony's body. His cock inched

"Oh shit," David thought to himself. "I can't sprout a boner. Not now."

The hard, round butt that he'd thought about late at night was now close
enough to touch. If it hadn't been for his erection, he might have figured
out a way to accidentally brush against it. His mind began to
wander. Thoughts of what it might have been like made it difficult to

"Come on, Davy," Tony demanded. "It can't be that hard."

Tony's voice jolted David out of his daydream. He glanced down and,
seeing that his erection still hadn't subsided, took a step back.

"Sorry, Tony," David replied. "I guess it's too small for these big

The two friends stared at their reflection in the dresser mirror. A day
and a night crept by before Tony responded.

"I was just noticing how big they are. Is it true what they say?"

"I d...don't know. W... what do they say?"

"They say that if you have big hands it means you have a big
dick. Everybody knows that, Davy."

"I didn't."

"You should read more dirty books and not so much Star Trek," Tony

"Is...Isn't it big feet that m...mean you have a big dick?" David

"I've got a big cock," Tony whispered. "My feet aren't big."

David looked down at the rise in Tony's shorts. He wasn't exaggerating.

"Yeah, it's p...pretty big all right," David responded in spite of the
cotton in his mouth.

"Let's get on the bed and jerk off. Want to?"

"I thought you were k**ding when you said that before," David croaked.

"I was. Now I'm not. Come on."

Tony forgot about the gold chain and started toward the bed. A nervous
David was right behind him.

"What about your parents?" David asked, glancing at the door.

"It's locked. Anyway, Epifanio's the only one who comes up here and he's
watching the tube. Come on, Davy. I've got to get my rocks off."

The scene changed. David and Tony were stretched out on Tony's
bed. David's pants were on the floor. Tony's briefs are wadded up on the
bed near his feet.

"This feels strange. I mean being almost naked like this on your bed,"
David whispered hoarsely.

"I'm the one who's naked. You still have your shorts on."

"It still feels weird."

"Nothing weird about it. I jack off with some of the guys on the team
after every game. It helps relieve tension."

"You're shitting me."

"I swear on the head of Barry Gibb. You know Pete Bartolini?"


"He sticks a finger up his ass when he jerks off."

"You mean like he's getting butt fucked?" David asked incredulously.

"That's right. He sits on the edge of the chair and jambs one of those
big fingers of his up the old poop chute."

"Fuck," David rasped.

The thought of the big, handsome quarterback beating his meat while Tony
watched was enough to get David out of his shorts. From that point it
didn't take long for David to fall into Tony's stroking rhythm. David
paused once to watch Tony as he stretched and manipulated his balls. He
still couldn't believe that he and Tony were on the same bed.

"Hey Davy?" Tony whispered.

"Yeah, Tony?"

"You ever wonder what it's like?"

David continued to stroke his cock. His balls ached and begged for
release, but he wanted to shoot his wad with Tony.


"You know: getting butt fucked."

"No," David lied.

"Me neither, but I'll bet that it hurts like a son-of-a-bitch."

David was so close. Talk of butt fucking wasn't making it any easier to
hold back. He wished Tony would change the subject or just shut the fuck

"I don't know anyone that's tried it," David lied again.

The truth was that he knew a couple of guys at school who'd not only
tried it, but did it almost every weekend. Neither one had offered to
introduce David to it because he had yet to transform into the stud he was
destined to be. They'd only confided in him.

Tony's strokes were more insistent now. His breathing was faster. He was
getting close.

"I wish I could step into someone else's body just to see what it'd be
like," Tony said, gulping for air. "You know: fuck...get fucked...and then
go back and be me."

"That sounds complicated."

"Yeah. I guess it does. Hey. You want to jerk each other off?"

David froze. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"You mean like me touching your dick and you touching mine?"

Tony stopped stroking and turned on to his side. His boner slid across
David's thigh as he moved closer.

Sure. Just close your eyes and pretend it's a chick giving you a hand

"I've never touched another guy's cock before," David offered.

"You think I have? C'mon," David implored. "Do it for a buddy."

David released his grip on his own dick and wrapped his long fingers
around Tony's. His strokes were hesitant at first. Tony was uncircumcised
and the extra skin felt strange.

At the same time, Tony's strong hand was pumping David's rigid prick. For
a guy who had never touched another guy's schlong, Tony seemed to know just
what to do and when to do it. David looked into Tony's blissful face and
kept his suspicions to himself.

"You ever tasted your own jizz?" Tony asked.

"Huh? Uh...no. It sounds gross," David replied with a grimace. "Have

"A couple of times."


"I was jerking off and I got to thinking about blow jobs and blowing my
wad into someone's mouth. I wondered what it tasted like."


"It kinda' tastes like a cannoli," Tony replied dreamily.

"I'll take your word for it."

"You're such a pussy," Tony said with a snicker.

Truthfully, the thought of someone shooting a wad into his mouth made
David's cock lurch. He wondered if Tony had noticed.

"Eat me," David growled.

Tony pulled himself up to a sitting position. He was still hard.

"You want to?" Tony asked excitedly. "I will if you will."

"I was just k**ding around," David said weakly.

"I'm not. I mean we don't have to really do it like fags do. I mean we
can just try it: ya know? If we don't like it, we can toss our cookies in
the trash can and nobody will ever know."

David wasn't exactly sure of what was happening. It had only been a
couple of hours since Tony was giving him shit about being a homo. Now he
was talking about giving each other head. He was reluctant, but it was an
opportunity that might never present itself again.

Tony had moved into a 69 position before David could respond one way or
the other. It was as if he knew what the answer would be. Now, with Tony's
big, uncut cock just inches from his face, David was having serious doubts.

"I was just thinking, Tony. Maybe we should..."

The time for thinking about it was gone. Tony had made the first move,
and David's engorged cock was about to slide into his warm mouth. David had
no choice but to follow his lead.

David came close to losing it when he felt Tony's soft, full lips wrap
around his cock. He'd never experienced anything quite as wonderful, or as
terrifying, in his life. He'd fantasized about it as he jerked off in the
dark and now it was really happening. He drew his friend's uncut cock into
his mouth and hoped that he wouldn't cum too fast.

David's dream made an abrupt detour, and he found himself as both a happy
participant and an interested voyeur. As the spectator, he was intrigued to
see Tony's index finger gently probing the outer edges of his pink butt
hole. As the participant, he would have given him the go ahead if his mouth
hadn't been full of Tony's uncut salami. Both were disappointed when the
finger was withdrawn. Tony pushed his cock deeper into David's willing
mouth, the voyeur disappeared and the scene jumped ahead to a point close
to the big finale.

