vacation 21

We got cleaned up and dressed and got the boys moving and were on our way out of the hotel when our favorite clerk called me over to the front desk and said “I almost forgot, this was dropped off for you this morning”. Then her voice dropped to a whisper “By the way can I bring a friend to our workout tomorrow?”

I responded “sure” as I picked up my pace to catch up with you, absently sticking the package in my day pack.

We had a wonderful day on a catamaran which took us to the reef a few miles offshore where we snorkeled, had lunch, snorkeled some more and then sailed for a few hours on our way back to shore.

By the time we were back in the hotel we all just wanted to crash. We got the boys tucked in and we undressed for bed. We cuddled up as we always do before I rolled over onto my back to go to sl**p.

I hadn’t been rolled over for long when I felt your hand slip up between my legs and start playing with my cock. I rolled towards you while you kept gently playing with me.

As soon as I faced you, you told me how you just couldn’t get over how much you wanted to eat that clerk, and how the image of her sweaty pussy was burned into your brain. The you demanded that I fuck you. It was very rare to see you so aggressive so I made a counter proposal.

I turned on the light and got our bottle of lube. I made sure that the camera was nearby and then I put a couple of pillows under your cute tush. I greased up my cock and pushed it deep into your ass. You gasped at the invasion but quickly settled down to rubbing your clit as per my counter proposal that I fuck your ass and film you while you get yourself off and tell me how bad you want to tongue fuck that young girl.

I was grateful to the huge memory card that dad had given me for the camera as I got some excellent footage of my cock pulling right out of you, and your asshole gaping open, quivering in the anticipation of my cock. I would stuff it back it, and then after a few thrusts I would pull out again to tease you some more.

At the same time you were rubbing your clit with one hand, while you were pumping two or three of your fingers into your slit with the other, all the while telling me that you wanted to stick your tongue as far up that girls cunt as you could, swirling it around, sucking on her pussy lips and flicking her clit with the tip of your tongue. Then you wanted her on her hands and knees, much as she had been when she jerked herself off for us that morning. In that position you wanted to alternate your tongue between the depths of her cunt and her asshole.

You monologue kind of petered out as you got close to an orgasm and I panned the camera from your face down to your crotch. As soon as you started to cum I pulled my cock out of your ass and rammed it into you pussy until you gradually lay still with a huge silly smile on your face.

We cuddled up spooning, and I woke up to feel your ass wiggling against my erection. I glanced at the clock and the alarm was almost ready to go off so that we could go for our workout. I was still tired, but there was no way that I was going to miss watching eat out that girl. She had no idea how hot she had made both of us, but you in particular.

As we walked towards the gym I realized that I had totally forgotten to tell you about her requests about friends and I wasn’t sure that it wouldn’t be more fun to surprise you so I didn’t say anything. We pushed the door open to find our friend with two other people. You stopped dead in your tracks. I greeted the people with a hearty good morning and our friend took what looked like a well used closed sign and hung it on the outside of the door and then shut and locked the gym door.

She then turned to us and said “I guess I should at least introduce myself – I’m Wendy”.

“I’m Wanda” offered up a very petite girl with hair just as red as yours.

The young man that was with her said “Hi, I’m Karl, I’ll be starting at the University of Miami with Wendy and Wanda this fall”.

The other person in the room was older. Easily five or ten years older than you and I. “Hi, I’m Martha. My husband and I own this place”

She then went on to add “sorry for taking you off guard this morning. Wendy told us all about you yesterday. All three of us usually cum for a morning ‘work-out’ but Tuesday is Wendy’s day to start on her own, so that is why we missed all the fun”.

“Does your husband know?” I asked.

“Absolutley” responded Martha. “He joins us when he can, and has a similar arrangement with the chef and chef’s helper most evenings. The thing is that he closes up, and this is still pretty early for him.”

With that Wendy went straight up to you and offered to help you out of your clothes. She whipped your top over your head like a pro but spent a long time pulling your shorts down as her gaze was riveted by the sight of your bare pussy. She seemed just as enthralled by your sex as you were by hers.

I was almost overwhelmed with lust. Wendy had your shorts around your ankles and was kneeling in front of you just staring at your rapidly moistening slit. Martha was fastidiously undressing, neatly folding each piece of clothing as she took it off and Wanda was on her knees in front of Karl, sucking him like she had been doing it for years.

I hadn’t moved a muscle when Martha asked if she might help undress me. I glanced over at her at was surprised to see that she obviously dyed her hair because her barely trimmed thatch of pubic hair was a gorgeous silver. Despite being older than us she obviously used this room as more than a place to teach her young staff the ‘ins and outs’ of the hotel business.

I suddenly became too shy to accept her help and started to pull my T Shirt over my head. By the time I was naked Martha had unrolled some work out mats. You were laying on the universal gym’s bench with Wendy’s face glued to your snatch and Wanda was leaning against one of the treadmills while Karl fucked her from behind. The only one of us that was wearing anything was Wendy, and she was still fully clothed. She had been far too eager to get at your pussy to undress first.

