A rental with secrets

When I was looking to rent a home in the city my company moved me to, I hit up a local paper and found a great real estate agent.

She asked to meet with me and seemed to understand what I was looking for. We met the following morning in a coffee shop in the center of the city. She was tall, redheaded and dressed to kill. She had an air about her that I liked. I decided it was a bit of sexual/sensual overtone and knew she was someone I trusted then.

She told me she had a home that was fully furnished, absolutely gorgeous and lavish to an extreme in some areas. The house was in an upper scale area and was free for three years. The owners had decided to travel abroad. They were very particular about who they rented the house to and their criteria had to be matched or they would leave it empty. The price was almost half I was willing to pay for a third of the home’s size as well. There had to be a catch right?

“Red” and I went to see the house. It was in a rolling hills neighborhood with gated yards and beautiful landscape. I could not believe the house when we pulled up. It was not HUGE but it was way bigger and more than I expected. It looked almost new. Red told me the home owner was a very very rich couple. They were totally in love and spent all their time together. A few years ago the wife asked for some renovations and pretty soon the majority of the house had changed. The biggest changes were in the master bedroom/bathroom.

Landscapers and a pool cleaner came twice weekly. The alarm system worked and the cars in the garage were mine to use under the condition I carried my own insurance on them. What a joke! A Porsche to drive and a hot tub/pool? The kitchen looked like it was out of a movie set! I was in love. I asked to sign the papers then. Red also said that the lease was conditional. I was not to move or rearrange any furniture or the couple’s personal effects. No problem. Red told me to read them over. I glanced at the first pager – showing that I was renting for up to three years etc etc.. I skipped the next two pages and signed the last page. I was totally psyched.

I moved into the mansion (that is what I called it to my parents and friends) the next morning. I started my new position the following week so I had plenty of time to get used to the house and plan my route to work. I spent my first day exploring the house.

Although their taste was not totally like mine, I did like the color scheme and modern design of the house. Each room was put together out of a magazine. My favorite was the master bedroom.

I was not going to stay in their when I first thought of moving in, that was of course until I SAW it. It was absolutely HUGE. A big hot tub/bath tub was in the far end of it before entering the Roman shower. There was a separate water pump to bring in the hundreds of gallons that shower needed. The bed was made for the couple. (their name was Waters by the way) The huge television on the wall was attached to an arm that pulled it out by remote an bent it so you could watch it anywhere in the room.

The bathroom had a HUGE dressing area. It seemed to back up to the wall behind the television but there was a big space that seemed to be missing. I chalked that up to storage or venting from its old configuration. I loved the smell in this room. In the whole house. I wondered what fragrance it was as I lay down the super comfortable bed. It did not take me long to pass out. I was exhausted.

I woke up the next morning the same way I do every morning. Horny as hell. I had always thought there was something wrong with me, that I needed to cum more than most women. I learned different over the last year or so with Rob. Rob was my ex boyfriend. When he got me to open up about my fantasies and sexual needs, he told me I was not alone. Several women he had been with were hypersexual. He told me of times he had to literally beg for a night off when he was exhausted and could not fuck. I actually could feel my clit swell when he said that. Over time I was able to get him to tell me tales of fucking his old girlfriends. I got off of them. I especially loved hearing about some one-night stand he picked up and banged. I would shut my eyes as he spoke and worked with his cock or fingers to get me off. I would dream of being there, watching in the corner without him knowing. Those thoughts made me cum hard every time.

Rob was gone. I ended things when I moved. I knew I could not stay faithful. No matter how many toys I brought. I needed real cock. And, truth be told, pussy sometimes. I craved it.

I kicked the covers off. I could see myself perfectly in the mirrors that covered the entire wall directly across from me. I thought how the Waters must watch themselves fucking in those mirrors. That turned me on. I did not even know what they looked like. Shit. I needed to find out. I quickly rubbed my clit to orgasm out of need without much pretense. I licked my fingers as I scooted out of bed. I loved the way I taste.

I started going through the dresser drawers that Red said would contain the Waters’ personal items. T shirts, bras (nice, she was a 36DD) and several items of lingerie. I finally located a photo of a couple I assumed to be the Waters. They were in formal attire and looked amazing. He was tall, dark, handsome.. She was blonde and perfect. Her cleavage was awesome. I could not believe I was hot over her like this. That does not normally happen to me with a woman. I loved pussy, I just really never set out to have it. It usually fell into my lap. Literally.

