Dogging - The first time


Thought I would share my first doggin experience with you all. It happened a few months ago when it was dark by 7. I got talking to a local guy over the internet and he told me he was off dogging. I was real horny and asked if he wanted a female to go with him. He was well up for it so an hour later in my sluttiest clothes I got into his motor and we headed for a local wood.

When we got there I could see a few cars were parked up and my friend told me to get out of the car and took me over to a car where a friend of his was with his wife. The wife was in the car lying down on the back seat with the door open and he was outside the car kneeling in front of her licking out her pussy.

The husband turned round when we approached and the wife then shouted to me asking if I would like to lick her pussy. I didnt need to be asked twice but she said she would lie on the bonnet making it easy for me to play with her enourmous boobs. She was completely naked and as she got out of the car I could not wait to get my hands on her body.

She lay on the bonnet of their car and spread her legs for me to lap greedily at her hot wet pussy as my hands found her rock hard nipples. As I was getting into it I felt the mens hands on me. Before I knew it my slutty skirt was lifted up and as I had no panties on could instantly feel the cool air on my ass. It felt so good. My strapless top was then pushed down to reveal my sizeable tits and as they hung down the womans husband got underneath them and sucked and mauled at them for all he was worth as I continued to lick out his wife and play and maul at her tits.

My friend soon to join in the fun started licking my asshole before sticking his fingers in both my ass and pussy before shoving his cock right up my tight ass and riding me hard as his fingers found and rubbed at my clit.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Here I was sucking out a pussy while playing with enormous tits (just as I like them) while one man was sucking my tits and another was fucking me up my ass and playing with my pussy and clit.

It was not long before I came shuddering for all I was worth and going weak at the knees. As I recovered I turned round to see 5 men had now gathered round. The mans wife and myself were then laid on the ground and the seven men in total took turns to stick their cocks in our mouths, pussies and inbeteeen our tits before we were laid face down on one of them each with a cock in our pussy and our ass in the air. We each then were treated to another cock each in our ass and another one each in our mouths. 3 other men had now turned up and they played patiently with our tits until one by one the men all shot their loads and the 3 new arrivals then picked a hole to fuck and they also shot their loads.

I loved it so much that I am now officially a dirty fuckin whore cum slut needing all my holes to be used and abused as often as possible by as many men as possible

Perhaps you can help me

89% (27/3)
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3 months ago
Sasha very hot! Loved it
3 years ago
Nice story
4 years ago
too hot!!! love it
4 years ago
Wonderful =D
Didn't know this sort of stuff happened locally
4 years ago
sexy story baby
4 years ago
If you're real and not fat,I'll help. Are you near chicago?
4 years ago
damn that's hot
4 years ago
great story babe