Scout leader taught me anal part 4

We were down on the camp grounds when her car pulled up but could see that she had a nice trim body and her long blonde hair made her look extra sexy. Mike told me to keep on with the work I was doing to earn my badges while he helped her settle in.
It was about an hour when he returned to see what i had completed and told me that I had passed with flying colours. He said he had to do some work on the water pump and would I cut some wood and take it to the kitchen.
I have never cut so fast as I wanted to see his partner up close as he had told me a lot about her. She was making coffee when i carried the logs in and placed them by the stove.
She introduced herself at Annette and said she was pleased to meet me and offered me a coffee which I refused. Annette came over to me and said it sounds like you had a hot night. I was a bit embarrassed and went bright red but she eased my supprise by saying she hoped there was more for her.
She put her hand on my cheek and leant over and kissed my lips ever so gently and then ran her tongue over my lips. Her hand went down and clasped my ever fast growing cock through my shorts. I moaned with pleasure and she said that feels nice.
Annette then led me into the bedroom and removed my shirt, undid my shorts and as she lowered them went down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Slowly she fucked my cock with her wet lips but stopped before I came. Removing her clothes made me almost blow my load just looking at her gorgeous body. Her breasts were round and firm, her waist was slim and had the cutest hips and long legs.
She pulled me down on the bed on top of her and kissed me again, then she said to kiss her tits and pussy. I held her breasts in my hands and licked and nibbled on her nipples while she moaned with pleasure, then I kissed my way to her wet shaven pussy. Running my tongue up and down it parting her lips and nibbling on her clit. I pressed my tongue deep inside her a few times and the she stopped me and pulled me up on top of her again and said "fuck me".
Annette took hold of my hard cock and rubbed it on her wet clit, then guided it in.
I pushed it deep into her and she moaned and then shuddered, letting out a mild squeal as her orgasm exploded. She was now lifting her ass off the bed to meet my down strokes to bash my loin against hers, my cock going deeper inside her caused her second orgasm before relaxing on the bed with my cock still inside her.
She pushed me off and rolled me over on my back, straddled me and lowered her wet dripping pusy over my cock. She began fucking me like a wild woman, ramming her body up and down, our pelvic bones bashing against eachother, this became all to much and my swollen balls and pumped loads of cum into her, but she didn't stop until my cock went limp. She rolled off me and that was when I saw Mike standing at the door watching us with his cock in his hand.

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The biggest problems with your stories is you don't finish them. Try writing the complete story in one post.
2 years ago