James and Me(True story)

I remember James from the 5th grade; we had met up again at a Shoprite supermarket store. James approached me, and carries my grocery home from the supermarket. I had a huge crash on James. I always thought he was the cutest guy in the classroom. James still has his look, slim build, with salt and pepper hair. James was looking for a serious relationship; so, was I. When we arrived to my apartment, James put down my grocery on top of my dinner table; we begin to stare at each other eyes with passion. We begin to hug and kiss, like we never had been kiss before. I say to James ‘Relax yourself; get comfortable I will put something on sexy’. James begin to take off his clothes, strength out on my bed, I have put on a mini tin top shirt with the word say ‘fuck me’ on it. The shirt only cover half of my 46D cup tits with my nipples hard and show, nothing at the bottom, just my fat ass, and my clean shave pussy. As, James lay down on my bed his 9 inches dick was standing stiff in place (mmmmmmmmm damn) his dick looks so good and tasty. I walk over to James and start to lick on his dick, and put my mouth way down on his dick until I almost choke. Up and down, my mouth is massaging his dick, I look up at James as I’m sucking, and James has a big grin on his face. Slowly, I climb on James’ dick, slide down with my wet hot pussy, start moving up and down, side by side, ride it like I’m doing a dance. ‘Ah, James you dick is so good and thick’, James replied ‘Oh babe, you can ride a good mean dick, give it to me babe, mmmmmmm shit, yeah’. James whispers in my ears, ‘get on your knees, so, I can fuck your hot pussy from the back’. I got on my knees, my fat ‘round and juicy ass is up in the air, James slap my ass just to see it juggles. He slides his 9inches dick inside my wet tight pussy, and begins to bang it slowly. All you hear his dick slapping against my ass; ‘Pat, Pat, Pat, Slap, Slap, Bang, Bang, Fart, Fart( my pussy farting)’. James says ‘You like that babe, huh? You like that? Ohh shit, your pussy is so fucking hot and good’.
From the back, I decided to lie on the bed with my legs spread wide open as the sweat dripping down on my pussy. Again, James slides his big dick inside of me, and gave me a good fuck. My pussy is so wet and moist I see my cum all over his dick, I look up at James with a grin, and tell him ‘fuck me daddy, ohhh, your dick so big, ohh you fucking in my pussy, ooh babe, oh, ah, I’m going to cum over on big dick daddy, oh James, fuck me, oooh shit yeah,’ James getting excited by the words coming out of my mouth, he starts to stroke fasting and harder. ‘oh shit James, I’m squirting oooo’ I shout out in a relieved. My squirt is shooting out of my pussy like a water fountain, James catching every taste of it, and, finally, James climb up to me and start shooting his cum all over my face, as I am catching every taste of it. James and I have a glass of wine, smoke a blunt and begin a relationship.
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3 years ago
luck guy
4 years ago
Now that's a hot way to start a relationship, Hot story.
4 years ago
I love pussy farts and fat asses riding my cock, I'd love it if you sat on my rod and let me at them titties, you'd love the air plunging power of a fat head pumping your hole.
4 years ago
love ur big jiggle ass i love to eat ur pussy for long hours
4 years ago
i like that story , after you squirted your asshole was nice and wet james should have popped it open...
4 years ago
yes another story
4 years ago
great story , hope you write some more