vacation 15

Our day was spent doing the beach thing, with much snorkeling and laying in the sun while we chatted, holding hands and watching the k**s play. It was well into mid-afternoon when our hunger overcame our desire to continue playing so we went back to our rooms to change in to shorts and a “T” for me, and a skirt and “T” for you.

Much of our talk had been sexual while we were on the beach, rehashing your shock, excitement and pleasure at having had miss muffy licked so thoroughly by another woman. We had also talked about how big a turn on it was for me to watch another woman with her tongue in your cunt while I fucked her.

You told me a bit of how you would like a chance to return Cynthia’s favor and get a good taste of her while I fucked you, and I told you how I would like to have my face buried in your mound while my cock was buried in her, and then swap, or my other favorite two-girl fantasy of having you side by side, or one on top of the other so that I could alternate between your slits after a few pumps in each pussy.

We didn’t have enough time to do much more than change, but I did have time to probe your depths briefly to taste a combination of ocean salt and pussy juice. You already had your skirt on and were bending over to pick up your sandals when I flipped your skirt up and slipped my torrid cock deeply into your pussy. As soon as you felt me behind you, you pushed back hard to swallow me whole.

I put my hands on your hips and spread my legs to get a better height to begin stroking in earnest when we heard the k**s starting to complain that we were taking too long and that they were starving, so I had to tuck my slick erection back into my shorts as I reached for my keys and wallet.

Of course the boys wore the same shorts and shirts that they had been wearing for three days straight. I made a note to tell myself that it was time to say something.

After lunch we decided that maybe we would lounge by the pool for a bit instead of the beach. We curled up on a couple of loungers while the k**s were laughing and splashing and jumping in off the diving board.

We were a little surprised to hear a familiar voice quietly murmur “so that’s what you guys look like with clothes on”.

Cynthia and her two friends looked like they were all dressed up so I asked where they were going? They responded that they were going to an art auction down in Key West and then they were going out for supper before coming back around 11.

Cynthia’s two friends then introduced themselves. The guy with the curly blond hair said “Hi, my name is Ward, and this is Constance”.

“By the way, would you guys like to come over for a drink or something” he added as his eyes roved over your deliciously curvy, and scantily clad body.

I glanced over at you and saw the lust in your eyes so I quickly said that we would be delighted to. Ward reached into his pocket and pulled out a key card that he passed over and said “if you show up before we do, just let yourselves in and help yourself to whatever you can find”.

We wished them an enjoyable evening as we waved goodbye, wondering how the evening would progress. After such a lazy afternoon I felt like doing something so I went in and signed out one of the hotel Hobie Cats and we spent the rest of the afternoon sailing around back and forth in front of our beach.

Supper was an uneventful meal at the local diner. No complaints, but nothing to rave about, except the view up your skirt that I got as I opened the car door for you on our way to and from the restaurant. By the time that we got back the k**s were pretty tired from the sun and sand and water so they settled in to watch a movie while you and I decided to go and soak in a bubble bath with a glass of wine.

The glass of wine quickly turned into a bottle as we discussed what three girls and two guys could get up to. The possibilities seemed endless as we fantasized about the opportunities. Given your love of anal sex I suggested that maybe you should try Ward and I at the same time, one in your ass and one in your cunt. You countered by suggesting that I could eat you out while I had each hand in a different pussy, or that perhaps I would enjoy having you suck my cock while Cynthia and Constance each sucked on one of my balls.

Before we knew it, it was getting late and things had gotten quiet next door. We dried off each other and got dressed before checking the boys. As they were both sl**ping soundly I turned off their TV and slipped back into our connecting room before I picked up Ward’s key card and grabbed your hand. On our way by our luggage you grabbed another bottle of wine and we walked to down the sidewalk to our friend’s room. My arm started around your waist, but seemed to keep drifting down so that I could cup your ass cheeks.

