An early bi encounter

I contacted a bi couple at an online contact site and after a few e-mails between us we decided to meet and see if we were compatible. We arranged to meet at a bar in town but due to some confusion I went to one bar any they went to another. I thought I’d been stood up as did they.

They did, though, have my mobile number and I got a call asking where I was. I let them know and they advised me where they were so I exited my bar and headed to theirs. I had’t actually seen facial pictures of them so I didn’t know who I was looking for but they had seen my face and Mike called out my name when I entered.

He was a sturdily built guy, about 5’8 with strawberry blonde hair where it grew on his closely shorn, balding, head. He introduced me to Jo, his wife. She was about 5’1, blonde curly hair with a great cleavage on show and when she did
a twirl a lovely pert pair of buttocks. They were both dressed in biker’s leathers.

We chatted for a while to break the ice and then our chat got a little fruitier. They said they’d been looking for a guy or girl for a while to join them and I was the first they’d met. They said they had a room booked in a hotel and would love if I could join them that night.

I said I’d love to and we decided to finish our drinks and head to the hotel as we were all very horny by then. On our way there Mike let me know he was dying to suck my cock. I foresaw a good evening ahead and I wasn’t mistaken.

We headed to the lift once we entered the Travelodge and you could have cut the sexual tension with a knife as we rode to our floor. We left the lift and were soon in the room. The room had a large king-size bed and was basic other than that but more than fulfilled our needs.

Jo excused herself and went to the bathroom to change into something more comfortable and Mike and I removed our clothing. We both lay on the bed and in no time Jo exited the bathroom. She was a vision of sexiness. She had a basque
on which only accentuated her lovely boobs and she wore black hold ups which I particularly liked.

She came to join us on the bed and lay between us. Mike’s hands immediately went to her left breast and I followed his queue by stroking her right breast. We both tweaked her nipples and then replaced fingers with tongues and
teeth. Its safe to say she was enjoying this. The groans of pleasure and exclamations of “Fuck yes” gave it away. Mike then moved his mouth down to Jo’s pussy and he proceeded to lick her and suck her for all he was worth and I moved to her mouth and we kissed deeply as she enjoyed both tongues.

Mike continued to lick her and I then brought my throbbing cock to Jo’s lips. She greedily lapped at my cockhead and then took my cock into her mouth. She’d clearly sucked cock before as she skilfully teased me and tormented me with
her tongue. After a while I could take no more and I told her I was going to cum and she said to do so in her mouth.

I didn’t disappoint. I aimed my cock at her mouth and she opened wide to accept the offering. Cum spurted from my cock and four loads shot into her mouth and splattered her lips. Mike was watching on wanking himself by now and moved
to Jo once I’d finished to share my cum. They shared it all with their tongues moving in and out of each others mouths.

I thought it only fair at this point to return the favour to Jo and make her cum so I moved down to pussy and probed my tongue into her. She tasted wonderful as all fresh pussies do. It may sound arrogant to say that I’m extremely gifted with my tongue. It isn’t arrogance though. I just seem to
have a natural talent. I am able to find the exact spot that drives women wild.

Bearing this in mind I set to work to make Jo cum. Each woman likes different things and I gently teased and licked Jo to find where she received most pleasure as that was my aim. Her pleasure. I soon found she loved to have both her clit sucked (rather than licked) and her pussy lips licked.

Mike was egging me on saying “Make her cum on your tongue, make my bitch cum”. I lifted to say “I will, there’s no doubt about that but I want you to suck my cock as I make your wife cum”. Mike needed no further invitation. He slid down
on the bed and took my already hard cock in his mouth. He’d clearly sucked cock before too though he wasn’t as skilled as his now writhing wife. Jo was cumming hard and long under my tongue and her pleasure encouraged me to continue. I wanted her to cum again and again and that’s just what she did.

After a joyous time between Jo’s legs I rose and asked if she’d cum “Are you fucking k**ding me”, she said “I loved you licking me out”. I smiled broadly. Mike stopped sucking me and said “I loved watching you sucking my wife but I now
want the cock I’ve just sucked to fuck her but save the cum for me”.

I didn’t need asking twice. I asked Jo how she wanted to be fucked and she said “Doggy style as I want Mike to see my tits shake as you fuck me”. This said, she turned over onto all fours and I moved in behind her.

She was tight at first having cum just recently but soon she widened and her pussy juices were soon lubricating my cock as I pistoned in and out of her. I fucked Jo hard and deep and she thrust back at me. In, out, in, out, in out.
Mike watched on wanking himself as I went harder and deeper. Jo came hard and squeezed me tight. This was sending me over the edge and I said “Mike time for cum”.

I pulled my cock from Jo’s wet cunt with a wonderful slurping sound and Mike was there to take my cock in his mouth. I came in three spurts into his mouth. He lapped it all up. That was a great sight.

After that we rested for a bit and then Jo brought out a vibrator. At that point I wasn’t comfortable with anally penetrating a guy and both Jo and Mike understood this and so Jo set about penetrating Mike with the vibrator. She eased it slowly into his ass as he lay there on the bed and told me how sometimes she’d don a strap on and fuck him with it just as if he was her slut. They were both getting off on her telling me this and me watching and I decided to participate. I moved over to them and took Mike’s cock into my mouth. I wasn’t as experienced as either of them in sucking cock but I know what I like and tried this out on Mike. It worked all right. He got harder and harder and
Jo wanked herself as she watched and penetrated Mike.

After a period of great pleasure Mike announced he was going to cum and I held his cock tight as Jo came to join me. Mike spurted cum and both Jo and I lashed out our tongues to catch it. We were only mildly successful but we made sure
we tidied up the mess left.

This was just the start of the evening.
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2 years ago
HOT story! So damn sexy.
3 years ago
The Story got off to a slow start but quickly picked up speed... my Fat Cock Swelle and before Long I was Stiff and Throbbing as I continued reading. Needless to say, by the time I got to the end of the story, my Slender fingers were wrapped around my Pulsating, tingling Hard Cock, Stroking Up & Down the lengthy HOT Shaft... I was Sputring CUM from the tiny Slit at end and it was all cascading down one sside, snaking through my fingers! After licking my own CUM from my fingers... here I am typing this "comment" for You... or is at a confession?
I'm Soooo looking forward to Part Deux...
3 years ago
Great story - you have the gift!
3 years ago
Great story. Very authentic and brought back some memories.
3 years ago
mmmmmm good story my friend
3 years ago
4 years ago
Thanks for that
4 years ago
That was so hot wow thanks hope to read more of your work
4 years ago
Great story, makes me feel so horny x
4 years ago
good story i love to jack off whren the stories are this good so i did so thanks
4 years ago
Great story, wish I was there
4 years ago
Wow! I think I might be a little jealous of that hot time! Can't wait to read more
4 years ago
mmmm that was great
4 years ago
4 years ago
nice i really liked it good work
4 years ago
mmmmmmm fuck i like that