Hotel Playtime

Got a call last night from Jim who wanted a cocksucking and a taste of my pussy that I could not resist.

He was rather nice looking and clean cut. A 38 y/o white guy with a 7 1/2" rather fat cut cock. He got us a room at the Hilton and I was excited by this. He was serious I thought, rather than the usual Motel 8 type. I always pay half and that was okay. It was nice of him.

Wore a new short black dress, slutty lingerie and strutted a little for him. Then I slowly licked and nursed on his cock and deepthroated him with my medium buttplug in place. (I always try to suck cock with a buttplug inside me). He came in my mouth within 10 minutes. A nice thick load. As my specialty, I kept his cock in my mouth until he was soft.

I thought it was over, took out the plug and we laid there and talked for a while. Then he asked if I would walk around the lobby with him and see the reaction. I have never dressed or done this before in public. It was erotic to me and I was so horny, it didn't matter.

Although I know I look pretty good when dressed, but surely not totally passable. I wanted to be fucked by him so I thought this would kill some time before I got him hard and may turn him on quicker.

So I put my short black dress back on, brushed my blonde wig, put the plug back in, fixed my lipstick and makeup and out the door we went. It is an open foyer and from the hallway from our room on the 3rd floor I could see down to the lobby area and there were people milling about.

Got on the elevator with him as he's holding my arm and there were two guys probably in their early 60's already on there. They said hi and Jim said hi and I just smiled because I have a man's voice and feigned a sore throat.

As I was in the moment, I dropped my little bag, then bent over to give them a shot of my thong, part of the plug and bottom of my smooth tanned ass (from lying naked in the sun on Monday at my house).

I picked it up, turned around and smiled. They smiled back and asked if we wanted to have a drink with them. Jim said sure and I nodded yes. Got off the elevator and Jim told them we would meet them in a few minutes.

We headed through the lobby, me in my 4" heeled short CFM boots and the heads were turned and watching as my ass was tight against the short dress. He snuck a hand down to feel my ass when he knew someone was looking. It was fun, then I would grab his ass. We smiled and laughed together, then made it to the bar.

The two guys (Dave and Fred) waved us over to their table and started drinking with them. Small talk at first, then after a while Fred leaned in and asked me in my ear if I was a guy. I had a good feeling, so I took his hand and guided it to my crotch and he felt my semi hard clit through my thong panties. He smiled and said nice.

I made sure that Fred could see me rub Jim's cock every so often. Then my right leg started rubbing against Fred's left leg and eventually my hand started rubbing up Fred's thigh and I would graze his crotch.

With the dozen or so men that I have sucked and fucked, I've never kissed a man before, but Jim leaned in and kissed me and I reciprocated with my mouth and tongue for a few seconds. I was really getting excited. Jim's cock was getting hard again.

Dave left around 10pm and went back to his room. Jim went to relieve himself and I started really teasing Fred. Running my hand up and down his thigh and over his crotch and could feel it hardening. Then I gave his cock a squeeze and he was hard!

My pussy lips kept clenching and releasing over the base of my plug. I needed to have hard cock in me soon.

Fred asked what we were doing after the bar and Jim invited him back to the room for a drink. I whispered in Fred's ear that I would suck his cock while Jim fucked me. Do you want me to swallow your hot cum?, I whispered to Fred. He nodded yes.

Throughout the night I would whisper to Jim the kinky things I wanted him to do to me, then would squeeze his cock.

We got back to the room and I primped and strutted for them. Then I bent over and pulled out the plug so they both could see and they cheered as semi-d***ks do.

Went to get primed for my fucking, came back out and sat on Fred's lap and he felt me up as I undid Jim's pants and pulled out his cock. It was standing straight up! Licked it then turned around and undid Fred's pants and out pops his nice 6 1/2" uncut boner.

They were both naked sitting on the bed, I took off my black dress revealing my slutty lingerie with black stocking, badydoll with garter straps and black thong.
Fred said, "Wow".

Pulled down the straps of my babydoll to reveal my fat nipples and each began sucking and biting as I stroked their hard cocks. Jim reached over to the nightstand and found my clover nipple clamps and put them on each nipple. The clamps bit down into my hard nipples and Jim tugged the chain and I let out a moan.

Jim then laid on the bed as I had asked him so I could impale my hot cunt on his cock and ride him cowgirl. Then I could suck on Fred's cock as he kneeled on the bed. Jim pulled down my thong panties.

I was so horny and my pussy contracting that as I positioned over his cockhead and lowered myself, his hard cock was buried balls deep within seconds and we both let out a moan. I gyrated and left it buried as I began sucking and licking Fred's cock. I lifted off Jim's fat pole and slammed back down while deepthroating Fred. I am a slut and love cock!

After a few minutes, Jim grabbed my hips and began lifting me off and pushing me back down on his throbbing pole. We began fucking in rhythm and could hear the echo of flesh smacking against flesh at a furious pace in the room. Still sucking on Fred who is now rubbing my hard clit.

Jim then pushes me into doggy with his hot hard cock still buried in my cunt. Now Fred laid down and I could really work his cock down my throat as Jim piledrived his cock deep inside my hot cunt.

Fred was tugging on the nipple chain the whole time, then would twist and turn the clover clamps and my nipples were on fire and I loved it. Fred said he was cumming, Jim kept his bone buried in my cunt and Fred let a torrent of hot juice shoot into my mouth and throat. I sucked out every drop and kept sucking gently as he went limp in my mouth.

Jim picked up the pace and fucked me for another 10 minutes or so. My hungry pussy was getting a real workout. Then I felt his balls tighten as I was fondling them and his cock grow bigger in my pussy as he shot his load into the rubber, my pussy spasming and squeezing out every drop of his hot cum.

He pulled out, took off the rubber and dumped the hot cum on my face as I was lying on my back. This was erotic. I eventually ate every drop as I used my fingers to move the cum to my mouth. They both liked seeing this.

We sat and talked a bit. Jim fell asl**p and Fred and I talked some more. He had never sucked cock and I told him he could suck me and he did. He sucked me and I squirted within a minute. He kept the cum in his mouth and transferred it to me with a kiss. This was new for me also to swap cum with someone.

We fell asl**p in the same king bed. I woke up at 6:30 and Jim was in the shower. Fred was still sl**ping so I started sucking his hard cock. As he woke up, he was ready to cum and I ate another hot load of his. Hopefully I will meet up with each of them again.

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7 months ago
I love how you play
7 months ago
Hot story!
7 months ago
Ultra hot and sexy encounter! Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
fantastic story my asspussy is still twitching
2 years ago
another for my faves!
2 years ago
older guys are hot to......
2 years ago
GREAT story...very to live that with you!
2 years ago
2 very lucky guys
3 years ago
great story my faorite part the cum swap kiss....i love doing that with anyone who will, cd ts tv straight guy horny female just love the cum also your getting poured on your face very hot. kisses
3 years ago
Hot story!!Loved it!!