This is my dream that I dreamt last night it was a

This is my dream that I dreamt last night it was a dream of you my goddess.

I am down on all fours cleaning and scrubbing your floors I am your peasant girl slave, I adore you but you are so stern at times your mixed messages drive me wild with feelings of pleasure and rejection. I scrub and scrub I just want to please you,
suddenly I hear you approaching, the sound of your heals instantly makes my cunt tingle and pulse, my breath shortens and I start to sweet. I look to the door as you enter, my breath is taken away, as you are a vision of a goddess, your red ballets shoes, black latex outfit, long punishing strap on, pulled back hair and bright red lips. Words cannot describe my desires for you. You are nothing less than a god.
I look down again and continue to scrub your floors, juices continue to run down my thighs, my breasts are heaving I can hardly breath, when suddenly you pull me by my pony tail and yell at me to, "get up", i scramble to my feet and look at you. You then throw me against the wall and grab my face and begin to kiss me. You then rip off my dress revealing my peasant girl white corset, which you rip open leaving me standing there naked and vulnerable.
You then push me to the floor and order me to lick your ballets shoes clean. As I begin to lick one of your heels you rest your other heel on my back causing me discomfort. I lick your ballets shoes furiously as you increasingly press your long heel into my back, this continues until the pain almost becomes unbearable, and at this point you instinctively know to release the pressure, I feel relieved and almost as if I have entered a dream state I am no longer in my body I am totally engulfed by your power, your presence and energy. It is at this point I know I will do anything for you my goddess.

Again you rip and tug at my long brown pony tail which is now wrapped around your hand and demand I stand up, I jump to my feet and at this moment you drag me over by my hair to your massive four poster bed and push my face down onto your lush luxurious bed linen. I am now standing bent over with my face squashed into the bed, when you let go of my hair and f***e both of my arms behind my back.

I am dripping wet with excitement I am hoping you enter me now! My cunt needs you, I need you I am delirious with desire and then you slide you’re your big black strap on not into my cunt but into my UN expecting ass!!!! I scream out in shock and pain but you continue to pump me until the pain turns to pleasure. You fuck my little hole viciously until I am no longer able to feel the pumps and I scream out . Then you demand I scream as loudly as I can ” Mistress you are my boss I am your subordinate your little cheap whore your pig slut”, I comply but you are not pleased you say I didn’t do it loud enough and you pull my hair and reach down between my legs and you violently smack my pussy, I scream in shock and pain and shout at the top of my lungs “Mistress you are my boss I am your subordinate your little cheap whore your pig slut”, you then stop slapping my cunt and begin to rub me and as you do this you whisper into my ear” very good darling”, now slut, I want you to cum”, you fuck me and rub me and pull my hair for only a few more seconds until I begin to orgasm my pussy gushes with juice and my ass clamps down hard onto your strap on so much so you find it hard to fuck me, I hold my breath until the end and then I let out a deep organic moan.

Suddenly I become aware of my surroundings again as you urgently pull out your strap on from my hole and pull me over by my hair , slap my face and say in a stern tone “suck it clean bitch”. I open my mouth and you shove your tool deep down to the back of my throat back and forth back and forth you fuck my mouth until I gag, you laugh when this happens and say “that’s it you dirty slut taste your ass juice bitch”. You fuck my mouth for what seems like an eternity, leaving me gagging and breathlessly chocking. Mistress this is when you pull your cock away and angrily remove it and throw it at my head, you then “say with a smile “now you dirty fuck toy finish cleaning my floors”, you grab me by the neck and pull my face close to yours as you continue to say “ or else”, you then kiss me so deeply and slowly using your tongue to tease mine, again I am no longer present but swept away by your immense power over me, dreaming and drifting as we kiss, it is then you release your grip from my neck, shake your head and walk away. Snapped back to reality I go to stand but my body is like jelly and a stumble and fall back onto the bed I think I am in heaven I am so blessed.

Mistress this is when I woke up.

92% (7/1)
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3 years ago
Sex dreams are the best. Yummy.
3 years ago
i only remember 1 in 100,000 if that
3 years ago
you are `so lucky i cant remember half the shit that i dream about and never good stuff like that 5/10