Happy Birthday

I am not sure when Michael and I started opening up about what we really wanted in our fantasies - but I do know once we did, once I really did.. there was no turning back.
My husband would slowly dip his hard cock into me missionary style and talk to me.. tell me that he loved my body, loved my pussy, loved how sweet I tasted and how wet I would get. He would tell me he wanted to share me. He wanted to watch me take another cock..
At first I was hurt, almost embarrassed that he would share his pussy with another man.. but the more he talked, the more I realized I wanted - no NEEDED another cock. Michael encouraged me to go out and pick up a man - to fuck him while he was at work - to tell him about the encounter later. He asked me to share my thoughts about what he would say.. he knew I liked it.. I would squirt and cum over and over when he asked if I wanted more cock.. I couldn't help it.
Eventually it happened. I had another cock and loved it. Michael watched from a chair while he slowly stroked his cock. He would ask me how it felt and I would moan.. it was so hot. When my "date" came - we would ask him to leave and Michael would slowly lick me - all that cum and my juice and then fuck me.
I became addicted to cock. I would have two in a day sometimes - and then two at once. NOTHING better than a DP. To think I used to be so innocent. Now a simple fuck was boring.
On my 40th birthday Michael took me to my favorite restaurant. He gave me a half a xanax and a glass of wine and said I would understand after the night started why I needed that.. We ended up at a hotel - Michael whispering in my ear how he wanted to see me cum on a black cock. I had never had black before and the thought made my slit drool.
In the room Michael stripped me -- ate me and tied me to the bed. He blindfolded me and put headphones in my ears. He turned on the ipod and there was a recording in the background - it was him Fucking me! Him talking to me about taking all those cocks I had hadd already and doing them at once.. OMG
Michael started talking in the recording and telling me it was time for me to take those cocks for him. He said he would get me as many cocks as I could handle while I was blindfolfed but that I had to ask for more or no one would touch me.
I loved this idea. I asked for my first cock in my next breath. Michael laughed and called in the first guy. Without pretense this guy shoves his short fat cock into my twat and starts pumping. I am still listening to the recording of us fucking and it is really hot. Cock 1 is harder now and I know he is about to cum so I tighten up and milk his cock for awhile. He cums hard and dumps his load inside me. I ask for more and in comes cock 2 and 3... I take one after the other after the other. I am in heaven - my cunt is sore and I am going to cum hard soon.
After my 5th cock - I shock Michael and ask him to get me pussy. He is so turned on he starts fucking my face and calls our neighbor at home. I love that womans body and unbeknownst to me - she has been known to masturbate while watching Michael and I fuck. In not time I am sucking her clit while she is riding my face. When I am done - Michael licks me clean.
What a great birthday... Cant wait for next year!

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11 months ago
wonderful story... your husband truly loves you... he is so attentive to your needs...
1 year ago
Love your stories!
3 years ago
great story! happy birthday to u indeed lol
3 years ago
Sounds like the perfect gift. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Great Birthday present. Great story!!!
3 years ago
this is not just an awesome history, but also very well written! Congrats for that, you certainly has talent.
3 years ago
wow hubby really likes to share
3 years ago
3 years ago
That is a great way to celibrate your birthday. Your hubby is such a lucky guy to have such an open minded and horny wife.
3 years ago
Happy Birthday!
3 years ago
that sounds like a great B-DAY!!!