vacation 16

We were sorry that we had only met up with these people on their last day with us but I was sure that we would find lots of ways of enjoying ourselves for the rest of our holiday. I still couldn’t imagine having more fun than making love with you.

We made our way back to our room, stripped and slid into bed. Of course we spooned, and of course you wiggled your bum against my flaccid penis, which to my surprise showed a small amount of life, and stiffened enough to slip into your well fucked cunt. I think I was already asl**p before my cock slipped back out of you.

It must have been the middle of the night still when I felt you wiggle against me again.

“Sorry to wake you, but I have to pee” you said. “wanna cum?”

My response was to throw off the covers and follow right behind you. Our bedroom was almost pitch black, but there was a night light in the bathroom which I was very grateful being as visually stimulated as I am.

You sat down on the toilet and I sat down in front of you. Before you had a chance to start I pulled you forward to where I could bury my face in your pussy. You knew what I wanted and you started to dribble at first. I could easily keep up until your pee overflowed my mouth so I settled for licking your clit while your warm golden nectar splashed all over my chest and down over my cock. You moaned in relief and pleasure as you finished.

I used a spare towel to soak up the bit that I had missed, rinsed off very briefly in the shower and then joined you back in bed where you were already almost asl**p. You acknowledged my arriving by briefly wiggling your bum into position so that you nicely lubricated pussy could once again accept my now raging hardon, and for the second time that night we fell asl**p truly joined.

We were late getting up in the morning (wonder why . . .) and had to hurry to get up and showered and dressed for a day at universal studios. Unfortunately not a skirt day for you so I would have to wait for later for more chances to adore your pussy.

We had a full and exhilarating day and for once wrapped up before it was terribly late. As we walked past the pool on our way in from the parking lot the boys decided that they wanted to go for a swim. They had their bathing suits on under their shorts so that wasn’t a problem but they needed towels. I volunteered to run our stuff up to our room, grab some towels and come back while you kept an eye on them.

I got up to our room and almost tripped over a maid’s cart as I stepped into our suite. I wondered what was going on as I heard noises from our bedroom. I tiptoed towards our door (which was wide open) and peaked inside. What I found was a chamber maid’s uniform on the floor in a heap and a naked chambermaid using our toys to play with herself while she watched one of our videos.

I reached into my daypack, took out our camera and took a few pictures to show you later, because otherwise I didn’t think that you would believe me.

Once I was satisfied I had a closer look and was pleased to find that the woman was quite attractive. Milky white skin, large tits with very pink nipples, and long raven black hair, both on her head and surrounding her muff that was taking one hell of a pounding by what looked like your butt plug.

I didn’t even try to hide my erection as I walked into the room “can I help you with something” I asked.

Obviously the maid had no idea I was there and jumped when she heard me. She slammed her legs shut and put her hands over her tits. “what do you think that you are doing?” I asked. I was far more aroused and amused than upset, but I didn’t let that on to her.

“umm, I’m so sorry sir, I don’t know what came over” she said.

I moved to sit beside her on the bed as she decided to uncover her breasts long enough to grab her uniform, but I grabbed her hand and said “not so fast young lady – you had better come up with a pretty damned good explanation very quickly or I will call the front desk, or the cops – or both!”

I was about to ask the girl what her name was when I saw a name tag that said Chrissy on it.

She sat back down and tried to cover herself up again. I pulled up one of the office chairs immediately in front of her, and made no attempt to hide the fact that I was staring at what I could see of her hairy cunt from around her hand.

She told me that her and her partner Allyssa often snooped for porn in the guests room so that they could watch it while they worked. She said that they had had a couple of close calls before, but had never been caught in over two years of doing this.

She said that she had been in the other room when Allyssa called her in to see something particularly hot. Apparently they were watching a scene that we hadn’t gotten to yet in which two girls were 69ing in a forest some place when the girl on top all of a sudden started to pee on the face of the girl below her.

I asked her what happened next so she told me that the two of them had rewound the scene like 12 times to watch over and over because they thought that it was so hot. She also admitted that they were naked by the second rewind and that Chrissy had been licking her pussy right where she sat for half an hour as they got hornier and hornier.

I glanced around and saw a pile of used towels on the floor. I asked her if they had tried what they saw and she said “yes”. When I asked her who had been on the top and who had been on the bottom she said that they had taken turns but that she had really liked being on top so that she could lick the remaining pee from her friend’s slit while she pissed on her friends face.

I asked where Chrissy was, and she said that shortly after they had cleaned up the bathroom she had been called away to clean up a mess that a sick little boy had made in another one of the rooms but that she should be back soon.

“so you were just waiting for her to get back to play some more were you?” I asked.

She said that she had considered stealing the DVD but decided to leave it, and just watch as much as she could before she had to leave.

“so what am I going to do with you?” I asked. “I really don’t appreciate you going through our stuff!”

Allyssa looked at me shyly and said do whatever you want with me. As she said that she dropped her hands, and slowly opened her legs very wide so that her meaning was very clear.

When she opened her legs I could see the string from your anal beads poking out of her ass. “so you have been playing with our toys too!?”