"Shit, man. I'm ready to blow," Tony panted. "You close?"

David released the suction around Tony's cock and spit it out. It lay on
his shoulder, glistening with saliva in the dim light.

"I've been waiting for you," David replied breathlessly. "Want to finish
the usual way?"

"Uh uh," Tony replied. "I cum in your mouth and you cum in mine. That was
the deal, right?"

"Uh huh."

"Okay. Get ready 'cause I'm gonna blow out your tonsils."

Tony grabbed the back of David's head and began fucking his face. He
thrashed and groaned and buried his face in his pillow as his friend
brought him to orgasm.

"Oh fuck. Here it comes, Davy. I'm gonna cum in your hot mouth," Tony
cried out as David resumed sucking.

Tony's slippery cock erupted with a blast of hot jizz to the back of his
friend's throat. David gagged once, but recovered in time to catch the
remaining four. He gamely kept his lips tightly around Tony's prick until
the last drop of cum trickled down his throat.

David fell back exhausted but happy. His balls ached and his dick was
rock hard with anticipation as he closed his eyes and waited for Tony to
finish him off. A minute passed before he found the strength to look up to
see what was taking his friend so long. Tony was staring at the ceiling.

"Come on, Tony," David urged. "I'm ready to blow. Suck my cock."

A moment passed. Tony turned his head and smiled.

"I was just messing with you," Tony replied softly.

David smiled in spite of his disappointment. He shifted his position
until his head was next to Tony's. His cock was still hard and ready.

"That's okay, Tony. You want to finish me off by hand?"

Tony looked down at David's waiting cock. He shook his head and looked
out the window.

"Nah. That's for fags. You go on and finish. I won't look."

"Shit. I knew it," David grumbled as he watched his cock deflate.

As betrayed and angry as he was, David was more concerned with what was
about to happen. He could see it coming and pulled himself to a sitting
position on the side of the bed.

"I'm kind of tired. Maybe you should go," Tony said, still not looking at
his friend.

David stood and walked to where he'd neatly stacked and folded his
clothes. As it can only happen in a dream, they flew from the chair and on
to his body. He knew he should say something, but his brain had gone dead.

"So I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"I've got a date tomorrow," Tony replied. "With a girl."

"Okay. I guess Sunday, then."

"Listen, Davy. Maybe we shouldn't see each other for awhile. Don't
worry. I won't say anything about you being queer."

David found himself torn between anger at Tony's betrayal and sadness
over the end of a friendship. It was all so pointless.

"Yeah. We'll keep each other's secret," David replied as he reached for
the door knob. "Just like always."

Tony looked up sharply. At least he looked unhappy.

"What'd you say?"

"Fuck you, Tony," David whispered. "Fuck you and fuck John Travolta. Fuck
your faggy looking suits and I hope Pete finds out that you're spreading
that story about him sticking a finger up his butt."

David shut the door without waiting for a response. They'd already been
down that road. He raced down the hall and down two flights of stairs. His
left hand gripped the banister so tightly that he was sure that his class
ring was leaving a long scratch in the polished wood. He didn't give a
shit. He wanted to leave a mark on something, and a piece of wood was
better than flesh. David was out the front door without a word to anyone in
the Lamori f****y.

David awoke with a start. He was back in the Lamori house. The full brunt
of the storm hadn't arrived yet. Epifanio was standing over him, looking
like an angel in a police uniform.

"Sorry I took so long. I stopped at the market on my way home."

"That's okay," David yawned. "I was just leaving town."

Epifanio looked stricken and disappointed. His expression was like that
of a k** who'd just been told that Christmas had been cancelled because of
the Easter Bunny's funeral.

"But I thought you were staying the night," Epifanio replied.

"I mean I was thinking about what prompted me to leave in the first
place," David said, rubbing his eyes. "Sorry. I'm a little foggy."

Epifanio's handsome face brightened. David thought that he was even
better looking than the last time he saw him. He parted the curtains behind
the sofa.

"The news said that the storm's going to be around until Monday. Looks
like you're going to be my house guest for longer than you expected."

David saw no point in making an issue out of the invitation. The truth
was that he had never liked staying in hotels: no matter how swanky and
expensive they were. When it came right down to it, there was no
contest. He'd choose the hot Italian cop over four bland walls and a 21
inch television screen any day.

"I can find something to do while you're at work."

"I'm off for three days," Epifanio said with a grin. "Do with me as you

Epifanio collapsed into a big armchair. David recognized it as belonging
to Mister Lamori. He wondered, in passing, why he hadn't taken it to

"Listen, Eps. There's something I should tell you."

Epifanio laughed. It was a hearty, good humored laugh like his father's.

"What's so funny?" David demanded, feeling inexplicably on the defensive.

"Nobody's called me that since I was a k**."

"I haven't seen you since you were a k**."

Okay. What is it? I promise not to laugh."

A sharp clap of thunder rattled the doors and windows of the big old
house. It was followed a few seconds later by a flash of lightning. The eye
of the storm still hadn't arrived. David still had time to leave if what he
was about to say went badly.

"I'm Gay, Eps... I mean, Epifanio. If that bothers you, I can..."

"Why should it bother me?"

"I thought that, with you being a cop, you might not want me around. You
know how people talk."

"No shit."

"So you're cool with it? My being here won't destroy your reputation?"

"I don't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks.

David breathed a sigh of relief. He hated driving in the rain almost as
much as he hated having to explain something that shouldn't need

"Mind if I ask you a question, David?"

"I guess so."

"Is that the reason why you left town so abruptly?"

"It was part of the reason."

"The rest of it was my b*****r. Right?"

"I didn't say that," David replied softly.

You didn't have to. What did he seduce you into doing?"

"Jesus, Eps. I don't want to talk about it. Like you said... it's

Epifanio leaned forward in his chair. He studied David carefully.

"I'm guessing... Yeah. That's it. You sucked his cock and swallowed after
he promised to do the same to you."

David drew his knees up to his chest to hide his growing erection. He was
puzzled by his strange reaction to Epifanio's questions.

"I was young and easily swayed," David replied self consciously.

Epifanio crossed the room and sat next to David on the sofa. He was still
in his uniform, but he'd removed his tie. David tried not to stare at the
thick tuft of black chest hair poking over the collar of his white tee
shirt. It was so damned sexy.

