It was Christmas holidays a few years ago and my s****r an her familly came to stay for a week. Jane was 11 years older than me and had a daughter Karen when she was 18. Jane married the father - Jason. Karen was now 23 and looked a stunner. She had been very athetic growing up and was a great gymnast but the size of her breasts made it hard to compete as she got older.
I live in a beach house which is two stories with a roof top deck. It is concreted with a 3foot wall around it for privacy and safety.
After they had been there a few days we had a BBQ on the roof, I was cooking and talking to Karen as my wife Debbie and my s****r chatted about f****y things and Jason was getting very d***k with Karens husband Troy.
Karen was telling me that her and Troy were not getting on as he insists that she has a baby but she says she is not ready and wasn't sure she wanted it with him and he thought she had stopped taking the pill but she said she hadn't. I was quite supprised but listened to all her problems and understood.
After dinner we were standing together having a drink looking at the beach and ocean and Karen remarked how great the view was and told her it was better at night and usually after my wife went to bed early as she always did I would grab a whisky and come up here and watch the waves breaking and drink.
Karen said that I had better bring too drinks up tonight as her husband was pissed and would be passed out by bed time.
About 10pm everyone had gone to bed and were out cold with all the drink they consumed so I grabbed 2 glasses and the whisky and headed to the roof.
Karen was already there leaning against the wall in her short nighty which I could see her brief panties as she bent over. I could feel myself getting hard but has to resist as it was my niece. I filled the glasses and sat them on the wall, Karen was looking down towards the town and asked me what some of the buildings were. I was pointing one out and she wasn't sure which one I was pointing to so moved over and squeezed between me and the wall, her ass pressing against my groin.
I move back a liitle to give her room but she pressed back against me and started moving her ass around.
I told her she shouldn't be doing that but by the time the words came out of my mouth she had slipped her hand around and grabbed my cock through my brief shorts. I asked her what she was doing and she told me that she had wanted me ever since she learnt about sex and whenever she was fucking a guy would wish it was me.
Karen still had her back to me and pulled my shorts down and stroked my cock which was getting hard real fast.She then let go and dropped her nickers down and kicked them aside, then she bend forward and grasped my cock again and rubbed it up and down her wet slit and pressed back to ease the head of my cock in her.
I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her towards me, my cock slipping deep inside her wet virgina, she moaned and said "fuck that feels good, you have such a big cock"
I stroked it in and out only a couple of times before she let out a whimper and shuddered as her orgasm exploded. I held it deep inside her until she had revived and then sped up the strokes and went as deep as I could, her ass pushing back to meet my thrust.Soon my cock was squirting a load of warm cum deep into her cunt and then she burst again and I had to put my hand over her mouth to muffle her screams of delight.
Slowly my penis slipped out of her and she turned and kissed me and told me it was the best ever. She dropped to her knees and took hold of my now limp cock and licked it clean and then took it all in her mouth and lapped her tongue under it. It felt sensational and could feel my cock starting to grow in her warm wet mouth. She pulled it out and said "you are horny tonight".
I told her I would get a mattress off the deck lounge and lay it on the floor for us.
Karen told me she wanted me to lay on my back as she was going to fuck me. She removed my shirt and took her nightie off. I was amazed how such big tits retained their shape without sagging but guessed it was all the exercise she did.
I held those beauties in my hands and sucked on her nipples as I gently sqeezed them. Karen pushed me away and said to lay down as she wanted my cock in her while I was so big.
I laid on my back and she straddled me, held my cock as she lowered herself on it.
She was looking down at it as it slowly dissapeared inside her, she looked back at me and said "if I had known you had a cock this big I would have fucked you along time ago"
Slowly she slid up and down my shaft, grimmishing and the head of my cock pressed against her cervix but wanting it all inside her, sometimes stopping with it as far as it would go then she would wiggle around as if to try to take more of it, but all it did was to make her explode again. This time I could see the look of satisfaction on her face and she just smiled at me and then bent over and kissed me not needing to say anything.
We laid on the mattress and chatted for a while and then asked could I fuck her one more time. She had been playing with my cock all that time as I was with her huge breasts and we were both ready for another fuck.
I stood up and she moved to the centre of the mattress and parted her legs. I knelt between then and rubbed my cock over her clit, her wet flaps and open crevice.
I pushed my cock deep inside her and laid on top of her, kissing her nipples as she ran her hands through my hair. I stroke my cock in and out for what seemed ages and am sure neither of us wanted it to stop but our bodies had other ideas and she had two orgasms before I finally sqirted my last drops of cum deep in her.
This went on for the next three nights but on the second last night i took up some lube as I thought I may have been able to fuck her tits and squirt my come over her face which I did. But the supprise to me was that she told me to lube her ass as she wanted me to fuck her.
She had never done anal before so I took plenty of time lubing her with my fingers and stretching her before I finally moved in behind her and pressed the tip of my cock against her virgin ass.
She moaned heavily as inch by inch my cock slid into her. I could feel the restriction of her tight muscles trying to resist my cock but I persisted and am sure it was painful for Karen but she never asked me to stop but when it was all the way in she told to to wait for a minute to get used to it and get her breath back. After about a minute she wiggled around to make herself more comfortabe and I started to slowly withdraw and then press it back in. All the time I could feel that she was expanding and my cock slipping in and out easier, now I was fucking her deep and long.
Looking at her from behind and watching my cock in her soon had me cumming and sqirting cum into that virgin ass. I pulled it slowly out and as it came away her ass let out a soft fart from the air I must have pushed in.
I went over to the sink and washed my cock with soap, dried it and returned to Karen. She was laying flat on her stomach and said " i don't think I can close my legs", we both giggled and i put my arm around her and assured her the pain would ease.
She told me that tomorrow night was the last and wanted to make it special and to do every position we had done including anal. I was shocked but what could I say.

Hope you liked it and read my others if you do

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Makes for a fantastic read - very credible.
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love your story next.
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freaky. loved it
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good form, bro.
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Great story man :)
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Well done
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good read thanks
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good story :)