Scout leader taught me anal - continued

Read part one first

As I held his cock in my hand I slowly rubbed it up and down and he told me to take off my pants so he could see my cock. He was very supprised to see that mine was nearly as big as his.
He said he would like to rub his cock between my legs and cum like that. I agreed and I stepped out of my shorts and he said to wait. Bringing back a small tube I asked what it was he said it was lubricant and would make it slide easier.
Then the bent me over the table and said to rest on my elbows and push my ass out. I leaned over and spread my legs apart so he could slip his cock between my thighs. The feeling of his slippery cock rubbing against my balls felt so good. Holding it in his hand he slid it back and forth. Then he pulled it out and slid it up over my tight virgin asshole. It felt so good and my cock was as hard as a rock and aching to cum.
Slowly he put pressure on it trying to push its head slowly in but i was very tight. He took it away and lubed his finger and slid it deep into me. I moaned out of pain and pleasure, continuing this until my ass muscles were less resistant.
He took hold of his cock again and pressed the head of it inside my virgin ass.
This time I moaned from the pain not the pleasure. His penis felt like it was tearing me apart and then suddenly the whole cock slipped into me. I didn't know whether to cry or scream with joy cause my ass was filled with his cock and I felt a real warmth and satisfaction that I could take it all.
Slowly he started to stroke it in and out, this was more discomfort but knew that soon he would fill me with cum.
After a couple of minutes which seem like eternity I heard him grunt and feel his warm cum shoot into my ass. His cock now slipped easily with all that cum in there and wished it would last forever but his cock slowly withered and slipped out.
He was still holding on to my hips when he said he was sorry that he shouldn't have done it but I said it was the hottest sex I have ever had and even with the pain it had felt so good.
He turned me around and laid me on my back on the table. He grabbed my now near bursting cock and said he was going to show his appreciation. Moving down on me
he took my cock in his mouth and started sucking it while playing with my balls.
It only took me seconds to shoot my load into his mouth which he let run out and down my cock and balls.
He then said he wanted me to sl**p with him tonight and not alone in the tent.

Will follow up with a supprising new real continuation soon

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Very hot
2 years ago
i used Vaseline with my Scoutmaster. It worked well, I didn't feel any pain.
PS I don't like men suing scouts at all. Most are introduced to sex in Scouting and its like stepping into a whole new world of self-understanding
2 years ago
very nice!