vacation 10

For the first time since meeting up I awoke during the night. I lay there for a minute, flat on my back, with you snuggled up against me. As I lay there I wondered what might have been the cause of my waking up. In mere moments I knew exactly what was going on. The next door neighbours were obviously fucking very enthusiastically. The previous two nights had been very quiet, but then that was easily explained by the fact that we were the last room in the row before the building took almost a sharp corner. I figured that the extra space between our room and the next one around the corner was taken up by a cleaners room or something. The space on the other side of our bedroom was the other room in our suite.

I wondered if we just hadn’t noticed the activity next door before, they had just moved in, or what? Then I remembered that we had left the sliding door to our balcony open a crack the evening before to let some fresh air in.

What had only been moaning and grunting to start with changed to slapping of one body on another, accompanied by a female's cries of delight.

As I lay there listening and imagining, the blankets over my crotch began to lift as I began to sport yet another erection. That was probably about when your eyes cracked open as the ecstatic noises from next door must have woken you too.

“either you just woke up with your normal morning hardon, or you’ve been listening for a while” you said.

I responded “I’ve been listening".

All of a sudden I began to wonder if we might be able to see what was going on. Because of the shape of the building, our room was on the inside of a sort of an elbow, with the room that the noise was coming from on the other side of the elbow.

I crept out of bed and padded over to our sliding door, peeking out. As my eyes were adapted to the low light levels of our room it was very easy for me to see the couple on the bed across the way, as they were illuminated by a handful of candles as well as the light of a TV. I couldn’t see what was playing from where I stood, but as their sliding door was half open and their curtains were wide open nothing else was left to my imagination.

I motioned for you to come over and so you tiptoed up beside me and gazed over to where a girl that couldn’t have been much out of her teens was getting banged by a young stud missionary style.

I slowly pushed our door open further so that we could see and hear better “fuck me harder, ahh” and “I’m gonna fuck you all night” and so on drifted over to us. Now that we were slowly moving closer we could hear better and better.

Without even meaning to we were slowly creeping across our balcony, moving as close to the open door as we could. When we finally bumped into the dividing railing we were only a few feet to the open door, and another few feet from there to their bed.

From our new vantage point we could see the guy resting his weight on his arms, looking down over their bodies. Likewise the girl was looking down, past her fairly small tits to where we could all see four or five inches of the guy's shaft as he pulled out, before slamming back in again.

The cool night air felt nice on our bare skin and I reached over and put an arm around your waist. Well at least it started on your waist, but it quickly drifted down so that I could slowly rub your pussy. You obligingly parted your legs so that I could have better access.

From where we now were the TV was visible and as I glanced over it kind of all made sense. The young couple were watching porn. I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the tv, but it looked like there were probably at least four people in the scene but at the moment at least it was focused on a blonde girl licking another girls pussy. Even though the tv was turned down, from where we were we could make out those happy noises as well.

About then the couple changed position so that the girl was on top. They must have both wanted to watch the show for a bit because they shifted to lay across the end of the bed. From this new position we could clearly see the guy’s cock as it was swallowed by the girl’s hairy blonde cunt. We were even close enough to watch her little brown ring pucker with each stroke.

I glanced over at the tv and saw that the scene had widened to show that the blonde girl on the screen was getting fucked in the ass at the same time as she was licking her brunette partner’s clit. The brunette on the other had was sucking on a big black guy’s cock.

You had been gently stroking my cock at the same time as I had been rubbing your pussy for what must have been quite a while because when next I looked at the tv the two couples had shifted their girls to their hands and knees with the guys behind, crouched down (I suppose had they knelt like we typically did they would have obscured the camera angle, and after all – this was porn).

“Our” couple must have taken inspiration because in moments they too were in the same position. It couldn’t have been choreographed better for our enjoyment. They were aimed almost directly at us, giving us a perfect view. After a few warm up strokes the guy pulled out of the girls hairy muff and with his cock in his hand pressed it up against her asshole. After a few very slow strokes he began to bang her in time with the girls getting their asses fucked on the tv.

It seemed like too good an opportunity. I moved behind you and was fumbling, trying to slip my cock into your hairless cunt when you reached between your legs to grab my cock and pull it into your ass. You then pushed back hard, and between all the lubricants that were still coating both our bodies from before I had no difficulty sliding into your tight back hole again.

In moments all four couples (the two on tv) and the two live couples were pumping in unison. You were bent over the railing with your gorgeous bottom positioned perfectly for me to hold your waist while I rocked my hips.

The scene on the tv changed. One of the guys laid down on his back, while his partner lowered her ass back onto his rigid shaft. The black guy then proceeded to slip between all four of their legs so that he could have a go at her cunt. Of course the camera picked some good angles, with lots of close up shots of the blonde getting both her holes filled.

Back in front of us we watched our girl get her ass fucked harder and harder. Then, suddenly our young stud pulled his cock out of the girl’s ass, and without missing a stroke rammed it into her cunt. After a couple of shots in her slit he once again yanked it out and shoved it back in her ass for a few pumps. He kept that rhythm up for quite a while.

It looked like they were trying to synchronize with the porno because all of a sudden the guys on the screen both pulled out of the girl and moved to jack off my her face.

The guy in front of us didn’t want to get left behind so he started pumping furiously.

On screen we saw first one and then the other of the guys started to splash cum over the blonde’s face. Just then our guy pulled out of the young girl’s ass. As soon as he was close enough she pulled him close and took his whole rod into her mouth so that he could cum.

It almost seemed corny, but watching all the orgasms, not to mention the live show in front of us had my balls boiling again. As I came deep in your ass for the second time that night I must have grunted much louder than I thought because when I looked up our young stud and his girl were both staring straight at us.

The girl was just catching a dribble with her finger when the guy said “you should have just come right in”.
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3 years ago
very good! what happened to part 9??