"Let me tell you something, David. You weren't the only one. There were
others who got hurt. Remember Pete?"

David nodded. He also remembered what Tony said about his putting a
finger up his ass when he jerked off. He also remembered what he'd said
that he hoped would happen.

"After you left town, Tony conned him into taking it up the ass. You
know: I'll fuck you first and then you can fuck me. Pete damned near put
him in the hospital when he backed out of the deal."

"Pete was a big guy. If I was going to choose someone to fuck over it
wouldn't have been Pete."

"You may have been the first one to fall for it, but Pete was the
last. It turned out that Papa heard a lot more than he let on."

Too many bad memories were being dragged to the surface. David was
starting to wish that he'd made a run for the nearest motel.

"Pretend that it doesn't exist and it'll go away," David muttered.

"I think he was hoping that Tony was just going through a harmless phase
that he'd outgrow. When it was clear that..."

"Listen, Epifanio. Could we not talk about Tony?"

"Oh... Sure. God, I'm sorry. You must think I'm an insensitive asshole,"
Epifanio replied apologetically.

Don't worry about it."

"It's just that I'm so happy to see you and have you all to myself. I
mean, not having to share you with my b*****r. Jesus. I'm babbling like an

David was suddenly aware that Epifanio's hand had been resting on his
knee. In spite of the feelings it was arousing, he decided not to
acknowledge it.

"I'm I'm flattered that you like my writing so much,"

The hand moved farther up his leg. It was now just inches from his cock
and it didn't move when Epifanio turned to face David.

"I'm going to tell you a secret. For a year after you left town, I'd wake
up in the middle of the night and I'd jerk off thinking about you;
wondering what you were doing. Sometimes I'd hear a noise outside and think
it was you coming back for me. Isn't that the dumbest thing you've ever

"How old were you: eleven?" David asked disbelievingly.

"I told you it was dumb."

David's eyes traveled across the room to the picture of the three of
them. He'd never had any illusions about himself, and could only see the
dorky looking k** with long hair and badly fitting clothes.

"It's also very flattering, but... you were eleven."

"I'm not eleven any more," Epifanio whispered; his hand moving to David's
stiffening cock. "I still fantasize about you."

Both of them jumped as the room lit up with a flash of white light. It
was followed immediately by a clap of thunder that rattled the windows and
the glassware in the dining room hutch. Rain drops that sounded like
baseballs pelted the big window behind the sofa.

"I guess the excitement's finally here," David said with an uncertain

Epifanio moved his hand slowly up and down the length of David's shaft.

"I sure as shit hope so," Epifanio whispered as he moved in for the first
kiss. "I've waited a long time for this."

Their lips met and the hot young cop didn't close his eyes. He was
finally alone with the man that he'd loved for most of his life. He was as
determined to see everything as he was to miss nothing.


It was a long time before the sexy young cop allowed himself to break the
kiss. He got up from the couch and stretched. His sinuous muscles rippled
under the white cotton fabric of his tee shirt and, as an added note, his
cock was still hard.

"Come on. Let's take this upstairs," Epifanio growled.

"Right behind you," David replied.

David paused half way up the first flight of stairs to examine the outer
curve of the banister. He felt a pang of guilt when he looked up and saw
that Epifanio was watching him from the first landing. He was smiling.

"It's still there," Epifanio called out.

"I was hoping that no one had noticed," David replied sheepishly.

"Mama sure did. She was certain that Tony had done it with that big, ugly
ring that he always wore. She mentions it every time she visits."

"I was really pissed off and I..."

"No need to explain. Tony had that effect on a lot of people. Actually, I
kind of like knowing it's there. It's a reminder of you."

David didn't bother to check the rest of the banister on his way to the
second floor. He remembered everything that he'd done that night.

"I hope tonight has a better ending than the last time I was up here,"
David thought to himself.

David followed Epifanio to a room at the end of the hall. Once inside, he
looked around and shook his head in amazement.

"I didn't know these houses came with rooms this big," David remarked.

He walked to a set of French doors. Beyond the doors was a small patio
that overlooked the spacious back yard. He wondered if the old metal swing
set was still there.

David stared at the falling rain for longer than he'd meant to. The rain
drops seemed larger and more abundant when they were viewed from the second
floor. He saw Epifanio's reflection in the glass as he walked up behind him
and wrapped his muscular arms around David's chest.

"I knocked out the wall between two bedrooms after Mama and Papa
moved. It'll make a great master bedroom for two... some day," Epifanio

"Got any hot prospects?" David asked.

"Not a one. Hell. I haven't gotten laid in over a year."

David felt unexpectedly pleased at having no rivals. Why spoil a great
weekend with a would-be boyfriend knocking down the front door?

"That, my friend, is a criminal waste of natural resources."

Epifanio's hands slid downward from David's chest and began loosening his
belt. He had to see David naked and he couldn't wait any longer.

"Your timing couldn't have been better," Epifanio whispered into David's

"Oh? How's that?"

"Rain makes me horny as hell," Epifanio replied hoarsely.

David's hard cock sprang out as the fly buttons on his Levis popped open
and his pants slid down around his ankles. He stepped out of them and
turned to face the young cop.

"I guess we'll have to do something about that, won't we?"

Epifanio nodded as he pressed his full, sensuous lips to David's. He
grasped David's eight and a half inch battering ram around the base.

"Damn it's thick," Epifanio whispered.

"It's average," David replied.

"Not on this planet. I can hardly get my fingers around it."

"I guess we'll have to find some other way to keep it warm," David said

David led Epifanio from the window toward the opposite end of the
room. He paused at the foot of the king size bed. His next move had to be
carefully thought out.

"What's wrong?" Epifanio asked.

"I can't decide whether I want you in or out of uniform.

"Have it both ways," Epifanio suggested. "I'll do anything you want."

David sat on the edge of the bed: spreading his legs wide as he casually
stroked his prick. The cop stood before him.

"Take out your dick first," David commanded. "I want to see it."

Epifanio reached inside his pants and pulled out his own dripping cock
for inspection and approval. It was uncut with a slight downward
curve. Thick veins ran along the sides, making it look like the forearm of
a body builder. He slid the foreskin back to reveal a dark, heart shaped
head that glistened with pre-cum.

"How's this?" Epifanio asked, looking hopefully into David's eyes.

"Jesus. That's fucking hot, Eps," David replied, nodding his approval.