Even though it was already after 11 there was no answer to our knock so we somewhat reluctantly let ourselves in. There room was much like ours. Just one kingsize bed and a bit of a kitchenette. We went to the kitchen counter and found a corkscrew and a couple of glasses so we opened our wine before moving into the sl**ping area.

There were a few suitcases laying around and two were open. One had a marvelous selection of sex toys and the other had literally dozens of DVDs – clearly all imported. While you started looking at some of the toys I started to rifle through the DVDs. You called out to me to have a look at a huge double ended dildo as I discovered that what I was looking at seemed to be all German. I selected one at random and asked if I should put it in. You said “why not – they told us to make ourselves at home!” so I went to over to the deluxe large screen tv and slipped the disc into the player.

Meanwhile you had moved over to the bed but hadn’t let go of the dildo that you had been admiring. The movie started out with a group of people sitting around a dinner table with lots of champagne being opened, poured and d***k. Of course the dialogue was impossible for us to catch but it was obviously sexual given the camera play, the upskirt shots and the fact that after a few minutes each of the guys grabbed a bottle and began pouring it over his partner’s tits. In moments it turned into a wet T-shirt contest, except with some very nice silk tops being soaked.

I must admit that I admired the way that the silk turned almost totally transparent as it seemed to disappear while simultaneously clinging to each girls’ otherwise bare tits. Only in a porn flick would girls go to a formal dinner party with no undies or bras. We already knew that they weren’t wearing underwear because of the upskirt angles we had been briefly teased with.

Of course, at this point the tops didn’t stay on long after that while each girl got the champagne licked off her tits by whoever was closest to her.

One fellow that was momentarily cut out of the action picked up one of the champagne bottles (there sure were a lot of them) and poured it down the back of a girl that was bent over to suck the nipples of the girl next to her. We didn’t need translation to hear the giggle and delight as the bubbles soaked through her skirt to linger on her lower lips.

In moments her skirt was off and she was sitting on the edge of the table and the other five dinner guests were taking turns pouring the champagne over her cunt while others were lapping it up from below.

The bulge in my pants was beginning to demand attention and I could see you eyeing it as we heard noises at the door. Our friends had finally gotten home. As they staggered in, clearly having enjoyed some fruit of the vine they seemed a little bit surprised but very delighted to see us.

Cynthia immediately bounced over to the bed and kissed you before leaning across you to cup my cock and balls and give them an affectionate squeeze while she kissed me. Ward sat down on the edge of the bed to see what we were watching. Even while being kissed and fondled by a stranger I managed to hear him mutter “ahh, just getting to the good part”

As the kiss broke off I looked up at the screen and saw one of the other girls eagerly drinking the stream of champagne when I realized that nobody was pouring. My cock gave an instant throb as I realized that I was watching one actress lick the other’s actress’s cunt while she was peeing.

While Cynthia had quit kissing me she hadn’t let go of my cock. When she felt the jump she whispered “like that do you?” in my ear. I just hoped that this wasn’t too over the top for you, because I knew how much more I enjoyed this sort of thing than you.

Constance came out from the kitchen with glasses of wine for her two friends and also came over to say “hi” to us. She was considerably more chaste with her kisses when she noticed what we were watching. She looked at you and said that this was one of her favorite movies, and then she asked you if you had picked it out. You went beet red and stammered that I had. She seemed a bit disappointed but then noticed the dildo that you were still holding, and that had so far escaped everyone else’s attention.

I glanced up at the big screen and saw that the girl on the table still hadn’t moved, but was being fucked by one of the guys while the others finished getting naked.

I had thought that Cynthia was the outgoing one and that Constance may have been a bit shy but she took the dildo from your hand and asked if you had ever seen one in use? Of course you had to reply that you hadn’t so she asked you if you would kike to while she looked over her shoulder at Cynthia who was already kicking off her shoes.

Words had escaped you momentarily so you only nodded. It was almost as if a damn had burst because all of a sudden clothes started to fly as our two hostesses were almost instantly naked. The wiggled between us, with Constance leaned up against me and Cynthia leaned up against you, with her bald beaver practically dripping as it pointed almost right at me.

