Vacation 4

I woke slowly, surprised at three things. First, despite having gone to sl**p shortly after 8pm I had slept the entire night as I could see daylight peeking into our room between cracks in the curtains. Secondly, I was surprised to find myself nicely tucked under the covers, because I was sure that we, or at least I, had gone to sl**p spooned up against you on top of the covers (I wondered how you had managed that). Finally, I was surprised to find us still spooning. My morning woody pressed firmly against the crack of you most delicious little bottom. I wasn’t sure if you were awake or not, and if you were still sl**ping I didn’t want to wake you. Just to see I gently flexed my pubic muscles so that my erection nudged you ever so gently.

You obviously had been awake for some time as you immediately rolled over in my arms, whispered “good morning” to me and promptly slid down my body to take advantage of me!

I complained that it was no fair that you would get to suck on me if I couldn’t play with you too. You were adamant. You wanted to give me a blow job and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Nor would you allow me to distract you. Eventually we compromised and you knelt over my face in the classic ‘69’ position, giving me as much opportunity as possible to smell your sex and gaze longingly at you while you sucked and slurped. But also giving me very strict orders to leave you alone!

Have I ever told you how much I love your pussy! Admittedly I haven’t had a huge repertoire of lovers, but I have seen a few strippers and a bunch of pictures and videos of women over the years, and your cunt is easily the most gorgeous and sexy I have ever seen. First, you always keep her trimmed so nicely. Secondly, your lips are full and pouting and aren’t shy and always tucked out of sight. Thirdly, everything is so perfectly proportioned. Fourth, your pale freckled skin sets off the pinkness of your cunt, making it stand out perfectly without being garish. Fifth, Miss Muffy isn’t afraid to gape open a bit and let me peek inside – I really love that. Sixth, she is almost always wet and lubricated just begging me for attention. Seventh she smells so fucking good. (Thank you so much for sending me the used panties!). Eighth, she has an equally appealing next door neighbor that is just as attractive (but she isn’t the topic of this particular paragraph). Ninth, you are so willing to share her with me!

Despite your eagerness to have me in your mouth you started my blow job by nuzzling my entire crotch. Kissing and licking all around the base of my cock, paying special attention to my balls and the area immediately below them.

I particularly liked this, not just because it felt so good, but because when you bent that far down you stretched your cunt and ass wide, allowing me even better tantalizing views, tormenting me by being so close yet denying me the tastes that I craved.

You began ever so slowly, wrapping your fist around my shaft, pumping with your hand as you pumped with your mouth. You reached around my leg to fondle my balls with the other hand. As you rocked back and forth your juicy slit would alternatively close and open, with beads of your love juice slowly forming, just begging me to lick them off.

After four or five minutes of this unhurried sucking you felt me begin to tense, and knowing that I was getting very close you immediately let go of my cock and went back to how you started things off, by nibbling and nuzzling and licking around the base of my shaft and balls. Once my erection had started to subside just a little bit you felt that it was safe to suck on it some more, so once again you resumed an identical rhythm to what you had set up before, this time just slightly slower though. This time, as I lay there, gazing longingly at the prize a mere foot above my face I felt a huge pull in two directions simultaneously. On one hand I wanted this to last forever, I was enjoying it all so much, but on the other hand I desperately wanted the release of my orgasm. It took almost ten minutes before I began to twitch and stiffen in expectation again due to your slower, more careful pace.

Being the tease that you can be from time to time, you once again stopped sucking and decided to play with my ass for a while. Just to tease me more cruelly, you warned me that I still wasn’t allowed to touch you, and then you lowered your cunt to within an inch of my face. You reached back and began to fuck yourself with two of your fingers while breathing heavily on my cock. You weren’t risking pushing me over, but you weren’t letting me cool off either so you took your well lubricated fingers and slid first one, and then both of them all the way up my ass.

After rubbing all around my ring, tracing your fingers up and down my ass crack and occasionally slipping a finger or two back into me you judged my cock soft enough to begin again. This time instead of cupping my balls with your free hand you slid your fingers back up my ass to massage my prostrate while you began to pump my cock with your mouth and other hand.

You started of quite slowly again but rapidly built up your speed. I gave you very little warning this time. I’m not sure whether I caught you off guard, or if this time you really intended to drain my balls but I couldn’t stand it any more so I reached up and pulled your juicy cunt down to where I could bury my face in it. You were just about to tell me that I was being naughty when the first spurt of my cum blasted the back of your throat, quickly followed by spurt after spurt after spurt until I was reduced to dribbling and then finally nothing.

Unlike you I no longer had the patience to tease you. I had many times before, I would lavish you with exquisite loving torture again in the future but for the time being I desperately wanted to hear you cry out in pleasure so I pressed my mouth hard against your mound, tonguing your clit rapidly while I reached under you to play with your nipples, rolling them between my thumbs and forefingers.

All the attention that you had been paying to me must have been almost as much a turn on for you as it was for me, because your came in a matter of only a few minutes. I had hoped to keep going till you had cum at least once more, but you were too tender and pulled off me.

It was probably just as well, because about then we started to hear signs of life next door and we knew that it was time to get up-and-at-em.
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