Martha moved to help Wendy get naked while Karl laid down on his back and had Wanda sit on top of him, but facing the rest of the room. As soon as Wanda saw that I was looking lonely she beckoned me to come over so she could suck my cock. I must say that what she lacked in talent she more than made up for with youthful exuberance.

I looked over to see how you were making out and I saw that Martha had succeeded in getting Wendy naked and now shared the space between your legs. Martha and Wendy were side by side on their hands and knees in front of your pussy, taking turns licking it, and seeming to tag out with a quick kiss between them before letting the other take a turn.

I moved away from Wanda’s eager mouth and knelt behind Martha and slipped my cock into her cunt. This position was becoming almost habitual with us. Me fucking the girl that was eating you out. Not that I was complaining mind you!

Martha’s cunt was a little disappointing. Unlike the silk vise of your pussy I could hardly feel any friction or pressure at all. I certainly wasn’t going to complain but Martha was obviously aware of the situation because she turned her head to look at me and said “I’ve gotten a little loose over the years dear. Why don’t you either fuck my ass or pick one of the other girls. I suspect that you will enjoy that more” and then she turned to kiss Wendy and bury her face back in your pussy.

I decided to take her at her word and so I pulled my cock, that was well lubed with her juices, and pressed it against her asshole. As soon as she felt it there she pushed back hard. The difference was night and day. She played me like an instrument, relaxing every time I thrust forward and tightening every time I pulled out, almost like she was milking me.

I was watching the look on your face as Martha and Wendy swapped back and forth. You waited impatiently until Martha began to suck one of your pussy lips playfully into her mouth and you reached down to pull Wendy up to straddle your face so that you could finally put your face where you had been dreaming of all day!

Wanda saw the opening between your legs and moved to fill it. Except, instead of wanting a piece of you it turned out she wanted some of me as she wormed her way between Martha’s legs where she reached up to start fondling my balls. It wasn’t long before she grabbed my cock and pulled it out of Martha’s ass so that she could suck on it for a bit before putting it back where she had found it.

Karl and obviously felt left out because he moved to stand in front of Wendy so that she could suck his cock while you licked her pussy.

All of a sudden you began to shudder so violently that you almost knocked the bench over as you came from Martha’s skilled tongue.

Martha quickly took your spot as you got up to follow Wendy to spend more time with her, but Martha grabbed your hand and said, fair is fair and guided your hand to her silver pubes as she lay back.

She treated your hand almost like a dildo and rubbed it up and down her soaked snatch. Then folded your fingers together and started to pump all four of your fingers into her cunt, deeper with each thrust.

She slowed when she hit your knuckles, but only just a little, and in no time your entire hand was in Martha’s cunt.

I had lost my fuck buddy when Martha got up so I moved behind you and slipped my cock into your pussy while Martha fisted herself with your hand until she was satisfied that you had a rhythm that she liked.

She looked up at me and smiled “no offense son, but I need something this big to make me feel good these days” and then she closed her eyes and lay back.

You leaned over and began to suck on her clit while slowly moving your fist back and forth, back and forth.

Wendy had been sitting on Karl’s face while Wanda bobbed up and down on his cock but decided to check out what was going on with us and came over and knelt beside Martha and began to suck on her tits.

You lifted your head from Martha’s muff long enough to tell me to see if she was as much fun to fuck as she was to eat so I happily obliged.

While she was on her hand’s and knees I began to fuck her doggy style but before long she said “I saw you fucking Martha in the ass before. I’ve never tried that but I would like it very much if you would fuck my ass too”.

I pressed ever slow slowly against her bottom like she had asked and pressed ever so gently. As so often happens she relaxed suddenly and I slipped in a couple of inches quite quickly. Wendy gasped, but Martha reassured her that while it might not feel good at first, it would if she gave it just a few more minutes.

I had stopped dead when I realized that I had hurt her but then she started to rock back against me, so I stayed still and let her control the pressure until she was rocking back and forth very quickly.

About then a whole bunch of things started to happen all at once. Martha began to moan because of the intense pleasure that you were giving her with you mouth and hand, Wanda began to scream and Karl began to grunt. Everybody started to cum all together. Wouldn’t you know it but I began to feel my balls begin to boil too, so I grasped Wendy’s hip firmly and held her steady while I began to fuck her ass faster and faster and faster.

I had shut my eyes for a few moments while I began to spray my load deep into Wendy’s backside. You reached down to gently massage my balls while Martha pushed a finger up my ass as I came. The feelings were totally equisite.

When I was done you gently withdrew my cock from Wendy’s ass and lovingly sucked it off. When all the cum was all cleaned off you transferred your attention to Wendy. You rolled her onto the bench and once again buried your face in her mound, but this time taking special effort to suck all my cum from her ass as well.

I guess that she must have been getting pretty tender from all the attention because she wouldn’t let you bring her off again and kindly pushed you away from her exhausted young pussy.

And all that before 7 in the morning.

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