Married lover and friend

I had been having an afair for a few months with a married woman who was 21 and I was 32.She was hot and we got together whenever we could. The sex was hot and there wasn't a position we didn't try. We used to meet for lunch twice a week to
make a time we could both get out and I would book a motel for a few hours.
She told that she had been telling a girl she worked with about my 8 1/2 cock.
She was a year older that me and had only ever been with one guy her husband who had a 5in cock and really wasn't interested in sex.
The more her friend told her about me the hornier she became and told my lover Lucy she was lucky to have me and wished it was her.
Lucy was telling me about what she had said and felt sorry for her, so I said why don't you ask her to join us one night. I knew that Lucy would be into anything but she wasn't sure that Trish would like having her there if I was screwing her.
I told her to bring here to lunch the next day and I would ask her.
Trish turned up with Lucy for lunch and after chatting about not much I said to her that Lucy had told me that you would like to have sex with me and we would like you to join us next time we are together. I don't know whether she was embarrassed about me know her needs or that it we would all be together.
I asked her could she get out on Friday night and say that you are going out with work friends to celebrate one of their birthdays.
She said she would try and would let Lucy know.
Lucy was only about 5 foot tall but had a great body and gorgeous face. Her tits were large and firm and could take a cock in her throat. I am 6 foot tall slim but fit body. Trish is almost as tall as me with extra long legs and a nice tight but and great body.

Lucy rang me to tell me to book the motel for Friday night and that Trish was excited to join us.
We arrived at the Motel about an hour before Trish to have some foreplay and to work out how we would play this.
A liitle after the time she was supposed to arrive we heard her car pull up outside our room, but after 5 minutes she still hadn't come in so I looked out the curtains and saw her just sitting there. I put on my pants and went out to her and she said she wasn't sure so I said come in anyway and we can chat about it.
She told Lucy she had second thoughts and had never done anything like this before. I walked over to her and put my arms around her and gave her the wettest kiss she had ever had. My cock was getting hard and pressing into her crutch so I took a step back and dropped my pants to the floor.
She couldn't take her eyes off it so I moved over closer and put her hand around it.
She said she would like to shower first so off she went. I said to Lucy that I might go and join her so she doesn't get cold feet again.
She was undressed and in the shower when I went in, so I pulled back the curtain and stepped in with her. She automatically reached for my cock and I kissed her as she stroked it. She told me she had never seen anything like it and wanted it so bad. I said lets wash eachother and hit the bed. When we were drying eachother she paid special attention to my cock and balls licking and kissing them.
We went back into the bedroon where Lucy had removed the sheet she had on her and was playing with her clit. I laid on the bed and Trish hold my cock and started stroking it again. I told her to get on her knees between my legs and suck me off which she positioned herself straight away. This gave Lucy a good look at her ass which she smiled at me and then slowly started running her hand up Trish's leg until she reached her inner thigh. I felt a quiver in Trish's mouth as the sensation of another girl touching her excited her.
My cock was as hard as a roock and she was taking at least 5in into her mouth and throat. I told her to use her other hand to squeeze my balls as I wanted to fill her with my warm cum.
She lifted her head up as Lucy started rubbing her clit and looked at me as if she couldn't beleive the pleasure she was having.
Trish kept sucking my cock while Lucy fingered her cunt. My balls were loaded with cum and soon it was shooting into Trisha's mouth and throat. She gagged a little but kept swalling what she could and the rest ran down her chin and dripped onto my balls.
She laid her head on my thigh and said she had never done that before because her husband thought it was dirty.
Lucy rolled her over on her back and buried her face in Trish's hot wet pussy,
licking,nibbling and tonguing her until she burst into orgasm. Her body bucking and squirming and Lucy sucked up her juices licked her clean.
We both lay along side her and she told us this is the best time she had had in her life.
I moved over on top of Trish and Lucy held my cock and guided it down to her wet pussy and rubbed it on her clit for a while and then put its head in when Trish begged for me to fuck her.
Slowly I pressed it in inch by inch until I reached the point where her husband would have run out of cock. I said to her now I am going to fuck you where nobody has been before and slid the last 4 inches into her. Well she went wild ramming her crotch up to meet mine. The head of my
cock slamming into me tight pussy. She instantly came and again just seconds after. She was in a frenzy and had never felt anything this deep inside her. She said just keep fucking her she never wanted it to stop. But it did I blew my load deep inside her which sent her into and another orgasm. She keep pushing her pussy gainst me not wanting it to fall out but my cock was now limp and it slowly retreated.I moved to the side and Lucy had a bring grin on her faceand gave me a wink before she leaned over Trish and licked my cock clean and the licked mine and Trisha's cum from her pussy.
We laid there and chatted for a while and had a drink. Trish said she wanted to try everything as she had never felt this horny ever. I told her I want her to lick Lucy's pussy which she had no hesitation
Getting between her thighs and tonguing her until she came. I kissed her and licked the cum off her face and asked her if Lucy could lay on top of her and I could fuck them together, taking my cock from one cunt to the other.
I did that for a few minutes while they kissed and then I started fingering their ass's they were panting hard as I drove my finger deeper and deeper inside their tight holes.
Lucy asked if she would let me fuck her ass and she told her she had some lube
if she needed it. Trish said she would like to try but if it hurt too much I would have to stop.
Lucy got off her and went to her bag and took out some KY and covered her fingers with it and slowly lubed Trisha'a ass, getting at least 3 fingers in her making it easier for me.
I put her on her hands and knees on the side of the bed and rubbed my hard cock on her sopping pussy and pushed it in and out a few times before rubbing it on her ass. Lucy had moved around to the front of her and was playing with her tits and kissing her as I slowly pressed the head of my cock inot her tight ass.
She moaned but think it was for pleasure as I wouldn't have stretched her yet. Slowly I pushed another inch into her and again she moaned but this time she pressed back against me wanting more of it in her. I now had 4 inches in her and I knew she would be uncomfortable so the best thing to do was to press it deep into her. She yelled and screamed ans my groin rammed against her ass.
She was shaking and shuddering. saying I can't take any more. I said you have it all in you now babe so just enjoy it.
I slowly pushed it in and outand as I did here ass adjusted to this foreign thing rammed up her ass.
She started moaning as Lucy started rubbing her clit and was soon cumming with us both working her. My cock exploded huge amounts of warm cum in her ass and she climaxed again.
I withdrew my cock from her ass and it popped as the air was sucked in to replace my cock.
Lucy crawled out from under her and went around the back and licked my cum from here ass and slowly pressed her fingers into her stretched ass.
Now as I said Lucy was only small and had tiny hand and arms so it was easy for her to side her hand in after mu cock with all the cum and lube to help her.
I watched and I saw her hand dissapear into her ass with Trish yelling I can't take anymore but she did and spurted her cum all over the bed. It shocked me how much cum spurted out.
Lucy slowly removed her hand and headed to the bathroom. I held Trish in my arms and she told me she had a great time and wanted to join us again soon.
We all showered and got dressed and kissed eachother as made arrangements for the next week.

Will keep you up to date
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2 years ago
very good
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Good story. Thanks
2 years ago
Wishing I could have join y'all!!!
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good story
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very nice story hope to read part 2