Maid for all reasons

My f****y has money. No bragging, just fact. And, because of that - I am a very spoiled high school senior who just turned 18. My b*****r was equally spoiled as a 19 year old college freshman.

With everything we wanted at our fingertips - we still ate from the forbidden fruit. That is right, I love fucking my b*****r. He is hot looking, knows my body and is convenient. Plus, I LOVE thinking about how wrong it is while I watch his cock disappear into my tight snatch.

We have maid. Who, my dad fucks whenever he is home more than one night. And of course, my mom has her pussy eaten by her as well. I hear them when I cut school and am laying in bed on the guest wing bed. My dad fucks that bitch hard and I get so turned on listening to her scream. She speaks spanish and english - but is not a citizen. She fucks them for her green card I suppose. Either way -- it makes me drip and cum all over my fingers.

Anyway, back to this week.. and my favorite MAID to order story! lol.

So big b*****r Danny and I are fucking in the guest room. Slow, deep, wet... and we hear the maid in the hall. We grab our stuff and get into the closet while she comes inside to clean. She has on radio/headphones. And of course, a short short skirt that my mother requires.. she also requires her pussy shaved and no panties which makes a great show when she bends over cleaning in the kitchen just after Dad has filled her with cum. Cum bubbles at the edges of her lips.. but I digress...

Danny and I are in the closet and he is on his knees trying to lap at my cunt.. which is so hot since our hired help is just outside that door and is bent over so I can see her pretty light brown pussy lips... and then she starts touching herself! OMG I was literally getting eaten and watching our maid masterbate -- and slip her feather duster end into her slit. OMG she was a slut on her own - not just for a green card. I loved to watch this shit... I was grinding on Danny's tongue and cumming as she slammed herself over and over with the duster...

Danny came up for air and saw the show as well... he started telling me that he has watched when dad fucks her and she begs for more cocks and more fucking -- and asks for two cocks in her at once... He admits to jacking over her more than once and daydreaming of watching her eat my pussy.

I convince Danny to go tap that shit now. It was not hard to convince him either with his rock hard cock leading the way. And when she felt his hands on her she jumped and even tried to resist.. which only turned me on more. I watched him pin her down and yank her tits out -- he asked about our dad and how he fucks and she shook her head violently. He took her feather duster and shoved the cum covered end from her cunt into her mouth and told her to suck..and she did.
He literally slammed his cock into her and started fucking. She tried to say no but -- she loved it -- how could she not -- Danny's cock is sweet. He rolled her onto her knees and looked at me in the closet - motioning for me to come out. I came up behind Danny and massaged his balls as he slowly fucked her.. she was moaning like I have never heard her do before.. He picked up the feather duster and handed it to me... I pushed it into her cunt alongside Dannys cock.. he moaned, she screamed... And I pulled it out and pushed straight into her asshole. GOD was that plunge hot! She tried to tighten up while I shoved harder and Danny fucked her... he pulled her hair and I reached around for her nice...

I watched Danny get ready to cum... and made him pull out of that slut... I wanted his cum in me... I left the feather duster in her asshole and started fingering her with 4 fingers... she wanted more and pushed back.. she took my fist and was moaning hard... Danny watched and slid into my sopping wet cunt from behind.. and came instantly.

But the very best part of this crazy encounter? Squating over both their faces and them both eating the cum out of me and making me cum over and over.. well worth the wait.

If this whore doesnt come and eat me tonight I will tell mom she is fucking dad... which of course means we would be maid-less and need a new one -- but I could sub for her with Dad at least for a while... His cock is pretty nice too.

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2 years ago
wow what a hot story
3 years ago
nice to kee the fun within the family and the help
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
Wish I was in the closet
3 years ago
I wish I was there in the closet instead of Danny; but more importantly; I wish I was your male maid! :(
3 years ago
that was hot
3 years ago
What a hot story!
3 years ago
that is a very hot naughty story i really loved reading it
3 years ago
Good story, very horny.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Such a fantastic story
3 years ago
great hot story,,hope it is non fiction,,luv those best
3 years ago
3 years ago
hot story
3 years ago
the perks of being a little rich bitch
good story 6/10
3 years ago
Wow you are a slut good for you