vacation 19

We decided to go SNUBA diving for our last full day in the Keys and it worked out brilliantly. Everyone loved it as much as I had hoped and it looked like we now have a new f****y activity.

Once again though it ended in a very full day and it was late when we got back to our rooms. We hadn’t had many opportunities to ‘flirt’ during the day. You had made sure that I got a couple of glimpses of your nipples by pulling your bathing suit aside when nobody was looking our way, but mostly we were busy with k** type things.

It was only when I was unpacking that I found the package that Wendy had given me that morning. Was it really only that morning? We had certainly been leading exciting lives lately!

Anyway, I unwrapped the plain paper wrapping and found a quick note from Cynthia “to remember us by” and then her email address. Inside were the two DVDs that we had ‘watched’ with them (or at least the first scene in each one), the butt plug and the anal beads that we had ‘borrowed’ that evening.

Once you came back from hanging up our damp towels and bathing suits you asked what I had so I showed you and your face lit up. “You would think that I may have had enough for one day, but I HAVEN’T!” you said.

You immediately took the mostly girl DVD from my hands and plugged into our DVD player.

We got out of our clothes and were laying on the bed by the time the slumber party scene was starting. I hit the chapter advance button and was rewarded with the beginning of the scene that we had just glimpsed on the boat.

I hit pause and got the lube from the side table. I lubed up the balls and then moved between your legs. I couldn’t resist the opportunity, so instead of just relying on the lube I laid down on my stomach so that I could get to you asshole with my tongue. I took my time licking and flicking around the rim of your puckered hole before I even began to gently nudge the middle with my stiffened tongue. I almost forgot what I was doing but in the end remembered, so one by one I pushed the balls out of sight up your bottom.

When I came up for air you had the butt plug already lubed and waiting and said “my turn”. You made me get on my hands and knees while you licked all up and down the crack of my ass before finally centering your efforts on my hole. Only after what seemed like a very long and very enjoyable time did I feel the hard plastic of the plug insistently push into my backside.

Then, I went and opened up a bottle of wine that we had picked up for no particular reason and poured us each a generous glass before settling in for some fun.

“OK” I said. “Ground rules. You can play with your tits, or your ass or my ass. Likewise, I can play with my ass, your ass or your tits – but not pussy or pecker for at least two full scenes or two full glasses of wine - each!”

You thought about things for a minute, leaned over and sucked my cock for about ten seconds and then said “OK”, and only then did I hit play again.

It was hard to tell what was going on at first. It was a big boat and there seemed to be a small group of five or six people on deck, the guys in bathing suits the girls topless. There were also a few people below deck.

Because this movie was all in German it was hard to pick up the plot and there was lots of talking. It became apparent that a couple of girls that were below decks had to use the bathroom but that there was some problem with it so eventually the three girls below decks came up on deck and talked to the group there.

Bit by bit it came together. The two guys were crew for the boat and the girls were passengers.

The guys were laughing at the girls’ distress and I got the distinct impression that they had planned it, but of course, not speaking German I couldn’t be sure. Then, as only happens in porn movies all the girls got naked and moved to the side of the anchored boat spread their legs, used their hands to pull their pussies wide open, and then they all began to pee over the side.

The guys moved to watch, rubbing their cocks through their bathing suits in appreciation of the spectacle when the girls all turned to pee on the guys – from head to foot.

Before we new it the girls had the guys at the rail with a couple holding each guys cock as he peed over the side too.

I glanced over at you and saw you tugging on your nipples but you were being a good girl and not touching your pussy. I too was having a tough time not play with my flagpole that was sticking straight up, but I did nudge my butt plug a few times.

As the guys were finishing the girls began to suck on the two available cocks. As they ran out of pee their cocks hardened quickly. It turned out that one threesome ended up with a girl on her back, the guy 69ing on top of her and the other girl paying as much attention to his ass as you just had to mine a few minutes before.

The other threesome had the guy sitting on the cockpit coaming while the two girls with him were on their hands and knees, taking turns sucking his cock or his balls. The cameraman graciously spent lots of time showing us their nicely spread pussies just in case we wanted to see them.

I was only halfway through my first glass of wine when you filled yours right to the brim for the second time. I asked “in a hurry?”

Your response was merely to point to my throbbing cock while you took another big sip.

The four remaining girls in the movie had moved back below decks and were in a square shape, each with their faces buried between the legs of the next girl. I hadn’t really thought about that before but it looked like fun for all!

Back on deck, the one threesome were still in there 69, although the girls had traded places but the other fellow was on his back with one girl sitting on his face kissing the other girl who was riding his cock. We got some really nice close ups of the various action. One girl’s pussy was particularly wet and the squishy noises it was making were making my cock twitch sympathetically and my hand inch closer and closer towards it.

The casting person had done a really nice job of mixing bald, trimmed and furry pussies as well as tits of all sizes and shapes, not to mention one short but fat cock and one much longer but significantly thinner one.

