Hot Zoe (wrote by dave180nn)

Zoe was one of those rare women, someone who knocked you for six when you saw. It was all in the eyes, the sweet features combined wonderfully with her deep eyes that stared into the heart of the soul and screamed of lust and desire. Not that they needed to, but the pure a****listic desire was hard to miss. That initial glance though was enough; I needed to know more and what’s more I needed to experience what was beneath the surface as I was sure it would be a fun time.
Walking over to her it was obvious she was interested and the conversation flowed freely, just as the alcohol did and as the night wore on the signs were good. Maybe my business trip in the North would be a success after all. As last orders was called the moment of truth came, just as I was about to ask whether she was interested in heading onwards she pounced, her question of how close my hotel immediately making her aims clear. Tonight was going to be a fun night!

Entering my room, the conversation that had flowed so seamlessly on the walk back subsided, replaced by the hormones in the room. The look on Zoe’s eyes meant nothing further needed to be said. Coming at each other like wild a****ls we soon found our lips interlocking as our hands clasped around each other’s head. Our lust overtaking all over emotions as we shared a raw kiss; our tongues searching for each other; learning how to move in sync and exploring happily. My hands were the first to wander, sliding slowly down her back until I was cupping her ass, using her pert ass as leverage to bring her body closer to me. Through the thin material of her dress I could feel her pert breasts pushing against my chest, the nipples erect and pushing out seeking attention. One look in her eyes was enough to set my mind on the task ahead. The first kisses on her neck were tender, hiding the fact that I was learning how to remove her dress, but with one smooth movement the zip slid down, letting the dress fall from her shoulders to reveal those magnificent breasts that I’d felt. The nipples standing proud from the most magnificent breasts that I’d witnessed, a perfect handful that seem to stand against gravity defying physics proudly. The tan lines just helping to heighten my lust as the contrast between breast and neckline focusing my vision.

My hands slid down both her shoulders before moving inwards to cup her breasts, the initial soft squeeze eliciting a moan, my hands slowly working over her breasts as my lips lowered to capture the first nipple. My tongue pushed across Zoe’s nipple to the satisfied gasp of excitement before I captured it into my mouth and gently sucked. As I sucked it seemed to grow even larger in my mouth, her hands now behind my head encouraging my actions as I began to suck harder. The moans just grew louder, obviously Zoe loved the harder nipple play. Risking it I formed my teeth around the base of her nipple and still sucking I pulled away gently. Stretching her nipples as the tension between my teeth grew biting down gently I finally released Zoe’s nipple, hearing a sharp intake of breath as her breast returned to normal. My hand was quickly rubbing across that nipple, as I shared another kiss, noticing that her eyes were now on fire. The lust overflowing as she begged me to repeat the attack on the other nipple, urging me to show them affection before showing her breasts the path ahead. I returned to the other nipple, increasing the pressure much more rapidly this time, chewing on those magnificent breasts whilst her hands roamed across the back of my head. Her body obviously enjoying as Zoe’s breathing grows more rapid. Her bare legs rubbing against mine indicating that it’s time to move further on.

