Porn shop pickup

I was brousing around in a porn shop last summer and it was quiet busy with a few customers and only one shop assistant. As I wondered around there was this young girl looking at the vibators and other things that girls like put in their pussy. I watched her fo a while and she seemed impatient that the assistant wouldn't come over and help her select something.
I took the opportunity and moved over close to her and whispered to her that I could help her as my partner had some of these products and I could make suggestions so she wouldn't be dissapointed.
I showed her the didos and they were good if she wanted something cocklike in her but did not vibrate. Vibrators give you intense sensations but are usually a bit harder and not a flexible as a penis. I told her my girlfriend liked the vibrating egg and inserted it in herself then used a dildo to push it in her and then rub it over her clit while her pussy trembled.
She said she couldn't afford both as she was a university student and lived in a small unit which her parents paid the rent and only received a small allowance.
I thought for a minute and said ' I will buy them all for you if you let me use them all on you the first time, then they will be yours.
She looked me up and down and said she wasn't sure about being picked up in a place like this.
I said ' I won't fuck if you don't want to, just demonstrate on you how to get the best out of these toys.
She smiled and then agreed so we selected one of each, with her selecting the size and colours. I also bought some lube, an anal plug and anal string balls.
She said her appartment was just a few blocks away so we walked there. She was very silent and was woried she might change here mind so I told her some stories about what y partner and I get up to, to keep her interest and also get her horny.
She opened the door to the small appartment and said don't mind the mess but i wasn't looking at that just her tight ass in her short pants.
I told her we should wash them so we broke open the packages and she laughed as she touched them and held them up. I inserted the batteries and went to the bathroom to wash them. When I came out she was lying naked on the bed and looked gorgeous. I sat down along side her and put the toys on the bed. Taking the dildo first I rubbed it on her clit and up and down her slit parting her flaps as i did. I pushed her legs open andslowly inched the soft dildo into her tight pussy. She moaned as it slid into her and then all of a sudden her body shook and she squirmed and squealed as her first mechanical orgasm errupted.
I held it deep in her until her breathing slowed down and then slowly slid it in and out of her creating another orgasm.

72% (9/3)
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2 years ago
dont stop now...gettin me hot
2 years ago
2 years ago
I got the electric magnetic shocker dildo. Hot story, looking forward to #2!