Ward moved to take the dildo and fed one end into each girls snatch. I moved around a little bit to get more comfortable and in the process found a pair of tits in my hands. They weren’t as big or as nicely shaped as yours but were still fun to hold.

Ward was still holding the middle of the dildo and began pushing it back and forth until the girls got fed up with his slow pace and pushed themselves towards each other, their legs scissored, as almost a foot of fake cock was swallowed by each pussy.

Having lost his job Ward lowered his head to lick the squirming cunts while he tried to free himself from his own clothes. As my eyes roved up from the heat of the action before us I saw your hands lustily pulling at Cynthia’s nipples.

I’m not sure what triggered it but a few moments later the girls simultaneously rolled over onto their hands and knees, while still joined at the twat by that huge dildo. Constance immediately yanked the waistband of my shorts down to let my huge erection that had been poking her in her back out before swallowing it in time to her rocking as she and Cynthia continued to fuck each other with the dildo.

Cynthia on the other hand lost no time in flipping up the hem of your skirt to once again bury her face in your wet slit.

I just groaned in pleasure at all the sensory stimulations going on. I heard an even louder groan and looked over to where Ward had moved to lean up against the head board and seemed to be happy as he pumped his cock with one hand while fondling his balls with the other, shifting his attention between us and the screen.

I craned my neck around to see what he was watching and found that all the dinnerware on the table was gone, but that one of the guys was on his back with a girl bouncing up and down on top of him, milking his cock with her ass, all the while showering him from his balls to his face with her own version of champagne.

The girls pulled apart as Ward asked you which one you wanted to fuck. You clearly didn’t even stop to think when you blurted out “both of them” so the two girls laid you on your back.

I was very curious to see what they were doing Constance rammed the dildo back up her sopping slit and positioned herself to be able scissor her legs with yours. You scootched down to eagerly devour the dildo that was still wet with Cynthia’s juices.

You hadn’t even had a chance to get used to the novel motion when Cynthia plopped herself down on your face and for the first time in your life you got to taste a pussy other than your own. You must have been enjoying the tastes and sensations because you clearly forgot about the dildo in your own cunt and didn’t even seem to notice when Constance pulled off her end of the double ender and moved over to crouch over top of me. After being so used to your perfectly bare snatch it seemed very strange to have my cock in such a furry cunt.

Ward finally noticed an opening and moved to their tickle trunk to get some lube. With a well greased cock he slipped into Constance’s puckered ring to sandwich her between us. She must have found it to be pretty pleasant because she began to moan right away.

Pretty soon there was a duet as Cynthia joined in as well as you brought her off with your tongue and lips.

About then I told Ward and Constance that it was your turn, so as Ward pulled off he took you by the hand and pulled you over to settle down on my cock. A moment later, I could feel the extra pressure as Ward’s freshly greased cock pressed deep into your ass and you followed your first cunt licking with an immediate double penetration.

Ward must have been pretty close to orgasm from all his masturbating because he began to grunt almost right away.

You told him that you wanted his cum in your mouth so he pulled out of your ass just in time for you to wrap your lips around the head of his cock before he exploded. Unlike the tv, in which three guys were blowing their loads on the upturned face of one of the girls, I never saw a drop of Ward’s cum as you swallowed every drop!

Now, without the extra constraint of an extra partner I was free to thrust on my own and in moments I began to pump shot after shot of cum into your pussy.

I was surprised as the girls immediately pulled you off my cock. Cynthia began to suck the combination of your juices and my cum from my cock while Constance sucked my cum directly from your cunt.

She must have been just as good at eating pussy as Cynthia because your hips began to buck almost instantly as you came on her face.

All five of us laid back on the bed to catch our collective breaths just as the six people on screen sat back down on their chairs around their table, looking just as happy as us, and only a little wetter.
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