Vacation 5

With your fresh pussy juice slowly drying on my face, and the last little bit of my cum that you missed, still slowly dripping down your chest we debated taking the time to shower, but seeing that we were only going to go swimming anyway it didn’t seem necessary.

It was almost as good to see the boys as it had been to see you, and before long we were swimming and splashing and having a great time in the wonderful hotel pool and on the waterslide. After an hour or two of playing you and I finally got another moment to ourselves to sit in the hot tub by the pool and watch the boys burn yet more energy. Even though there were lots of people in big hot tub, all the bubbles made it impossible to see anything underwater so we took full advantage and before long both our bathing suit bottoms were pulled down to our knees as we fondled each other. We couldn’t get too serious in our play with so many other people nearby, and the bathing suits around our knees stopped us from spreading our legs too wide but it felt so good to have you slowly pump my cock, fondle my balls and finger fuck my ass deeper than you had ever dared before. I on the other hand hoped for more tastes of your pussy, but every time I licked my fingers off all I could taste was chlorine.

After about twenty minutes the ebb and flow of people left us to ourselves and it didn’t take long for you time climb onto my lap with my cock deep inside you. It was too bad that we only had about two minutes to ourselves because I was almost ready to cum again when the boys started to head our way to see about supper. We got ourselves straightened out in record time as the boys slipped into the hot water next to us and we figured out what to do for the rest of the evening.

It wasn’t long until we had our plan built so we went back up to our rooms to get dressed. We warned the k**s that we needed to shower so it would be at least half an hour before we were ready to go.

Mere moments after the interconnecting door between our bedroom and the rest of the suite was closed and locked we were naked again and you dropped to your knees to once again take me in your mouth. After a few minutes of this my knees started to feel wobbly so I pulled you to your feet and led you by the hand into the bathroom so that we could shower. As soon as your back was turned to turn on the water and adjust the temperature it was my turn to kneel down behind you. You groaned in delight and lifted your left foot to rest on the lip of the tub as I spread your ass cheeks to allow me better access to drive my tongue as far as I could into your sweet puckered ring.

I reached between your legs to pump two of my fingers into your cunt while I continued to probe the depths of your ass with my tongue while caressing your puckered ring with my lips. You hadn’t quite gotten the water temperature right when I distracted you and you were slowly being par-boiled. When you couldn’t take it anymore you pushed us both backwards out of the stream of the spray.

Once we got the water to a more pleasant temperature we found ourselves in an embrace, with your tits being crushed against my chest. I love the feel of our naked bodies being pressed together sooooo much! Between kisses, you asked me if I was serious about wanting to be involved every time you peed. I reaffirmed that if you could handle it that I would like it very much. You told me that had had your legs crossed figuratively for the last 45 minutes and you couldn’t hold it much longer. You asked me what I wanted you to do so as I held you I said “just let it go”.

You asked “here? Now?” and I just nodded and then whispered “if you can”

With the spray from the shower washing over us I couldn’t tell if you were actually peeing, but from the relieved look on your face I was pretty sure that you were. We kissed deeply and slowly rubbed our naked wet bodies against each other as you finally got the relief that you had been looking for.

When you were done I asked you how that was and you just smiled and said “very nice!”.

I reached for the soap and started to get your body all sudsy. Of course I paid particular attention to all your tender bits! Once we got your rinsed off you returned the favor and ensured that every last bit of me was squeaky clean.

You put on another cute little sun dress that I hadn’t seen before, just pulling it on over your otherwise naked body. I smiled as I rummaged through the bag that you had brought down for me for clothes that I hadn’t seen in almost half a year.

Once we were all decent we gathered the k**s and went out to the car. The boys piled into that back seat and I opened the door for you. You made sure to spread your legs widely as you got in to ensure that I had a chance to enjoy another glimpse of your pussy. As your legs spread it actually caused your cunt to gape just a bit, giving me a peek at its luscious pink interior.

We had a wonderful dinner, chatting excitedly about so many things that I couldn’t even begin to remember them all. There was so much for the 5 of us to catch up on, and so much sexual heat and innuendo between us that it was hard to keep the spoken conversation separate from the un-spoken one from time to time.

As we were sitting side-by-side, across from the boys there was no opportunity for me to ‘drop my napkin’ but our hands regularly ended up in each other’s laps. I’ll admit to an unfair advantage, because I frequently reached under your skirt to caress miss muffy. You had to be content with rubbing my cock through my shorts. You tried a couple of times to run your hand up the inside of my shorts to get at me but the angle was too awkward and you couldn’t really without drawing the attention of the boys.

After supper we went and picked up our tickets for the attractions that we wanted to go to for the next couple of weeks. On the way back you made sure that there was no way that the boys could see, and then you casually pulled your right breast out of your dress so that I could admire it. You left it out until we were almost all the way back to the hotel.

I didn’t even need to lie to the boys when I told them that I was bushed after crossing 9 time zones and having been flying for 23 hours, so we got them settled in their room and then once again closed the door to our room.

My cock hadn’t totally softened since shortly after titty fucking you earlier that afternoon, and by the time that we had our clothes off I was fully hard again. The bed seemed like such a natural place for us. You insisted that it was your turn to play with me. I wasn’t sure how you arrived at that conclusion but I wasn’t going to argue. You must have wanted me to last, because you had me get on to my knees, with my chest on the bed as you proceeded to give my ass the best tonguing you had ever lavished on it, all the while slowly pumping my cock with your hand.

Even without a lot of stimulation, after about ten minutes I was getting very close to blowing my load all over the bedspread. I told you “turn about is fair play” and so we swapped positions and I licked and sucked and prodded your ass, all the while rubbing your clit. I occasionally dipped my fingers into your ever juicy pink snatch and it wasn’t long before you began to quiver, so I knelt more upright behind you and slipped my cock into your cunt and began to thrust gently while I continued to reach around you to keep rubbing your clit.

After only a few pumps we both ended up cumming. I collapsed on top of you, enjoying the spasms of your cunt on my cock. After squishing you for a while we rolled onto our sides. I can only vaguely remember my rapidly softening cock slipping out of your pussy before drifting off to sl**p. I truly had been bushed.
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