“Please, anything at all!!!”

I told her that it wasn’t just an affront to me, but also to you, seeing she was playing with your toys so I told her to get dressed, to take the toys, to clean them off and bring them back between 10:30 and 11:00 that night, with her friend to apologize to both of us in person.

As an afterthought I reached between her legs and pushed four of my fingers as deep into her sopping cunt as I could, pulled them out, turned, and walked out of the room, grabbing a handful of towels from her cart on my way by.

When I finally got back to the pool the k**s were on the far side and you were sitting on a lounger. I didn’t say a thing but rather held my wet fingers under your nose. You looked at me and said “what on earth?!”

I just handed you the camera and let you look at my pictures of Allyssa, and then I told you about what had happened.

Once I was done explaining your response was that 11pm couldn’t cum fast enough for you.

In fact, by 10 the boys were down for the night and we decided to watch more of the video that the girls had been watching that had gotten them so hot and bothered.

After the sailing scene that we had watched the next scene began with what looked like a medieval scene. There was a group of about eight or ten girls being marched down a forest road with their hands all tied to each other. The girls were guarded by two men in chainmail on horses.

A group of three ‘Robin Hoods’ jumped out of the woods, and after a cheesy fight scene the good guys were still standing and the bad guys were dead. The Robins cut the ropes on the girls who immediately tried to thank their rescuers.

The men led them off the road, and then all of a sudden were being undressed by the very grateful girls who were also getting naked.

Each of the guys had three girls around him. The first fellow had a huge prick that was eagerly being sucked by a black girl as he lay on his back. The other two girls tried to take turns but the black girl wouldn’t let them near her man so they eventually wondered off to a clearing of their own.

The one girl, who actually looks a lot like you, gorgeous face, nice red hair, perfect tits and a perfect hairless pussy, sat on a stump and her friend knelt in front of her. The camera zoomed in on the red head’s face as she closed her eyes in obvious sexual bliss. The camera panned down her body, pausing briefly on her gently swaying breasts before giving us a close up of the other girl, a short haired blond, using long strokes of her tongue on the red heads twat.

She would start right on the redhead’s rosebud, obviously applying a fair bit of pressure as the tip of her tongue would disappear into her ass before she would begin a long stroke up, through the middle of her widely parted pussy lips to finish with the flourish of a circle around her clit before moving back down to her ass again.

The camera kept a close up of this action for quite a while and it was a huge turn on to see her cunt lips quiver in anticipation every time the blond stuck her tongue in the redhead’s ass.

The scene shifted to the second fellow and his most appreciative audience. They had obviously been busy while we had been watching the redhead get her cunt licked because two girls were 69ing while the fellow fucked the one on the bottom.

The camera followed this action, zooming in on the girl on top licking the girls clit that was below her but occasionally the fellow would pull his cock out of the cunt and demand that the top girl suck the lower girl’s juices from him before resuming his action.

After a few repetitions of this the fellow elected to fuck the lower girl’s ass for a while which seemed to make the top girl very happy as we watched her glue her mouth to the now totally available mound.

On her other end, her friend was repaying the favor and this close up showed the bottom girl using just the tip of her tongue to repeatedly flick the top girl’s clit. Not very hard just lightly brushing it, but over and over and over until the top girl couldn’t stand it and more and mashed her cunt down on the lower girl’s face.

The scene briefly moved to their other ends again to show the fellow pulling his cock from the well fucked ass and having the top girl suck him briefly before plunging back into the gaping ass!

Back in their clearing, the blond was still working on the redhead, but now she had two fingers in the red head’s ass and had her mouth totally encircling the lucky girls clit and seemed to be using her tongue to good effect as she pumped her fingers in and out.

The last guy was on his knees in front of three girls laid out side by side in front of him. He had his cock in the middle girls cunt and an entire fist in each of the other girls. As he would slowly rock forward all three girls would simultaneously be advantaged by the stroke, and the he would edge back.

This poor guy had a tiny little cock that kept falling out of the slit in front of him, so each time he had to pull one of his hands out of its widely stretched pussy so that he could adjust is prick to fit back in again. Each time this happened the camera closely followed his hand as he rolled his fingers as tightly together as he could before pushing them into the waiting pussy again.

Back in the forest the redhead was now kneeling over the blonde, facing her body. She was playing with her tits as the blond was bobbing her head up and down with her rigid tongue probing as deeply as humanely possibly in the redhead’s ass.

After a bit the camera moved from a wide angle that showed us most of both girls, including our first view of the blonde’s cunt, which had a tiny little landing strip above her very juicy slit.

Shortly after the camera zoomed in on the anal action as the redhead moved her hands from her tits to pull her cunt lips wide and she began to shower the lucky girl below her in lovely stream of piss. As she peed, the blonde shifted her attention from the redhead’s asshole to her slit, making sure to dip her tongue into the flow every so often.

I looked over at you and saw you enjoying the movie very much. Your face was flushed, and you had been rubbing your own pussy through your shorts so much that the wet spot had soaked all the way through them.

“Let me help you out of those” I offered as I pulled them over your hips.

