army wife making hubby happy

hi im a mom of 32 married to a army guy we are from ks that where we are stationed now we have bee married for 4 years youngest son is his i aint been a saint aint sure who my first 2 babys daddy is seeing i use to to be a d**g addict when i was younger so i done alot of bad things i use to love to get hi and take dick starting at a young age i had a my youngest son at 16 second at 20 both i aint sure who the daddy is but sence i met my hubby mike i have been stright off d**gs and keep my legs closed untill last night that is the first time i have cheated i talk to my hubby about 4 pm on the phone he told me i should go out with out the k**s seeing he been gone 8 monthes i protest so after he made me swear i go out and rewind with out the k**s i agree under protest but agree after a while i wait til my oldest son got home told him what his dad wanted and he agree to watch his b*****rs so i showder and got dress and decide to go out for the even i was dress in a short pink dress pink bra and pink thonug all my faviote colors
i say good by to my 3 boys and call a taxie cab when he show up i went in to a local bar apon enter the bar i felt out of place i look around and all the the guys and girl s seem younger then me but i made the way to the bar and order 2 shots killing the first fast to relax some i felt so out of place but i want to to keep my promise to hubby so i try to have a good time i watch all the people daniceing as i saw a guy name lee he ask if could he sit down i look at him he was about 6 foot 4 300 lbs very fat i thougt as i say sure why not we talk and he kept orderig us shot of vodka we talk till the closeing of the bar i was totalty d***k when he ask if i wanted to come back to his place and have a few drinks and smoke some weed i look at him and thouht that this younger guy of 21 no gf and very fat should be harmless i said why not we left the bar as we got in cab we talk and laugh till we arrive at his house as me and lee walk in i saw a guy who was asian very skinny sitting on the couch his name was hi tec which i found out later was a nick name as we walk in i sit on the couch as lee told me as he he went to get weed as he was gone me and hi teck talk and laught i learn he was 18 from korea then lee enter the room with a big bag of weed and a bottle of graygoose we smoke and chated and took shots till omost till 4 am i felt d***k and thought of my k**s and hubby so i thought maybe i should go so i stood up i felt stone and d***k i set down feeling buzz that right about the time i felt lee rubbing my leg as we touch i say i cant do this but my head spinning i remememer i swear to my hubby to have a good time so i spread my legs to let lee find my honey pot my wet pussy as he sarted to finger me i moan loudy as his fat finger enter me
lee then move my panties as i feel my head spin he started eating my pussy and my asshole hi teck watch him eat me out i cum heavy as my body shook i felt lee grab my hand lee lead me to his room i almost fell down as i stumble to follow lee he lay me down on his bed i saw him remove his clothes he was as fat as i first thought as i look as his dick he was long and fat alot bigger then my hubby who is about 5 thin lee was 9 fat as i lay on the bed after he remove my cloths i felt his fat belly as he lay on me all the sudden after feeling sguashed by lee weight i felt his monster cock enter me i try to get away but lee was to big to excape the weight as he pump in to me i scream as he rip me open after 15 minutes of lee fucking me i pass out i woke up to see me me on my belly as high teck was fuckig in my ass as he pull his dick out i saw it for the first time and that was the first time i ever done anal he was small uncut about 4 inches as he cum in my ass i scream cumming again as both guy finish cumming one in my ass and one in my honeypot i got up and call a cab as i left the young men apt cum draining out of both my holes lee said bitch i will see you tommow maybe i might introduce u to a few more of my ftinds as i left i could not wonder should i go back or not

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3 years ago
fuck,i wish it was me
3 years ago
3 years ago
Hey Amber. Hot story girl. I can just see your pussy dripping. ♥‿♥ ~Ron~ ☮
4 years ago
too hot to handle ???
4 years ago
no niet never no-way hell no i have been stationed @ riley