With that final flick of the nipple with my tongue I push her backwards against the wall. Her body now captured, unable to escape from my attention as her slim naked form stands eager for more attention. Taking a step backwards I look over the delightful sight before me, Zoe standing wanting more as I take in every inch of her form. Taking control I order her to remove her thong, the tone now set for what will follow. Quickly removed Zoe is standing there naked, legs spread open and waiting for more instructions. With a short order Zoe is soon playing with herself, one hand playing with the erect nipples whilst the other slides between her legs. The obvious excitement clear as her fingers are soon coated in her juices. With her eyes closed she continues to play with herself, the moaning growing louder as I undress freeing my hard cock. She doesn’t notice though as Zoe is lost in her play, she doesn’t notice as I kneel down in front of her, the smell of her sex reaching my nostrils as I draw closer. Only when my tongue touches her fingers does she feel my presence, ordering her she presents her fingers for me to inspect and soon Zoe is tasting her own excitement pushing her two fingers down her mouth as my tongue stretches across her pussy. Lapping gently at her open lips, as I taste the delicious juice of her excitement and begin to push into her moist tunnel. The first few licks draw the greatest moans, the unexpected touch coupled with the new sensation drawing her mind to what I’m doing. But that doesn’t compare to the first time I attack Zoe’s clit, having licked her lips for a while and pushed my tongue as deep as I could I move to the base of her pussy before taking one long lick to the top of her clit before capturing it in my mouth and gently sucking. Her knees buckle slightly, the universal sign that she’s now mine to do as I wish. As I suck gently on her clit, letting my tongue occasionally wash over it, I grab her knee with one of my hands pulling her leg over my right shoulder to open her up wider letting her weight rest on my broad shoulders. As with her nipples, I suck deeply before pulling away hearing her slight moan as she feels the intense pressure on her clit. Releasing I capture the sight before my eyes, her pussy now wide open, clearly wet and wanting more. With no hesitation I suck on two of my fingers before sliding them from her clit to her ass, teasing her as I repeat the motion, repeating until I hear her beg. Her a****listic growl of need is quickly taken from her as two fingers push deep into her pussy, stretching her wide open as they reach knuckle deep into her moist hole. At first the gentle rhythm of my fingers withdrawing and pushing back in draws whimpers but soon she’s begging for more, begging for it harder and to be stretched deeper. Her hips following my fingers with each withdrawal, whilst they hit the wall with each penetration. All the time the speed has been increasing, my eyes watching as Zoe’s pussy flows with wetness, coating my fingers and running down the inside of her thighs.
Seeing the time is right, I slide a third finger in, drawing a deep gasp as she struggles to accommodate the extra girth, but unwilling to give her time I attack her clit with my tongue. Pushing her against the wall as she is being repeatedly stretched out. The weight on my shoulders increasing as her moans grow louder, begging for release as the flurry of activity reaches a crescendo. Tongue and fingers in co-ordination and just as her breathing reaches the point of no return I slide a finger from my other hand into Zoe’s ass. The scream from her is almighty as she clenches around both sets of digits. Her ass squeezing my finger tight as with each spasm I push it deeper. With my face pushing her hard, she’s unable to move from the wall, her whole body trembling though as I continue to pump into her, riding her orgasm to fruition before removing my fingers from her pussy. Her now gaping hole inviting my tongue to taste more.

Licking her softly I give Zoe time to descend from her climax, my finger gently wriggling in her ass as I hint at things to come. As she returns to normal my finger leaves her ass and grasping hold of her knee I lift her leg from my shoulder, for a second opening her wider for me so that my tongue can attack her ass. My tongue pushes at Zoe’s ass, licking around her rim before pushing past her relaxed ring by a small amount. With one final lick I remove my tongue from her ass and let her foot return to ground. Looking her in the face, I whisper to Zoe to turn around and prepare for my cock stretching her, as she obeys I lean forward and whisper into her ear “That’ll be both holes” and her body seems to shake with the thought. I step backwards to survey the scene, her body arched presenting her ass to me, inviting me to fuck her. Grasping her hips I step forward, my cock striking her ass and giving me an idea. Swinging my hips I enjoy the rather c***dish sensation of slapping her ass with my cock. The loud smack seemingly exciting her, as she begs for it harder. Sensing her fetish I decide to play along for a while, slapping her with my cock as I begin to talk dirty, but soon the lust is impossible to control and with a swift movement I penetrate her pussy to the hilt. My balls slapping against her as I hear the gasp from the sudden penetration. As i grab hold of her hip I remind her of how this’ll feel when I’m in her ass instead and she immediately responds my clenching around my cock. What follows is raw, it’s pure sex as my cock buries itself repeatedly into Zoe’s pussy, her lips seemingly not wanting to lose their grip on my cock with each withdrawal. Her body seemingly incapable of taking each thrust as it f***es her against the wall. Each thrust is met with a grunt, each withdrawal from a gasp of anticipation. My balls are growing wetter with each, as her pussy juices run down my cock. The next orgasm comes quickly as Zoe screams louder and louder, her body unable to cope with the attack. My cock striking the right spots as it pushes against the walls of her pussy with each penetration. That first orgasm is quickly followed by a second and soon her weight is bearing heavily on me, Zoe seemingly no longer involved, her body only responding to the f***es of my thrusts as she tries to take the assault upon her body. Feeling the pressure building I withdrawal fully from her pussy and turning Zoe around I push her to her knees. Her body only responding slowly as she looks in a daze. My hands grab each side of her head and I thrust into Zoe’s mouth, pinning her head against the wall as I f***efully use her mouth to finish me off. Each thrust is accompanied by a struggle as I hit at the back of her mouth. Each withdrawal draws more saliva from her mouth. I’m yelling at her to take it, pushing deeper with each thrust before I finally manage to push deeper. Holding still as I enjoy the tightness at the crown of my cock, her eyes opening wide as she struggles. Mercifully for her I withdrawal and with a sense of achievement I begin to cum, ejaculating over her face for the first few spurts before moving lower and covering her breasts. Her eyes glazed, but as the last few spurts erupt her smile slowly breaks out as her tongue starts to collect my cum deposits.

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