You pulled your top over you head exposing your bare tits. Once again I appreciated you not wearing bras or panties on this trip.

I stood up and dropped my shorts just in time for you to take my cock in your mouth while you continued to rub your slit.

Back on the screen we got to see the black girl getting fucked up the ass, reverse cow girl style. If nothing else this angle gives excellent access for the cameraman who took delight in getting a super close up of the white cock disappearing up the black ass stroke after stroke, but occasionally splitting the black pussy showing us the pink interior of the girl’s cunt as it gaped when the fellow moved his cock back to her ass.

The view switched back to the forest where the redhead finally got a chance to lick the blonde’s pussy. The two were 69ing with the blonde on top.

Just then there was a knock at the door. I jumped up, grabbed one of our beach towels and wrapped it around my waist as you pulled the bedspread over you.

As soon as I opened the door Chrissy and Allysa walked in and took their clothes off before anyone said a word. Only after they were naked did they look around and take in the bulge under my towel, the fact that you were in bed (sort of) and apparently naked, and then what was on the TV.

Just then the blonde cut loose with a flood of her own all over the red heads face, who seemed to enjoy it very, very much.

“this is the scene that got us in so much trouble” said Alyssa. “how did you know”

“just coincidence” I replied.

Chrissy then told us how very sorry they both were, and that they would do absolutely anything to avoid being turned over to the authorities.

I told them that as long as we got exceptional service throughout the rest of our stay, including a very personal ‘turn-down’ service each night we would consider keeping it to ourselves.

My cock was twitching as the blonde’s flood continued, and the red head kept licking and swallowing in obvious delight.

Alyssa noticed and asked if we would like to watch a live performance. I lost no time in responding “Of Course!!”

You sheepishly crawled out from under the covers to come stand beside me, reaching around me to drop my towel and hold my cock.

We followed the girls over to the tile area in front of our Jacuzzi tub and watched Chrissy lay down on her back facing us while Alyssa knelt over her, also facing us. Just like in the movie Chrissy began to enthusiastically tongue fuck Alyssa’s asshole.

You moved to your hands and knees so that your face was only inches away from the action. I could smell the pussy juice from where I was so I knew that you must have been in paradise from your excellent vantage point. I immediately moved behind you and began to fuck you doggy style, watching you and the girls in front of us as well as the quartet on the screen.

The TV showed another girl getting fucked doggy style while she had taken over the responsibility of fisting her friends.

Back immediately in front of me your cunt was spasming at the excitement of your very own private sex show that you were just itching to get in to. Without any notice Alyssa let loose with a golden torrent that caught you right in the face before you backed up hard against me.

With each thrust of my cock into your cunt I bumped you back into Alyssa’s flow, and after the second or third thrust you were sticking your tongue out in anticipation of each splash.

In time I reached over to where I could just barely get to the TV remote and I turned off the power. What we had with us was far more interesting than a mere movie.

As we all knew where the act was going, and as you had already had a taste I asked if I could be on the bottom for the next bit, and of course Chrissy was happy to oblige, besides, what option did she have.

I lay down on my back and she moved over me. As we were already improvising she quickly sucked my woody into her mouth and then proceeded to pee directly into my most willing mouth.

She must have had drank a lot of water before coming to our room because the warm shower lasted and lasted and lasted.

Meanwhile Alyssa had moved behind you as you watched us and used one hand to cup the tit that you weren’t already playing with, and she moved to slip a finger up your ass from behind. I suspect that she would have picked your pussy to play with, but your other hand was already fully occupying your delectable pink cunt.

Once Chrissy was done she begged me to pee on her too as she rolled off me to lay on her back. I asked her to spread her legs and spread her cunt wide open to give me a worthy target. As soon as she did I began to hose her down, occasionally splashing her tits. She only let me keep control for ten seconds or so before she sat up and took my cock, still in full flow, deeply into her mouth.

You broke away from Alyssa and made a beeline for Chrissy’s still gaping slit and you began to lick both her juices and mine from her.

I pointed Alyssa at your pussy and she lay down on her back and wormed between your legs to suck on your snatch while you continued to muff dive Chrissy.

I was feeling left out so I moved between Alyssa’s legs and began to fuck her hairy raven cunt in what was turning into a very long chain.

My view of your pussy and ass as Alyssa used long sweeping strokes was perfect. I leaned forward so that I could lick your asshole while Alyssa concentrated on your clit while I fucked her.

I was so enthralled in sharing you that I missed the warning signs of an impending orgasm and I surprised myself when I began to flood Alyssa’s cunt with my special love potion.

It was almost like a chain reaction as Alyssa began to moan (although somewhat muffled by your cunt), and then you came hard all over her face, and then finally your probing tongue obviously worked as Chrissy became to cum on your face.

As we all rolled slightly apart you homed in on Alyssa and rolled her back onto her back, lifting and spreading her legs so that you could get to the cum that I had injected her with.

After cleaning everything up the girls presented us with the two freshly cleaned toys that they had borrowed, a TALL pile of towels and a case of water bottles.

“Same time tomorrow night?” they asked as we stood naked in our doorway waving good bye to them.
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