Outside, the first storm cell to arrive had parked itself directly over
the Lamori house. Torrents of rain hammered down on the slate roof while
explosions of white lightning zigzagged across the black and gun metal gray
sky. If what Epifanio had said about rain making him horny was to be taken
seriously, David figured he was in for an interesting night.

David couldn't tear his eyes away as the stud cop sank to his knees and
began servicing his tool. The beautiful, uncut cock being fondled and
stroked as it jutted out from the dark blue uniform was a fantasy come to

"Suck my big cock, officer," David growled.

Epifanio left his position of authority at the door and happily did as he
was told. It had been a long time since he'd last had a cock in his
mouth. He wasn't going to fuck things up by falling back on the old macho
cop bullshit; unless it was part of David's fantasy. He disengaged,
briefly, and ran his hands up and down David's powerful thighs.

"I like sucking your cock, Davy," Epifanio whispered.

Epifanio moistened his lips and went back to work. This time, he took
David's cock all the way to the base.

"Oh fucking shit," David cried out. "That's so fucking hot. I can feel my
balls on your chin."

Epifanio was too caught up in sensory overload to respond. He was
intoxicated by the heady aroma of ball sweat. He was enraptured by the
taste of David's cock as it slid across his tongue, and he couldn't
remember a more pleasing sound than that of David's heavy breathing.

David sat up and, placing both hands on the back of Epifanio's head. The
sexy cop's lips tightened reflexively around David's slick pole.

"Now I'm gonna fuck that hot cop mouth. You want that?" David demanded.

Epifanio nodded. A thin strand of seminal fluid emerged from his piss
hole and drifted to the floor. He resumed stroking his own fuck pole in

David's first few thrusts were almost tentative. Then, seeing that the
cop was up to the challenge, he began to thrust harder and faster.

"Take it all, officer. Swallow my fuck pole."

Hearing the words being spoken by the man he'd fantasized about, instead
of imagining them in his most fervent jack off fantasies, was too much. As
much as he wanted to delay it, he was about to blow. Epifanio's hand was a
blur as he furiously masturbated himself.

"That's what I want to see," David rasped. "Stroke that big cock for me."

Epifanio grunted in response as David began to rotate his hips. He spat
out David's cock and dropped back on his heels. His eyes remained locked on
David as the two men exploded simultaneously.

"Shoot your jizz all over my face," the cop ordered in Italian and
English while his thick, white jizz splattered on David's leg.

"Oh fuuuuck," David announced through gritted teeth. "Here it comes."

David directed his cock toward his friend's upturned face. Gleaming white
strands of semen sprayed across Epifanio's forehead and cheeks. Droplets of
semen embedded themselves in the beard stubble on his chin.

Three loud booms, followed by a flash of white light, rattled the
house. The lights flickered but remained lit.

The two men stretched out on the bed. Their cocks, still hard, were
pointed at the ceiling. Epifanio turned and stroked David's chest.

"You want to sl**p in here with me tonight?" Epifanio mumbled shyly.

"What was that?" David asked distractedly. It had been a long time since
he'd heard it rain so hard and for so long.

"There's the guest room if you'd rather..."

David turned and kissed the side of Epifanio's neck. He threw his arm
across the cop's chest and pulled him closer.

"How am I going to fuck your brain out from down the hall?" David

Epifanio's cock lurched. He'd waited for so long to hear those words. At
the same time, the thought of David's big cock invading his butt hole made
him nervous.

"I've only been... I mean, I'm practically a virgin... back there."

David's had rested lightly on Epifanio's hip. His voice was reassuring.

"That's okay. I'll be gentle," David replied.

Epifanio didn't have to think twice about it. He'd dreamed of having
David inside of him since he was a k**.

"I've got to cool off first," Epifanio whispered. "Mind if I open the
balcony door for a minute?"

David removed his arm and rolled on to his back. He watched admiringly as
Epifanio crossed the room and opened the glass paned door.

Epifanio stood at the open door, his back to the room. He was unconcerned
about being seen naked from the waist down by anyone foolish enough to be
outside. He pulled his shirt off and d****d it over the chair. His shield
glinted and danced in the soft light as the wind swept through the
room. Just before removing his undershirt, he looked back over his shoulder
and grinned.

"You should see this rain. It's fucking amazing."

David casually stroked his cock back to full attention. He swung his legs
over the side of the bed. The view was fucking amazing from where he was
sitting. As a point of fact, he didn't see how it could get any better.

Fully undressed, there was no part of Epifanio's body that wasn't
absolutely perfect: from the wide, muscular shoulders to the narrow waist
and the glorious butt. The muscular, hairy globes were high and tight and
begging to be fucked.

He was about to join him when Epifanio shut the door and returned to the
bed. He straddled David's left leg, sensuously rubbing his hairy ball sack
along the top of David's muscular thigh.

"I'm ready for my fucking, sir," Epifanio whispered.

Epifanio's heart beat wildly as David pulled him into a long, soulful
kiss. They fell back on to the bed.

"First thing I want to do is chow down on that big salami between your
legs," David growled. "Damn, that's a nice one."

They moved toward the center of the bed. Epifanio straddled David's chest
and waved his big, uncut dick in David's face. He pulled back the foreskin
and slid the dark pink head teasingly over his parted lips.

"You want it?" Epifanio whispered.

"Fuck yeah," David replied as their eyes locked.

"Tell me," Epifanio ordered, still testing his limits. "Tell me that you
want my cock in your mouth."

"I want to suck your hot cock," David growled impatiently. "I want to
suck the jizz right out of your balls."

David opened his mouth wide. No more talk. It was time for action.

Epifanio watched breathlessly while his fat dick slid between David's
parted lips. So much time had passed since the last time someone had gone
down on him. Even then it was hurried and awkward and the guy kept
gagging. He knew from the look of pure bliss on David's face as his cock
head nudged the back of his throat that this would be different.

"Oh fucking hell. That's my cock in your mouth," the cop said through
gritted teeth. "That's so fucking hot."

Epifanio gently cradled David's head in his strong hands while fucking
his willing mouth with slow, shallow thrusts. He was already too close to
shooting his second load. Any faster would have sent him over the edge:
especially when David tightened his lips around his sensitive cock head.

"Suck it hard," he panted. "Eat that fucking cock."

David needed no encouragement. He had every intention of pleasing
him. Physically, Epifanio was everything he could possibly hope for and
more. He was hairy, hot and willing to do anything with no reservations. He
smelled like a man, sucked cock like a man and he appreciated being worked
over by a man.

