vacation 3

Mostly to humor me and my jet lag we had decided to start with an easy day at Typhoon Lagoon.

After a quick breakfast of muffins that we had in the hotel room we threw shorts and t-shirts on over top of our bathing suits and we headed for the water park.

We staked out a series of chairs up against a hedge that would provide some shade later in the day when it got hotter.

We got the boys all sorted out and covered in sunscreen and then we sent them off to play in the nearby wave-pool.

Once the boys were off, with huge smiles on their faces it was time to lube (er, I mean put sunscreen on each other). As it was still early there weren’t that many people about, so when I offered to put lotion on you I intended to have some fun with it. We arranged ourselves to face the hedge, with you laying on your tummy on the lounger. As I squirted a dollop of sunscreen across your shoulders I couldn’t resist commenting that it was the second time that you had been creamed in the last couple of hours. I know, corny, but you laughed anyway.

With you lying on your tummy I started on your feet, working my way up your calves, to your thighs. When I was done your legs I pulled the sides of your bikini bottoms tightly together, simulating a thong. I was so successful that not only did it barely cover the crack of your ass, but it neatly split your cunt, with one lip exposed to me on either side of the already scanty material. I then lovingly applied yet more sunscreen to you delectable ass, making sure to even run some up the tiny part of you that was still covered by your now thong style bathing suit. You only jumped a bit when I poked my cream lubricated finger one knuckle deep up your bottom. When I got to your pussy I made very sure that it wouldn’t get burned. Especially your clit! I gently rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. I was satisfied that it wouldn’t burn until you had to bury your face in the towel on your lounger to stop you from crying out as you came!

After I settled your bottoms back as they were designed to be worn I moved up to your back. I rubbed the lotion in deeply. The shine of your skin was particularly alluring. Despite your fussing I unsnapped the back of your bikini top, and as I rubbed the sunscreen all over your back. I made sure to give you even coverage, not just on your back, but on your sides as well. Once you realized my intent you obliged by lifting your torso up just far enough for me to rub the lotion all the way around to cover the now exposed skin on the outsides of your boobs. As I glanced around I found that nobody was paying any attention to us at all, so I got braver and cupped your entire tit in my hand. You propped yourself up on your elbows, leaving your bikini laying on the lounger with your magnificent boobs swinging freely.

I put more lotion on my hands and started to rub your shoulders and back. You sighed in satisfaction at the impromptu back and shoulder rub. With another glance around to make sure that nobody was paying any attention to us I transferred my attention back to your tits. OK, I’ll admit, the excuse of applying an even layer of sunscreen was thin at best. I was just enjoying playing with your titties, fondling, rubbing, squeezing, gently pulling on your nipples.

After quite a while I reluctantly stopped and helped you get your top back into place and done up. Then we rolled you over and I rubbed lotion onto the front side of you, starting with your feet. Once again, I took my time, just enjoying the fact that I could be with you, and touch you (even if it wasn’t sexual) and look at you, and finally talk with you!

Once I had gotten both of your legs done and had worked my way up your body so that I was sitting on your thighs I glanced around again, and when I saw that the f****y that had set up shop next to us while I was doing your legs were off on an adventure, I lovingly hooked the crotch of your bikini bottom and pulled it far to the side, exposing miss muffy to the full light of day. I then rubbed a fresh glob of cream all over your bikini area. Once I had done all I could from the right side I repeated the process from the other side and the top as well. I slipped one finger into your doubly lubricated cunt (your own juices and the sunscreen) but you immediately grabbed my hand, and with a smile pulled it away claiming that you were still far too tender from your recent orgasm.

With that it was my turn. As with your turn, we started with me on my tummy and you rubbed the sunscreen into my legs. My bathing suit wasn’t nearly as cooperative as yours had been so you had to content yourself with reaching up my leg holes to play with my ass cheeks before moving up to rub sun screen into my back.