But Mrs. Waters.. I could crave her I think. I kept digging. At the bottom of one of the second drawers was a box. It was rather heavy.. I pried the lock open without a thought for the consequences. Inside were some of the best looking dildos, vibrators, cock rings, and photos I had ever seen. The photos were definitely of the Waters. Naked on a beach. Naked and fucking on a bed. I instinctively ran my fingers over my slit looking at them. Wet..soaking. I needed to be filled up. How bad was this? Me looking at this generous couple’s pictures and most private items and wanting to use them? Damn. I could not help it.

At the very bottom of the box was a small key and a molded ear piece. The ear piece had fit perfectly in someones ear. Where did the key fit?

I lay on the bed with my new treasures and turned on the television. I used the guide and found the porn channels easily. They had everything. I watched a couple fucking hard as I f***ed the big dildo in my hole. I plunged it in and out with my eyes going back and forth from the screen to the mirrors. I liked watching. I liked it a lot. I could hear my cunt’s moisture now. I loved a soaking pussy. I came twice in succession. Hard. That dildo came out with a wet pop when I was done. I licked it clean.

Deciding the box was useful, I kept it on my nightstand. I used each toy over the next week. I decided I needed another human’s contact soon. I could not believe how horny I was. More than usual. I came home from work and within moments of getting inside needed to cum.

During my next exploration, I found a saddle type vibrator in the closet. It was called a Sybian. I plugged it in and put the dildo that was in a small box on the positioned of the saddle. I left the saddle where it was in the closet and rode it there. I plugged it in and literally experienced the best fuck of my life. The Sybian was incredible. And sitting inside the closet, I was close up to the mirrors on the other side of the wall of them. I could see everything. I was addicted.

I called Rob one night as I sat on the Sybian. I kept it turned down so he could not hear it. I asked him if missed me and some other functionary questions. Then I asked if he missed being inside me. He immediately jumped on that conversation and started stroking his cock. I could hear it. I encouraged it and told him about the Sybian. He wanted to see it. Begged for a photo of me on it. I took a camera phone pic and sent it. I came. Over and over knowing he was looking at my pussy.

One night during my perversions.. laying in bed slowly fucking myself, I changed the channel on the television accidently to number 1111. I was shocked to see – ME – fucking myself LIVE on the 60 inch screen! WTF? Where did that come from? Why did it turn me on so much? Where was the camera?? Shit. I could not stop fucking myself long enough to get angry.

Finally spent, I got up to find the camera. I followed the optical path into the huge closet. After digging around a bit I found a small key hole. The key in the box! Shit! I ran and got the key. It turned one quarter and the wall slid open. UNBELIEVABLE! A secret room! I had to see more.

The room lit up on its own as I entered. LCD screens covered every wall. They were all lit. All different rooms of the house in all angles. The bedroom I was just in had ten cameras on its own. The ceiling, the bathtub, the headboard of the custom bed. The footboard of the bed. Each corner of the room. Inside the mirrored walls. Fuck. This was crazy!

Each room had cameras. There was one under water in the outdoor hot tub. There was one in the f****y room from the mantel towards the couch. In the computer room from above the monitor. One under the desk there facing the chair. DAMN! Someone wanted EVERYTHING recorded here. Mr Waters was a perve! I love it. I did not even care he had tons of tape of me fucking myself. Of me violating their privacy. I did not care. There were even cameras in the room I was in. Taping what happened in there while whomever (I assume Mr Waters) watched other things happening in the house.

There was a lazy boy chair and a huge remote control. A headset with a microphone sat on the chair’s arm. Again, I put two and two together an thought of the ear piece in the box. What did he do with that?

I sat in the lazy boy and noticed a big box next to the chair that I initially thought was a table. I lifted the heavy top and saw what looked like a cock pump attached to a machine. On top were some other jack off toys. Three fleshlights and some lube. Damn this guy was as horny as I was!

I picked up the remote and hit the MAIN button. Where to start? The screen for playback came up. There were two years worth of dates on here. There was also a search function. Hmm. What could I search? I found the drop down menu that gave me options. One, two, three, female. Couple. Two plus female. I seriously could not help but touch myself. I was pouring juice. I decided to start from the beginning. I took my shorts off again and turned on all cameras for the first date recorded….

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2 years ago
Excellent! Cant wait for you and Rob to put on a show for them. Also when they come back and you meet them!!!
2 years ago
fantastic story, I'm hard and hungry for sweet, needy pussy :)
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2 years ago
Great beginning. Hope there will be more.
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Great story horny too
2 years ago
Very detailed. Look forward to more.
2 years ago
Great story! Would love to see the next part!
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Wow AMAZING!! great story!! x
2 years ago
Great story so far!!