A wall rattling clap of thunder rattled the house and set off the alarm
on David's truck. Epifanio scrambled from the bed and ran to the window
while David frantically searched his pockets for the remote. By the time he
was able to silence it, half of the neighborhood was awake and on the
alert. Epifanio stood with his back pressed tightly against David's
chest. The warmth of his body brought David's deflating cock back to full

"God, Eps. I'm sorry. I always set it out of habit."

"Don't sweat it. If I had a dollar for every time Bill Dannemeyer roused
me out of a sound sl**p over a false alarm..."

"Bill Dannemeyer? Is he any relation to the guy who owned the Fox?"

Epifanio returned to the bed. He sat on the edge, casually stroking his

"His b*****r. He lives in that converted double wide at the end of the
block," Epifanio replied."

"I thought that he might be Gay, but I never got the chance to find out,"
David said, turning his back to the window. "He was a really nice looking
guy as I recall."

"He probably could be again if he lost about eighty pounds and took a
shower more than twice a year. If you're still interested, I'll take you
over there before you leave. He might be open to a little experimentation."

David stretched out across the bed in a 69 position and wrapped his hand
around Epifanio's rigid cock. He kissed the thick, veiny shaft.

"No more talk," David growled.

The cop reacted with a sharp intake of breath as David's tongue probed
beneath the foreskin. He fell back and lapped greedily at David's cock

"Oh yeah," Epifanio whispered as he came up, briefly, for air. "Wrap your
lips around my big cock."

David worked his way up the length of the shaft, stopping only to swirl
his tongue around its sensitive head before starting back down. An
appreciative Epifanio went back to giving what he intended to be the
blowjob of a lifetime.

A brief lull in the storm went by unnoticed. By the time the next cell
hit, David had turned Epifanio on to his back and had buried his nose in
his large, hairy balls. He inhaled deeply, savoring the pungent scent of
man sweat.

Epifanio lifted his hairy legs high and wide, offering David unlimited
access to his churning ball sack. It was also an invitation to his butt

"Loosen me up first," he whispered.

Without missing a beat, David slid is tongue from Epifanio's balls,
downward to his hairy butt hole. A shudder raced through Epifanio's
muscular body as his tongue gently prodded its outer edges.

"Son of a bitch!" Epifanio cried out.

David was pleased with the initial reaction, but there was so much more
that he wanted to do. He drew Epifanio's butt upward until his hole was
just beneath his chin and plunged his tongue deep inside.

"Oh fuck. Is that your tongue in my hole? Oh Jesus, David. That's so
fucking hot."

Epifanio's hands pounded wildly on the mattress as the sensitive inner
lining of his "almost" virgin pucker was probed. His thoughts drifted to
what else David might have in store for him. He hoped it would be a short

David was also growing anxious to move to the next level. He made one
last swipe with his tongue.

"Where's the lube?" David asked hoarsely. So much rimming had left his
mouth and throat dry.

"It's in the side stand," Epifanio replied.

Epifanio's legs began to tingle the moment they returned to a horizontal
position and the bl**d resumed its flow. He sat up and massaged his calf
muscles while David rummaged around for the plastic bottle.

David was grinning when he came up with the lube. He glanced at the label
and dropped it on the bed.

"Elbow Grease Gel? I'm surprised that they sell this around here."

"No reason why they shouldn't. All guys jack off, right?"

David eyed the magnificent specimen stretched out diagonally across the
bed. Epifanio was at the age when most men in his position started going to
seed. Long hours spent behind the wheel, sitting on their butts, tended to
soften them around the mid section. Then there was Epifanio. He was a
walking straight and Gay fantasy: physically perfect.

"All this jack off talk is getting' me all lathered up," David
drawled. "Now get up on your knees and show me yer pretty butt again."

Epifanio didn't hesitate. He rolled over and happily offered his butt. He
hadn't been lying when he said that he was almost a virgin. He'd been
fucked once. It had been quick, painful and unsatisfying. Now the man who
should have been the first was getting his turn at bat.

"Go ahead, David. I'm ready," Epifanio whispered.

David coated his right index finger with a thick layer of gel. He slowly
inserted it into Epifanio's waiting hole and waited for the ring of tight
muscles to relax. Several seconds passed before he pulled it out half way
and squeezed out another glob of gel on to his already slick finger.

"You okay, Eps?" David asked.

"Keep going," Epifanio responded.

David gradually picked up the pace, moving his long, tapered finger in
and out of the sexy cop's hot hole. Another finger was lubed and
inserted. It rubbed lightly against Epifanio's prostate.

"God, Eps. I can't stand it any more. I've got to put my cock in you."

"Who's stopping you?" Epifanio asked gutturally. "Go for it."

David slowly extracted his fingers from Epifanio's hole and slathered the
goo on to his rock hard shaft. David parted Epifanio's upturned, hairy butt

"I'm gonna fuck this hairy ass," David growled gutturally as he slathered
more gel on to his glistening, dripping cock. "I'm gonna cram my big cock
in this tiny little hole and fuck it."

"Fuck my ass," Epifanio mumbled in Italian. "Fuck my hot butt hole," he
repeated in English.

David rested his engorged cock in the hairy cleft between Epifanio's
white globes. The dense black hair tickled the underside of his shaft as it
slid back and forth on a slippery film of lubrication. His cock head nudged
the twitching hole and Epifanio caught his breath.

In spite of the chill in the room, Epifanio was sweating profusely. He
reached back and pulled his ass cheeks farther apart.

"Fuck my ass now," Epifanio demanded. "I want you inside me."

David guided his cock to its target and pushed gently. A moment of
resistance passed and Epifanio's anus opened to embrace the invader. He was

"The worst is over," David whispered.

Epifanio looked back over his shoulder. He looked surprised.

"It didn't hurt," he exclaimed. "I thought it would hurt like a son of a
bitch but it didn't."

David sighed with relief. He massaged the cop's butt cheeks as another
two inches of his cock slipped into Epifanio's warm rectum.

"Want me to stop?"

Epifanio shook his head. He tightened his grip on the sheets.

"Keep going. Put it all the way in me."

David gritted his teeth and pushed. Another two inches disappeared,
followed by the remaining three plus inches. Epifanio's sphincter tightened
around the base of the engorged cock.

"There you go, Eps. It's all yours."

