How I Got Pregnant

“Hey girl, what you up to?” A stranger in a truck said pulling up next to me.

“Just walking home from school.” I said stopping and turning to the guy.

“Oh, do you live around here.” The guy asked.

“Yeah just a couple blocks that way.” I said pointing down the street.

“I see, so why isn't your boyfriend walking you home?” The man asked.

“He wanted to hang out with his friends today.” I said.

“Doesn't sound like a very good boyfriend, to make you walk all the way home alone. Anyways the reason I stopped was because I wanted to see if you want to have a little fun, I mean you don't dress like that for no reason.” The man said checking out my body.

Looking down at my clothes I remembered today was slutty clothes Thursday, the day I wear the sluttiest clothes I can, which today was a low cut black V-neck top, cutoff denim shorts. Underneath I had a black push up bra which showed a good amount of cleavage, and a white thong. “I don't know, I don't think Matt would be too happy if I were to go and fuck some random guy. Plus I ran out of my birth control and I'd really prefer not to risk it.” I said starting to walk away.

“Hey wait, come back for a second.” The guy said calling out to me. I turned around and walked up to his SUV.

“What?” I asked finally getting to see what the guy looked like. He was a clean shaved guy in his late 20's, and pretty good looking.

“He doesn't need to find out, plus I was prepared to pay.” The man said flashing me some money.

“How much is that?” I asked leaning into the truck.

“You've done this before haven't you? But uh to answer your question it's $400.” The guy said counting out the money.

“Well ummm still I'm not on the pill at the moment.” I said.

“Okay how about this.” He said pulling out another $100. “$500 and I promise I'll pull out, I swear.”

“$500 huh, well fuck it sure.” I said opening the passenger side door and hopping in.

“There we go, I promise we'll have a lot of fun. By the way my name's Jim.” He said holding out his hand.

“I'm Lauren.” I said shaking his hand.

“Nice to meet you Lauren, is my hotel room good with you?” He asked pulling away.

“Yeah that's fine.” I said putting on the seat belt.

“So was I right, have you done this before?” Jim asked keeping his eyes on the road.

“What, get paid to have sex? Yeah a few times.” I said looking straight ahead.

“I knew it, most girls get appalled when you offer them money, I could tell you got a little excited.” Jim said looking over at me.

“Yeah I've made a little career out of it I guess.” I said.

“I bet, so when does this $500 I just spent get put to use.” Jim asked looking over at me.

“Well you haven't given me the money yet.” I said looking back at him.

“You really have done this before, okay how about half now, and the other half after we're done.” Jim said reaching into his pocket.

“That sounds fair.” I said holding out my hand. Jim counted out $250 and put it in my hand, I then put it in my purse and sat it on the floor. “So how far are we from your hotel?” I asked.

“Long enough.” Jim said with a grin. Getting the message I reached over and began rubbing his crotch. It didn't take long for a bulge to appear. I then unbuckled my seat belt, pulled down my denim shorts leaned over and unbuttoned his Jeans. Afterwords I quickly pulled down his boxers and his 8 inch dick sprang out. I spat on my hand and began stroking his cock making sure to pay extra attention to the tip, as I began playing with myself through my white panties. Once he was as hard as a rock I couldn't resist any more and quickly started sucking his dick. I started sucking him fast right from the start, swirling my tongue all over his shaft, bobbing my head up and down on his dick deepthroating him like a pro.

“Oh shit Lauren you're great at sucking dick.” Jim said trying to focus on driving. I began to use my right hand to play with his balls, caressing them in my hand and I continued to blow him. After a few minutes of this I felt his balls tighten and then Jim thrust his cock deep into my mouth and exploded, dumping four streams of cum directly down my throat. All Jim did was moan out loudly as he came in my mouth. I downed every drop and pulled my head off his dick, I gasped for air before cleaning off his dick which had my saliva and some of his cum on it.

I sat up wiped the saliva from my lips and face and buckled my seat belt back up. Once Jim became soft he pulled his boxers up and buttoned up his jeans.

“We're almost there, just a couple more minutes okay Lauren.” Jim said driving.

“I can't wait.” I said continuing to play with myself.

