Fun with the Mechanic

Last weekend, I had a date to go out to a bar with some other CDs in another state and a 2 hour drive. I would get dressed when I got to the motel. On the way I had car trouble, but kept driving to the motel. Told the girls who were already dressed that I couldn’t go to the bar or play because I could not relax knowing my car was having problems. I was so horny because we had set this date up a few weeks ago and I had spent the day trying on my new sexy short black dress and getting ready.

I left the girls at the motel and headed home with the car having transmission problems. On the way I called a mechanic (Hakim) who had worked on my cars in the past. His heritage is Middle Eastern, slightly dark complexion with handsome, manly features, piercing almond shaped eyes, large strong hands and wavy jet black hair. In his mechanic shirt he has noticeable black chest hair, but not overwhelming.

As a part-time CD, I am 49, 5’11”, 180 in decent shape, smooth all over, great legs and ass, fat nipples and about an A cup. I only wear sexy short dresses, sometimes thigh highs, sometimes bare legs. Very submissive and kinky when dressed. Know how to pleasure men.

Hakim is 38, 6’1” about 200 lbs. in pretty good shape and well-toned. He is married with 3 c***dren, overtly masculine and a witty guy. We always had some laughs when I had used him in the past and we hit it off well. I told him what was happening and he said he could stop by the next morning to look at it. I was happy to get home after the two hour drive about 8pm.

Since I was still so horny, I decided to get dressed and go on cam to give a dildo show. After prepping my pussy for the show and also for the second time today, I did my makeup, glued on the long oval shaped red nails, red lipstick, brunette long hair wig, black thigh highs, short black frilly/sexy dress with a nice push up bra that gave me cleavage and open toe 4’ black heels. Also put on a steel ribbed chastity cock cage known as a “prison cage” for extra pleasure. I would remove my dress revealing my sexy lingerie after some time on cam.

Walked downstairs to the kitchen and turned on the computer, set up the cam, put the dildos and nipples clamps on the table nearby, settled into my chair and got on the cam site. Then I heard a knock on the door around 10:00pm. I was trapped and whoever was at the door could see directly into the kitchen and had seen me. No hiding from this and I hoped it was not one of my neighbors. I turned around with anxiety and slowly walked to the door. I could not hide and had to face destiny with a smile.

It was the Hakim, the mechanic!! Was not expecting him until morning and gave him directions since he had never been to my house before. I opened the door and he asked for me. Many thoughts were running through my head and they were all negative. I told him it was me. He stood speechless and couldn’t believe it. (He later said he thought that I was a girlfriend!) It was a very awkward moment and I went for broke with nothing to lose. He did have the smell of alcohol on his breath and I reasoned that he might be more uninhibited because of this. Plus, I was so horny and here was a handsome man at my door!!

So I played it up since I knew that I looked good and felt very sexy. My mind was working on seducing him at this point anyway. I asked him to come in and told him I expected him in the morning. I walked back to the kitchen and wiggled my ass on the way knowing he would watch. I do have great legs and the moment was right.

I just talked to him as a matter of fact as if I was in regular clothes. Explained that I was getting on cam to play. He did not miss a beat and said he was on his way home from the bar and thought he would stop by. (He had to notice the three dildos and a pair of clover nipple clamps on the kitchen table, but did not ask). I told him that I was happy he did. We did some small talk and then went to brew him some coffee. He got up and stood by me. I reached in the fridge to get him a bottle of water, happened to drop it, bent over to reveal my sexy black lace hipster panties barely covering my tight, toned asscheeks. I made sure that he got a good view!!

He was eyeing me up and said that I looked hot. I thanked him and told him he was d***k. I smiled and he did too. I poured his coffee, having done this with long nails it seemed so natural and a first for me. We went and sat on the couch and talked about the car problem. I would give him a flash of my black lace panties as I opened my legs a bit, and then crossed my legs. The lace of the thigh high showed with my legs crossed since the dress was short. His eyes darted there and then back to my face.

I was getting aroused since I could feel the cock cage tightening and my pussy was twitching. Felt a warm glow of passion and desire overtake my body. I could not believe that I was doing this with a guy who I knew and could count on to fix my car. He would never look at me the same way so I went for it!!

I was feeling so frisky and wanted his cock!! Oh, how I wanted his cock.
I wanted him to want me just as a woman would want a man. Yet, I am never attracted to men until dressed. The flirting I was doing with him just came so naturally! Some chemistry changed and I just felt liberated. I stood up and bent over once again to pick up the tv remote and gave him a view of my smooth tight ass with lace black panties this time riding up my crack.

Stood with my best seductive hand on hip pose, changed the channel and then asked him what he was doing the rest of the night. Even tried pouting my lips trying to be seductive with the glossy red lipstick as the tool.

He told me he didn’t want to go home because his k**s were still up and he wanted to relax a bit after a 60 hour week at the shop. I told him he could stay as long as he liked and he smiled. I was getting hornier and flirtier hoping he would make a move. I calmly told him we could have some fun and we both laughed nervously. He said he had to relieve himself and he got up and walked to the bathroom.

Thought he would come out and say he was leaving so I laid on the couch with hand under my head and one leg propped up so my panties were exposed. I pretended not to notice when he came back and knew he saw my smooth legs and dress hiked up with cleavage showing. I sat up as he sat down and he put his hand on my thigh. Yes, I thought and my body screamed with desire!! Now the cage was stuffed with my meat since it could not get hard in chastity. Such a great pleasure rippled through my body.