"Oh fuck, man. I can feel your balls hitting my ass. That's so fucking

David gripped Epifanio's waist. He pulled his cock half way out, paused
and pushed it back in. Epifanio grunted his approval. He pulled it out
again; this time a little farther.

"How's that feel?"

"Fuck me, David. Fuck me hard."

David released his grip and wiped his sweaty hands on the sheet. He
gripped Epifanio's broad, muscular shoulders and rammed his cock in hard
and to the hilt.

"Son of a fucking bitch!" Epifanio howled.

David grabbed Epifanio's ankles to balance himself. He withdrew until
only his cock head was inside and jammed it back in with such f***e that
the two men went sprawling forward on to the bed. The assault on Epifanio's
"almost virgin" ass had begun in earnest.

"You like my big cock in your ass?" David growled into the cop's ear.

"Oh yeah," Epifanio replied. "I love your cock. Ram it in me."

David was happy to oblige, and resumed his merciless pounding of
Epifanio's upturned ass. The room came alive with the sounds of flesh
against flesh and the squeak of old bed springs.

Epifanio moaned loudly. With the discomfort gone, he was free to meet
each thrust with total abandon. Having David's throbbing cock buried deep
inside his hungry ass was what he'd wanted for almost as long as he could
remember. Now that the fantasy was a reality, he wanted to make the most of

David slowed to a stop, but it was only a temporary respite. He pulled
his cock out with a loud pop and flipped the horny cop on to his back.

Epifanio instinctively threw his legs over David's shoulders. He waited
impatiently for him to smear another glop of gel on to his greasy prong.

"I want to see your face while I'm fucking you," David whispered as he
pushed his cock back into the grip of Epifanio's twitching hole.

Epifanio dug his fingers into David's sweaty, muscular ass, urging him
deeper. Having all but ignored his own dripping cock, he was surprised when
David closed his fist around it and began to jack him.

"Oh my God, David," Epifanio said breathlessly. "Play with my big fucking

"You like that, huh?" David whispered as he rotated his hips. "You like
me playing with your cock while I'm fucking you?"

David pulled back the foreskin to fully expose its sensitive head. He
liked watching the cop's eyes as he ran his thumb in a tight circle across
the piss slit with deliberate slowness.

Epifanio, now practically speechless from sensory overload, could barely
manage a nod. The double assault on his senses was driving him crazy and
dangerously close to popping his nut. He wanted to cum but, at the same
time, was reluctant to see it end. He groped blindly for David's hand.

"I'm getting...close," Epifanio gasped.

David released his grip. He leaned forward and, with his cock still
planted deep in Epifanio's hot ass, kissed his full, sensuous lips.

"Go ahead. I'm ready," David whispered.

David's cock made wet, slurping sounds as it slammed in and out of
Epifanio's butt hole. Droplets of sweat and lube saturated the sheets as he
searched for the spot that would push Epifanio past the edge of his

"Yeah. That's it. Plow my butt. Fuck the jizz right out of my big balls."

A shudder raced through David's body. The fire in his groin heated his
balls to the boiling point. There was no stopping it.

"God, Eps. You've got such a tight hole," David panted. "I'm going to..."

"Give me your load," Epifanio whispered urgently.

David's hairy butt tightened. His nuts drew up in their sacks as a load
of creamy white spunk blasted deep into Epifanio's gut.

"Here it is, Eps. I'm cumming in your hot ass. Oh fuck."

Driven by a lifetime of fantasies come true, Epifanio's hand was a blur
as he furiously jacked himself. His eyes were locked on David.

"Don't...Don't pull out," Epifanio gasped. "I want your big cock in there
when I... Oh fucking shit! Oh fuck. I'm cumming!"

A slender rope of gleaming white jizz erupted from his piss slit and
entangled itself in his thick chest hair. The next one landed on his left
nipple and dripped down the side of his rib cage. A third and fourth
disappeared over the edge of the bed. A fifth had splattered on his chin
before he stopped unloading.

"Damn, Eps," David whispered

David leaned forward and licked the warm cum from Epifanio's face and
chest. A drop of sweat slid down his nose and landed on Epifanio's full

"It's been awhile," Epifanio replied. "That was...fucking amazing," he
added, running his tongue along his lower lip.

David's cock began to soften inside Epifanio's twitching hole. He gently
eased it out, trying to avoid the inevitable "pop" as the suction was
broken. He wiped a strand of cum from the cop's cheek with his thumb and
licked it clean.

"It sure worked for me," David answered softly.

David's expression grew wary as he studied his friend's handsome face. He
hadn't meant to, but there was something about being in that house.

"I'm not my b*****r, David."

"I know. Your dick is bigger," David replied.

"No it isn't. I'm serious, David. I'm not going to do anything to hurt

The patio door blew open. A gust of cold air roared through. Epifanio was
on his feet and half way across the room before David had a chance to
reply. He secured the door but, rather than returning to the bed, leaned
against the door jamb and stared into the night.

The clouds parted briefly and, for a moment, Epifanio was standing in a
shaft of silver blue moonlight. With the light glistening on his sweaty
butt, the effect was magical.

His unapologetically masculine beauty was intoxicating. In or out of
uniform, there was no disputing the fact that he'd grown from a chubby
little boy to a near perfect specimen of manhood.

Suddenly David wanted very much to feel that perfection in his hands. He
slid from the bed.

A glimmer of something wet and shining caught his attention as he
approached the pensive cop. David's cock lengthened. A thin line of cum had
found its way from between Epifanio's round butt cheeks and was oozing down
the back of his leg. David moved closer and, wrapping his arms around the
cop's broad chest, kissed the nape of his neck.

"You're leaking," David whispered.

"What?" Epifanio asked distractedly.

"I said you've sprung a leak," David replied softly.

"Sorry. I'll get cleaned up."

"Don't. It's hot...in a primitive sort of way. There's going to be a lot
more in there before I'm done."

"Are you disappointed?" Epifanio asked as he leaned back into David's
strong embrace.

"In you? Hell, no. Why would you ask that?"

"I meant that you didn't find Tony."

David rested his chin on Epifanio's muscular shoulder. He sighed as his
gaze drifted outward toward the garden.

"I told you that I'm..."

"Nobody comes back to a town like this unless they're looking for
something they left behind."

"You were always the smartest k** on the block," David replied.

"Are you? Disappointed, I mean."

"I'm relieved and surprised, but definitely not disappointed."

"Relieved?" Epifanio asked.