Once we got to the Holiday Inn I pulled up my shorts grabbed my purse and followed Jim up to his room on the second floor. He unlocked the door and we both strolled in and made our way to the bed, where we both started to undress.

“Damn Lauren how big are those, DD's? Mmmmm and I love your shaven pussy.” Jim asked looking at my body.

“Yeah, they're DD's. I said squeezing my large tits. “So what position do you want to fuck me in? I asked sitting naked on the bed.

“Hmmmmm missionary fine with you?” Jim asked grabbing his already had cock.

“Yup, I mean you are the one paying.” I said laying on my bed waiting. I felt the head if his cock rest against my pussy, and without warning he thrust his dick inside me and began pumping away. “Oh fuck Jim just like that don't stop!” I moaned rubbing my clit as he fucked me

“Don't worry I wont.” Jim said as he continued pounding away. He then started playing with my tits squeezing and kneading them in his hands, and it pushed me over the edge as I came all over his cock.

“I'm cuuuming!” I screamed as my pussy cliched Jim's cock and my body spasmed out of control. Then Jim wrapped his arms around my legs and pushed them back above my head pinning me down and resting his hands on my shoulder as he thrust deep in me hitting my cervix where his cock stayed not moving.

“Mmmmm fuck Lauren your slutty pussy is so tight. When you came I could barely move my cock in you.” Jim said starting to pound away again hitting my cervix each thrust. I was unable to do anything but moan out in pleasure. I felt my clit being rubbed again and my left nipple being squeezed and pinched, and I could begin to feel another orgasm building.

Jim stopped playing with me and laid down on me pushing my legs back even further giving him access to my entire pussy. Jim was now pounding away harder than he had up to this point and his balls were slapping against my ass. I could feel my orgasm getting closer and closer and then it hit me.

“Oh shit, I'm cumming, I'm cuuuumming!” I screamed as my pussy squirted juices onto Jim's waste. My pussy clamped down on Jim's cock, and like last time he thrust right up to my cervix. Except this time I heard a familiar moan escape his lips and my eyes shot open and looked at him. But his eyes were closed and his head tilted back as he made the same moan as when he came in the car and released a flood of cum directly into my unprotected womb.

Unable to move I was helpless as huge stream after huge stream flooded my pussy. Still cumming Jim tried to thrust even deeper as I begged him to pull out. But he only responded by moaning and thrusting a little deeper each time making sure all his cum was deep inside me. If that wasn't enough my body betrayed me and I came yet again just from knowing my unprotected pussy got flooded. My pussy clamped around his cock and milked two more spurts of cum from his cock.

I lost all control and hope at that point and just collapsed as Jim laid on top of me with his dick still in me. A few moments later Jim hopped of and got dressed. I laid on the bed exhausted and morally defeated. I heard Jim walk over next to me and he threw $250 on me.
“I hope it was worth it slut.” He said walking you the door.

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4 days ago
wow such a great story
1 month ago
very hot story .... made me hard
1 month ago
How are you doing by now?
3 months ago
Thanks for sharing. - maybe the baby's daddy will read your story and friend you.
4 months ago
Great story.
I don't know if he intended to knock you up or did it by accident.
I remember one woman I fucked often. She always wanted me to pull out in time. I tried really hard and often I managed too. But when she came the moment I was ready there was no holding back.
4 months ago
Great story!!
4 months ago
Nice story, thanks
4 months ago
Very nice story, is this truly how you got pregnant or simply a story? Either way, don't feel ashamed, and don't let anyone make you feel ashamed. You did what you did and that's that
5 months ago
You disloyal, cock sucking whore. Can't even manage to get home without taking a stranger's cock shoved into your pussy. I hope Matt dishes out a hard spanking to his inseminated bitch. When he's done with you, just cum over to me and I'll knock you up too.
5 months ago
very nice!
5 months ago
Did you tell Matt? Or does he think it's his baby?
5 months ago
Good writing ;)
6 months ago
Thats a great story
6 months ago
haven't you heard of the morning after pill? Anyway hot story, and you will be soon a very hot young milf.
6 months ago
definitely made my cock throb
6 months ago
very hot story I loved it
6 months ago
wow this story was fucking HOT loved reading it