I looked back over at you and your free hand was getting very close you pussy as I was wishing that you would break the rules to play with my waving cock.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Not from the k**’s room, but from outside. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around myself as I went to the door to see who it was. I only had it opened a crack when Wendy pushed the door wide open and came in followed by two Martha’s and another guy.

Everyone that came in had something in their hands, but mostly it was bottles of champagne or glasses.

You peeked out of the bathroom from where you were hiding and were mortified to see that nobody had had a chance to turn off the tv and the scene was now on deck with the two guys laying side by side on their backs, with two girls leaning back on top of them getting ass fucked while the remaining two girls looked on while playing with themselves.

The two Martha’s looked at each other and in unison said “oh goody!”.

Wendy looked back and forth between the two of us and said “I think that further introductions are in order. You already know Martha. This is her husband Tony, and this other women is her twin s****r Margaret, or Maggy, who is also the chef here”

A lightbulb went on over my head. “When you said something about an arrangement with the Chef . . .”

One of the Marthas, the real once I guess, smiled and said “yes dear, sometimes we don’t even tell him which one of us he’s got and we make him guess. He isn’t very good at it” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Now” said Maggy, or was it Martha. “What are you dear people watching?”. Just then the scene shifted back below decks to where the girls in the square were fisting each other. I pretty much confirmed that the trend in these films was that they all contained peeing and fisting . . . amongst all the plain old fashioned sex.

Maggy and Martha began to talk about the finer points of what was going on onscreen as they were both apparently old hands at it. Meanwhile Tony and Wendy had gotten naked and filled their glasses where Wendy immediately knelt in front of me and started to suck my throbbing cock while Tony moved to hurry the s****rs’ undressing.

While Wendy sucked my cock I leaned over and began to lick your extremely juicy pussy while intermittently pulling out and pushing in the first ball on the string in your ass.

The twins were truly identical, all the way from the color and trimming of their silver bushes to the way their cunt lips lay splayed open and inviting to the size and shape of their tits. The only thing that I could see different was that one of them had a mole right beside her right nipple and the other one didn’t. Of course that wouldn’t help tell them apart when they had clothes on.

The ladies gracefully first sat on the bed and then lay back and turned to kiss each other while Tony moved between them. He spotted some of our lube that we had recently used on our anal toys and poured some on each silver mound before slowly but deliberately pushing one hand into each s****r.

The s****rs seemed to really enjoy our video, oohing and ahhing at a close up of the girl with the exceptionally wet cunt as she frigged herself to an orgasm and squirted all over the place for a few moments. The girl that had been playing with herself right next door moved in right away to lick the wet girl’s soaked slit.

When the scene moved back below the girls had finally broken from their square and were in pairs, but they were still all combining licking with fisting.

Our s****rs got up on their elbows while using one hand each to rub each other’s clits while Tony continued to fist them. They had obviously been doing this for a very long time.

I overheard one of the ladies say “I haven’t seen this one before. We will have to add it to our collection”

As much fun as it was to lick your pussy while Wendy was enthusiastically sucking my cock I needed to feel my cock in a cunt – preferably yours. As much fun as all this fucking was what I was really beginning to crave was you! Not just because you had the tightest cunt, best feeling pussy because you did or the most skill, because you had that too, but because despite the intense physical pleasure with all these other girls, between you and I it was still about love in addition to you being the best fuck on the planet!

I carefully pushed Wendy off my cock and moved between your legs and began to fuck you missionary position, becoming more and more oblivious to all the action around us.

As much as I knew that you liked the face to face closeness of missionary I also knew how much your liked the feeling of your G spot being stimulated so I moved your legs to my shoulders and began to fuck faster and faster.

I barely noticed the hand reach between us to rub your clit, or the other hand that somehow got hold of the plug that was still in my butt. When I started to cum Wendy pulled the plug out of my ass and she sped up her fingers on your clit and while pulling the beads from your ass so that you began to cum too, milking my spurting cock with your pulsing cunt.

When I finally looked around me Tony and the s****rs had stopped everything that they had been doing to watch us and they began to lightly applaud with big smiles on their faces.

I rolled off you and Maggy moved to suck my rapidly flagging cock while Martha moved to lick my cum from your gaping pussy.

Meahwhile Tony was fucking Wendy doggy style so that they could watch the s****rs work on us.

I was a lost cause and my cock wouldn’t come back to life despite a very concerted effort but you began to moan again very quickly as our silver haired friend lapped my still oozing cum from your slit.

Tony must have been pretty close, because he moved over to you. I think that he was looking to cum in the mouth of the woman that was licking you, but you beat her to the cock, and by the time that you had your lips wrapped around it, he was clearly coming.

Wendy seemed pissed off that Tony had left her alone but Maggy was able to use the butt plug from my ass as a dildo on her to get the young girl off very quickly. It was strange but very sexy and erotic to see the large difference in ages still being able to give each other such tremendous pleasure.

You and I were in a sexually induced stupor as our guests packed up their things and quietly left our room. We barely had the energy to crawl under the covers before we fell asl**p in each other’s arms.

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