When it was time do my front, you skipped all pretenses and went straight for my cock. Unsurprisingly it was rock hard, despite having just blown a load for you not two hours previously. Sitting on my legs, screening your actions from any casual passers-by you took a palm full of cream and started to jerk me off. Just to further entice me you used your free hand to pull your tits out of your bikini top so that I could enjoy the view while you masturbated me. I was really starting to get into it when with shouting and yelling we could hear our k**s coming to see what was taking us so long.

I scrambled to get myself tucked away while you got your boobs settled just in time for the boys arrived in a spray of sand, all excited to show us a f****y rapids ride that they wanted us all to go on.

We spent the next several hours together as a five-some trying every slide in the park. Every chance we got we ‘bumped’ into each other, or rubbed up against each other, or if the line was pressing us very closely together we even occasionally got to run a finger quickly underneath each other’s bathing suits for a quick caress.

As much fun as the fast rides were the one that I enjoyed the most was the relaxing river ride that wound around the entire park. It wove it’s way under bridges, through lush stands of palm trees and bamboo, and even through a fairly lengthy tunnel.

After we had been on all the runs many times, splashing and shouting and carrying on and having an amazingly good time I felt like relaxing on the river ride but the k**s wanted to ride the fast rides some more. We decided to meet back at our chairs in an hour and a half.

You and I chose a double tube instead of two single tubes and we lay on it side-by-side, but facing each other. As we approached the tunnel I saw that apart from one group right behind us there was nobody behind them for quite a bit so I steered us over to the side and hung on to an overhanging vine long enough for the f****y to pass us and move out of sight around the next corner. Once they were out of sight, and I verified that there was nobody in sight behind them I let go and allowed the flow to carry us back into the middle of the stream. I then immediately took advantage of the short period of solitude to pull your bathing suit aside, and using both my hands I pulled your cunt as wide open as I could to enjoy the sight of its pink depths in the gloomy illumination available in the tunnel.

Not to be out done you pulled the waist band of my shorts down far enough to free my cock and you began to pull on it. From having been around this run we new that we only had about another 30 seconds before we would be back in plain sight again, but that didn’t stop us from taking full advantage of those last few seconds.

Having enjoyed our success we began to plot. In addition to the tunnel that we had just traversed there was one other spot on the far side that wound through a particularly dense section of bamboo that we might also have some privacy.

I turned around on our double tube so that we were oriented the same way and we necked like teenagers, oblivious to all around us until we came up to the wooded section. Once again we hung back so that we would be floating through the private twists of the section all alone. I wasted no time at all to free your boobs so that I could suck on your nipples. I had almost a full minute of play time until it was time to straighten out again.

We couldn’t wait to get back to the tunnel so instead of just contenting ourselves with the speed of the stream we began to paddle, amidst splashing each other and having a hoot. Back in the tunnel you slid right off the tube before I had a chance to get at your tits again. You pulled yourself around to the end of the tube and pulled yourself up far enough so that when you pulled my waist band down you were in perfect position to suck me, and suck you did. You wasted no time, settling into a mind shattering orgasm type pace. Unfortunately, there was no way that my balls could generate a load for you in the time we had, even if they had been full.

It went without saying that I would repay your favor as soon as we hit the woods again. Once out of sight, by the time I was at the end of the raft, you had your suit around your thighs, with your knees to your chest, giving me ample opportunity to lick you right from the crack of your ass to the patch that used to be occupied by your landing strip. I drank in as much of the taste of your pussy as I could in the short time that we had available to us before we had to sort ourselves out again.

We planned and schemed the whole way back to the tunnel where I immediately rolled on top of you, and by pulling our bathing suits aside I fucked you missionary style as hard and fast as I could for the 90 or seconds that we had to ourselves. The splashing water, and bouncing off the sides were a bit distracting but some how the naughtiness of what we were doing made it even more exciting. On the next lap we whispered about what we had just done, wondering if anybody else had ever actually fucked in Disney’s tunnel of luv!

Over the next few laps we tried doggy, spoon and laying on our backs facing each other, each for about 90 seconds. We weren’t anywhere near done, but it was time to meet the boys so we regretfully let someone else have our very well used tube at the next transfer point and we made our way back to our chairs to wait for the boys.
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