David tightened his hold and pressed himself against Epifanio's butt. The
dense hair ticked the head of his cock.

"Could we discuss my motives in the morning? I'm freezing my nuts off."

Epifanio turned in David's arms. His cock was hard again.

"Sure, Davy," he replied. "Anything you say."


David was roused from a sound sl**p by something prodding at his butt
hole. He glanced at the clock. It was a little after two in the morning and
Epifanio was pressed tightly against his back. In the time they'd been
sl**ping, another storm cell had moved in. The gentle "shush" of falling
rain that had lulled them to sl**p had become a roaring drum solo against
the windows.

"Hey, Eps," David whispered.

There was no reply; only Epifanio's steady breathing. The poking

"Hey, Eps," David repeated. "You'll have to lube that monster if you're
going to get it in there."

Epifanio awoke with a start. His eyes were wide open.

"Huh? What's wrong?"

"I said you were going to have to use some lube first," David repeated.

Still half asl**p, Epifanio was slow to realize where his cock was and
what it was trying to do; seemingly on its own. He rolled on to his back
and groaned.

"Oh God, David. I'm so sorry. I wasn't trying to..."

"Yes you were," David said with a bemused laugh. "It's okay. I was
thinking that I'd like to give it a try."

"There's so much I've wanted to do with you that I'm doing it in my
sl**p," Epifanio said after a moment's reflection.

David reached across the bed and stroked Epifanio's rock hard cock. It
still had a light coating of lube.

"Trust me. It's better when you're awake."

David squatted over the cop's thick, uncut cock and hesitated. While he'd
never been adverse to the idea of taking it up the ass, it had been a long
time since anyone had tried. It was part of looking like everyone's vision
of a top.

He caught his breath sharply. Epifanio's cock head made contact with his
puckered hole. The time had come.

"You're sure about this?" Epifanio asked, seeing David's pained

David nodded, willing his sphincter to relax. He let out a long, low
whistle as the first third of Epifanio's slippery cock entered his

"So far, so good," David replied cautiously. "Just take it slow."

Epifanio nodded and pushed. Another two inches slipped inside and he was
engulfed by a wave a pleasure.

"God, David. I feel like I'm going to cum."

David held his cock and balls out of the way to get a better look as he
lowered himself the rest of the way on to Epifanio's spear. Soon there was
nothing between them except a patch of dark pubic hair pressed against
David's butt.

"Think about something else," David replied firmly. "I want to enjoy

"How can I think of anything else when my cazzo is buried up your ass?"

"Be creative," David whispered as he bent forward and affectionately
kissed Epifanio's full lips.

A brilliant flash of blue-white lightning illuminated Epifanio's handsome
face. David couldn't remember the last time that he'd seen anyone so
completely blissed out and at one with the universe.

"I'm trying, David," Epifanio whispered as if through a fog. "All I can
think about is how good this feels. How is it for you?"

"Not bad," David replied. "In fact it feels pretty damned good."

David had braced himself for a pain that never came. Slowly, as his
confidence grew, he began to raise and lower himself on Epifanio's rigid

"Ride it, David. Ride my big cock."

David didn't care that his butt hole was being stretched more than he'd
ever thought possible. The sensation of Epifanio's cock sliding across his
prostate made up for any discomfort he might experience in the morning.

Once the pain in the back of his legs became greater than the one in his
ravaged butt hole, David pulled off. Getting on to his hands and knees, he
presented his muscular ass to the horny cop.

"Come on, Eps," David urged. "Put it back in me."

"Epifanio slathered another glob of lube on to his rock hard dick while
he moved into position. Both men groaned loudly as he parted David's butt
cheeks and pushed his swollen cock deep into David's twitching hole.

"Oh yeah," David yelled. "Fuck me. Fuck my hole."

"Damn right I will," Epifanio panted. "It's so fucking tight."

"Loosen it up, fucker," David commanded. "Ram me with your hot fucking

Epifanio slam fucked David's willing ass like a runaway piston
engine. His thrusts and jabs came faster and harder; turning the inner
walls of David's fuck chute to mush.

"Is that hard enough for you?" Epifanio demanded, breathlessly.

"Yeah. Fuck my ass... Fuck it hard."

Epifanio slid his right hand between David's parted legs and wrapped it
around his bl**d engorged cock. His mind raced as he jerked the older man
off with short, urgent strokes. He thought of all the nights that he fell
asl**p thinking of what he would do if David came back. How many times had
he awakened to a sticky mess splashed across his stomach and a fading dream
of David? Now it was all true. With David's cock in his hand and David's
butt hole gripping his cock, life was good.

David pulled off of Epifanio's dripping ramrod and flipped over on his
back. His eyes were glassy with lust as he held his legs wide open. Slime
and lube flowed profusely from his beckoning hole as he looked up at the
sexy cop.

"I want to see your face when you cum," David explained. "Now put that
big dick back where it belongs."

Epifanio plunged his sword in to the hilt and resumed his attack on
David's prostate. A drop of clear pre cum dripped on to David's stomach and
slid into his navel.

"Oh fucking hell," Epifanio whispered. "I'm really fucking your hot ass."

"You sure as hell are, you hot, fucking stud," David gasped. "Jerk...my
cock. Jerk me off hard while you're fucking my ass.

Epifanio milked David's roaring hard-on until a few more drops of seminal
fluid flowed on to his fingers. He gave David's prostate another bump, and
trickle became a rush. The horny cop spread the slippery pre cum over
David's bl**d engorged cock head.

"Wouldn't want to waste any of it," Epifanio growled while licking the
rest of it from his thumb.

"I'm ready," David said urgently.

"Go on," Epifanio replied. "I'm with you."

"Dump your hot load up my butt," David ordered as he tightened his anus
around the base of the cop's shaft.

Epifanio clenched his hairy butt cheeks while stirring his slippery,
uncut schlong inside David's hungry hole. The walls of David's rectum
pulled him deeper. His balls drew up and he released his load deep into his

"Oh fuck!" Epifanio shouted. "I'm cumming in your ass. Take it all. Take
my load."

"Don't stop," David gasped. "Here it comes. Harder!"

David's cock jumped as a gusher of cum erupted and flowed on to
Epifanio's fist. Sweat, cum and profanities flew as David's body twisted
and bucked under the cop's expert ministrations.

"Yeah. Shoot your load," Epifanio cried out. "I want to see you cum, you
hot fucking stud."

