I was after a new phone and went to the local phone shop. When I walked it it was pretty busy so I decided to look at the ones on display and read specs while I waited.
I was looking at a particular one and didn,t notice a guy move in along side me. I reached up to the phone and as I did he reached up too and as I held the phone he cupped mine with his hand.
I turned and looked at him and he smiled at me. He was about 18 slim with blonde hair, nice face and slim body.
He (James as I later found out) said "this is a really good phone I have one and have had no trouble with it.
I asked him if he worked in this shop, he said " no! I saw you walking into the shop and thought you were hot and wanted to meet you".
I was a little supprised but had been with guys before so wasn't shocked.
I asked him would he like to go for coffee and he could tell me about the phone as it was too busy here to get service.
I ordered some coffee for us but we never talked about the phone just about eachother. He had only been with one guy and never a girl but had really liked the guy but had moved away.
I told him I had been with a few but liked women and couples best.
I asked him back to my place which was only 10 minutes away and he agreed.
On the way home he moved over next to me and kissed my neck as he rubbed my cock through my trousers. He then undid them and the zipper and reached in and pulled my cock out. Then he bent over to suck it but was hard with the steering wheel there so I slid the seat back a little so he could get his mouth around it.
My cock was now at full length and his head was bobbing up and down as he sucked my cock. It didn,t take long before my cum was building up and ready to blow. I put my hand on his head and pushed his head down just as my cum burst into his mouth and throat. He gagged a little so I took my hand away so he could get air and the he went down gain and sucked all the remaining cum up and swallowed it. He sat back up and rested his head on my shoulder and played with my limp cock until we arrived at my place.
I tucked my cock back in my trousers and we went inside to the bedroom. He then stripped me off kissing me all over my body, especially my cock and ass.
James removed his clothes and pushed me back on the bed and started working on my cock again " I want it big and hard again so you can fuck me" he said.
Licking, sucking and stroking it soon had it back to its full 8 1/2 inches.
James them asked me if i had any lube as he wanted my huge cock in his ass. I told him it was in the top draw which he got out and smeered some over my cock and his ass.
He got on the bed on his knees and I rubbed the tip of my cock over his tight little hole, then slowly pressed it's head in. James let out a whimper and said to take it easy as this was a lot bigger that the other guy who fucked him. Inch by inch my cock dissapeared into his tight ass. I could feel the resistance but pressed harder until my balls were pressing against his. I held it there for a while until his muscles relaxed and my cock was more free to move.
I stoked it in and out slow at first then harder and with long strokes until my warm cum exploded deep into his ass. I stayed in him until my cock receeded and slipped out.
James collapsed on the bed and I lay along side him. He just was excited that he could take it all and said that it was really good.
I rolled him on his back and took hold of his semi hard cock about 5in and he said " what are you doing"
I replied That I was going to make him cum but he told me the other guy he had been with never touched him just made him suck him off and fuck him.
I said I am not like that and would like to suck you off.
James smiled and said he would like it.
I moved up between his legs and stroked his cock and licked it's tip. Taking it all in my mouth sucking and stroking. It didn't take long before his cum oozed into my mouth and I lapped it up and swallowed it.
We lay there in each others arms for a while and then he said he wanted me in him again which I did but this time was easier and he was more comfortable with it.
After I had filled him with cum I asked him to fuck me. He seemed very supprised but was excited. He lubed my ass and his cock and got in position behind me and pushed his now 6in cock in my ass. It felt really good and was thinking about how it had been his first time and if he was enjoying it too.
He got faster as he got closer to cumming then shot a nice load in my ass.
We showered and i dropped him back at the mall. We met a few times after but he got in a serious relationship with another guy I introduced him to.

Hope you enjoyed it
Robert XX

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2 years ago
Very nice story. Sounded like a great time.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Nice story I like a bit cock to now and. Again