I acted as if this was not shocking to me. Hakim then leaned in to kiss me. He was a little d***k or horny or both. Our lips locked and our tongues began to dance. We kissed passionately and I began rubbing his leg while he began to feel me up. His leg was muscular. It was surreal to me since I never expected this nor have I ever played in my house before. I always go to a motel or the man’s place for sex. I then began to unbutton his shirt and rub his hairy chest. He sat there and I could see that his jeans were tenting!!

I then got up and slowly gave him a striptease of taking off my black dress and bra revealing my sexy/slutty lingerie teddy and black thigh highs still in heels. I strutted around the room for him and gave him a little show like I was on a runway. I wanted to suck his cock and possibly get fucked. He smiled and kept saying wow, you look hot. I smiled and thanked him.

I stopped behind the back of the couch, heart racing and playfully decided to rub his shoulders. His reaction was to close his eyes as the TV blared in the background. I then turned off the light next to the couch and lowered the volume of the TV. My hands could feel the muscle tone and tension in his shoulders. Then I moved my hands down his chest and noticed his cock starting to grow and twitch inside his pants.

I moved back around and instinctively sat on his lap. What a move that was. Coyly whispered in his ear what was poking me, threw my arms lovingly around his shoulders and we kissed passionately again. I rubbed my aching pussy along his tented jeans and could feel the heat through my panties. He gently lifted me off of him, sat me on the couch and to my surprise and delight, he unbuttoned and slid his pants off, then took off his shirt.

As he did this, I thought that I would continue teasing him so as he sat down I went back behind the couch. Moved my hands behind his back and continued to massage him as he sat there and I eyed his now visible cock!! It was at least 8” and uncut, a little thicker than average, brown color, leaning to the left and semi hard.

Oh this was my lucky night I thought!!

His cockhead was mostly encased in the foreskin except for his pee hole which was showing. Then I teasingly moved my hands down to his stomach and caught his eye. As I was bent over the couch, I felt found his lips and we kissed again. He then opened his mouth and we tongued each other. He later told me he had never kissed a man before and he was a rather good and gentle kisser.

My hands kept getting closer to his hardening cock and I could feel its heat! His cockhead was halfway out of the foreskin by now! He was slightly moaning and upward thrusting his hips so I would grab his cock. I kept teasing and then finally grabbed his now, rock hard throbbing cock and he kissed me with passion and moaned again. I gently stroked him for a while, gentle teasing strokes while continued kissing. Running my nails on the underside of his shaft and it bounced in the air and throbbed. Veins were bulging and his fat mushroom head was peeking almost completely out of the foreskin.

In total passion and moaning myself, I broke the kiss, climbed over the sofa and gently put my mouth on his big cock. He groaned and his eyes rolled back. He had not had a blowjob in months and he didn't care who was sucking his cock. His fat, engorged cock barely fit the width of my mouth. I nibbled and licked his foreskin and pushed it back with my tongue. He had a nice swollen spongy mushroom head. Meanwhile, he reached down and began pinching and rubbing my fat hard nipples!! This made me moan and suck him faster.

I then attempted to deep throat him slowly and sucked up and down his shaft. Because I was so horny and excited, I managed to get it all down my throat!! Then I bobbed up and down with a steady, hungry, passionate pace. All the while, my hands were rubbing his large nuts, his legs, his feet and his hairy chest. We were both moaning. I deep throated again and again and stayed down on it for about 15 seconds, then came up for air.

I let his quivering, spit covered cock pop out of my mouth and licked his stomach and chest until reaching his lips, and then we did a long tongue battle. As we were kissing, I made sure to only slightly graze his cock with my nails and also played with his pee hole with my nails. His tongue went deeper when I did this and I smiled through our kiss.

Meanwhile he was twisting my nipples with one hand and had found his way into my black lace panties and begun fingering my lubed pussy hole with the other when I gave him access. He had one, then two of his fat fingers inside me. I was squirming and moaning under this assault. My little clit in chastity was straining against the stainless cage.

With his fingers still inside me, I broke the kiss and went back to nursing on his cock. Within 30 seconds, I felt his cock get larger in my mouth (as they all do before cumming), his body tensed, he moaned loudly and I tasted his hot cum in my mouth. It was a gusher and pressed my tongue on the underside of his fat shaft and moved it forward with each spurt. This resulted in a more f***eful cum blast.

Spurt after spurt of tasty cum filled the back of my throat. (He had stopped fingering me when he first came, but that is expected. My hole was spasming to be filled. Maybe later, I thought. ) I savored the heavy hot cum load in my mouth for a minute or so before swallowing it all while continuing to suck him. I licked him clean and kept him in my mouth until he had gone limp. We then just sat there and smiled at each other.

I thanked him for such a fun time and heavy load of hot cum. He thanked me for such a wonderful blowjob and what a lucky night we were both having. Thinking like most men that after dumping a load, we like to move on, I was surprised when he said that he wanted to fuck me and if we waited a while, he would have another longer lasting load if I was interested. I said yes, please baby!! It was only around11pm and we had a few hours before he had to go home. My pussy which usually does not gape was gaping and puckering. Could not wait to impale my tight pussy on his long fat cock.

We watched some tv as I teasingly got on all fours on a futon and began rubbing and spanking my own ass. Slowly pulled down my panties and gave him a view of my puckering tight pussy hole. Grabbed a fat dildo off the table and began fucking myself while he watched. In and out I worked it.

About a half hour later, I looked between my legs and noticed his cock was half hard again!! I then slowly worked my fingers in my hole with one hand and gently spanked my own ass with the other. He encouraged me on. Without missing a beat, he said to do it baby!

Within the hour, Hakim would be fucking me with his big cock I thought.

To be continued.

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