Epifanio continued pumping David's ass and stroking his cock long after
he'd coaxed the last drop from his hairy balls. He grudgingly released his
grip and his cock slid from David's hole.

"Oh fuck," David whispered.

"That was too fucking hot," Epifanio replied, falling over on his back.

The two men watched the vague shadows of rain drops on glass run down the
walls. Neither one wanted to be the first to break the spell but something
had to be said. David cleared his throat.

"It's still raining," David whispered, stating the obvious.

"Weather reports say it'll be here all weekend," Epifanio replied lazily.

"I remember you said that. You up to it?" David asked, still watching the

Epifanio fumbled for David's hand and placed it on his own semi erect
cock. The warmth of David's hand made him tremble.

"What do you think?" Epifanio asked.

David lazily stroked the cop's pole. There was still a thin film of lube
on it. His own cock jumped when he thought of why there was a thin film of
lube on it and where the beautiful, uncut weapon had been just minutes

"I think we'd better get at least a few hours of sl**p," David replied.

Epifanio pulled the top sheet and a heavy down comforter from the foot of
the bed and snuggled next to his c***dhood idol. The two men, tired and
exhausted, hunkered down into the thick feather mattress and slept, back to
front, until the sun came up on a dark and blustery morning.


David awoke to the sound of activity downstairs. He sat up and swung his
legs over the side of the bed. Rubbing the sl**p from his eyes, he looked
around the strange room. His cock leaped to attention at the sight of
Epifanio's uniform shirt d****d over the back of a huge arm chair. The
night before, and everything they'd done, came rushing back like a flood of
jizz and profanity. He smiled as he pulled on a thoughtfully placed robe
and went in search of his clothes.

He found the sexy cop, stark naked and whistling happily, standing at the
kitchen sink. Since he was using a knife, and was seemingly oblivious to
everything but the task at hand, David waited until he'd put it down before

"Your clothes are in the dryer," Epifanio called out without looking

"How'd you know I was standing here?" David asked, genuinely perplexed.

"There's a squeaky step just off the first landing."

"I didn't notice it," David replied, yawning. "You're up early."

"I couldn't sl**p. You looked so comfortable that I didn't want to wake
you," Epifanio replied as he turned around.

Even in the light of day, such as it was, Epifanio was nothing short of
miraculous. It didn't hurt that he was sporting some healthy wood.

"You must really enjoy cooking," David noted with an eye on Epifanio's

Epifanio glanced at his tumescent schlong and smiled sheepishly. He made
no attempt to hide his arousal.

"I was just thinking about last night."

"I hope you're not planning on fixing bacon. We wouldn't want you
splashing grease on that."

"I'm fine as long as you're over there and I'm over here."

"That's a pretty tall order. Damn. You look good. I can't believe that
you're still unattached."

"It's like I said. There aren't a lot of prospects. The nearest Gay bar
is a thirty mile drive. How about you? I'd think that a successful writer
like you would be fighting them off."

"I've had a couple of relationships," David replied. "The last one was
over the minute he realized that I wasn't going to be eligible for an
Academy Award by writing for cable. After that, it got to be more trouble
than it was worth so I just stopped making myself available."

"It's funny. I always thought that living in the middle of things would
be the cure for loneliness."

"Trust me," David replied with a trace of sadness. "Lately I've noticed
that, along with rain, it's a recurring theme in most of my work."


"Yeah. That and isolation."

"Aren't they the same thing?"

"Not always. I've isolated myself for a long time and, until recently, I
was never lonely."

"Which brings us to why you came back here after all of this time?"

"Somehow I knew we'd come back to that," David replied, pulling absently
at his growing erection. "Yes. I suppose it does."


"For some people, the past looks better the farther away it gets," David

"That's a line from Paradise, isn't it?"

"As a matter of fact, it is. I also think there's something to it. I came
back to see if it applied to me. I figured I'd breeze into town, visit some
of my old haunts and be on my way without anyone knowing I was here."

"Except, maybe, Tony?"

"He was a consideration, but not the only one. I was prepared to find
that he'd gotten married and had a bunch of k**s or moved to parts

"I'll give you Tony's address. You're in for a surprise."


"Tony had an epiphany after Dad kicked him out. He joined the Marines,
grew up and found himself. Now he owns a couple of drag bars in San

"That's no surprise," David replied, laughing. "Tony was doing John
Travolta drag twenty years ago."

"I've heard that he's doing a great Madonna."

"You haven't seen him perform?"

"I'd rather not see my b*****r in a bustier and fish net stockings. It's
the small town boy in me."

Epifanio turned and busied himself at the sink, leaving David to mull
over this new piece of information. He regretted having mentioned Tony's
new way of life. Maybe it would have been better to give David his address
and number and let him make the discovery on his own. The last thing that
he wanted to do was to poison David's opinion of Tony.

"He's still your b*****r, but I can see your point," David said at last.

"You want his number?"

David dropped the robe and walked up behind the hot, and still horny,
young cop. He slid his arm around Epifanio's broad, hairy chest and gently
tweaked his nipple.

"Let me think about it," David said, grinding his crotch against the
cop's muscular butt.

Epifanio moaned softly and spread his legs as David worked one finger,
then two, into his butt hole. It was still slippery with lube and cum.

"Fuck me again, Davy. Give me your big cock," Epifanio whispered

David looked deeply into their reflection in the window above the
sink. There was Epifanio's face looking back at him, blissful and
contented. He wondered if it was possible to have actually found what he
was looking for in the arms of Tony's younger b*****r. There was only one
way to know for sure.

"Anything you say, officer."

Epifanio gripped the edge of the sink as David drove his cock deep into
his rectum with a single, hard upward thrust. Cries of passion and a****l
lust filled the room as David's cock began the first of what would prove to
be many assaults on the cop's ass.

"God, David. Fill my ass. Don't stop."

"Don't worry, Eps. I'm going to take all the time I need," David


David and Epifanio are still together and will remain so. They still live
in the Lamori f****y home where they hold Lamori f****y gatherings every
Christmas. David telecommutes and hardly ever drives the big, black Blazer.

The town, though still quiet, is on the way back as a sort of getaway
spot for Gay artists anxious to escape the pressures of the big city.
Progress is being made on recreating the Fox from the ground up.

A reunion between David and Tony took place at Epifanio's urging. A
similar one, between Tony and his father, took place the following
spring. Both went well.

"I know your eyes in the morning sun I feel you touch me in the pouring
rain. And the moment that you wander far from me I wanna feel you in my
arms again..."

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