Cindy and I laid on the bed after some wild sex inspired by seeing her parents playing around with another couple and Cindy was trying to work out a way of me fucking her mother.
I asked Cindy what time she went to the shower amenities at the holiday park and did her husband go at the same time.
She told me they usually went at sepparate times and her mother went aound 4pm each afternoon.
I said to her I might wait for her and chat her up this afternoon.
Cindy said 'but how will you get her to fuck you'
I told her to leave that to me.
Later that afternoon after Cindy had gone back to her parents van I waited around not far from their van on the path to the amenity block.
Sure enough a bit after 4pm the mother was walking my way. I pretended to come out of another van as she walked by.
I said hello and she said hello back and looked me up and dowm as I only had my swim shorts on. I told her I hadn't seen her around but she told me she had been out a lot while camping her.
I said "yes i saw you down the beach today"
Her head swung around fast and she said " you saw me naked"
"yes" I said " and thought you had a hot body, and looked like you enjoyed more than one cock'
Her head dropped down a little and she looked at my bulge developing in my shorts.
She said " looks like I turned you on'
I pointed to my cabin and said why don't you join me, you can have a shower in my cabin.
She stared at me for a few moments and said 'why not'
When we went inside she dropped her towel and change of clothes on the floor, threw her arms around me and then slid her hand down my shorts.
I manoeuvred her to the bedroom where she sat on the bed as i removed my shorts.
" Oh fuck she said where have you been hiding that cock it is so fucking big'
I would have like to have told her that for the past week it was buried deep in all her daughter crevices.
She (Susan) took it in her hand and then slid it into her mouth. She stroked it as she sucked. She was very experienced the way she used her tongue and her hand massaging my balls. When I came she swallowed as fast as I could squirt it down her throat.
Her cunt was so wet and as I chewed on her clit her juices were all over my face. I was sure she had been fucked by that other guy today as she was pretty stretched and tonguing her was sure there was still some cum of his there.
Her orgasm was fast and furious, bucking and wriggling around until it subsided.
Susan said 'that was great now fuck me with that huge monster you have there.
i moved over on top of her and slid my cock deep into her, she moaned as it rammed into her cervix and started to shake and shudder as she came again.
I made sure it was hard and rough sex cause I new she wanted it that way by how she was thusting her pelvis up as I was slamming it in
She came again just before I blew my load in her. When I pulled my cock out we laid the for a while kissing and she was holding my cock.
She supprised me by saying " my husband would like your cock too"
I looked her in the eyes and said " is he into guys too'
"yes he loves to suck cock and take it up his ass"
I said to her he should bring him around for drinks after dinner tonight.
"ok " she "said I will ask him. How about 7:30"
That will be fine I told her. We headed into the shower and i fucked her one more time against the wall with her legs wrapped around me.
Cindy came over about half an hour later and wanted to know all the details and I told her that both her parents were coming over tonight.
" What dad too"
Yes your mother told me he likes cock too.
"I want to watch tonight but don't want them to see me"
I told her it would be dark when they come over and I would leave the curtain of the bedroom open so she could watch. I could put the bedside light on which wouldn't light her up and would be dark outside and my cabin backed up to a fence so nobody could see her watching.
7:30 came and there was a knock at the door. I opened it and Susan introduced me to her husband Brian.
Brian said " Susan said you were watching us on the beach today'
I couldn't deny it but said I was going to go down but looked a bit crowded.
I handed them a glass of wine which we sipped while we talked about the beach.
Susan got up and came over and knelt between my legs.
I said we should go to the bedroom and get naked.
When we all had our clothes off I walked by the window and could just make out Cindy with a grin on her face.
Susan pushed me back on the bed and started kissing me, then I felt Brians hand around my cock, then his wet tongue as he licked it's tip.
Susan stopped kissing me and watched her husband sucking on my cock. She seemed to be enjoying it so much she had her hand between her legs rubbing her clit.
My balls were building up ready to blow when he slid a finger into my ass and my cum shot deep into his throat. He swallowed it all and squeezed the last few drops out of it.
Brian went to the bathroom and I moved down on Susan licking her sticky wet pussy. I buried my face in it and shook my head side to side. I slid a finger into her ass as far as I could and chewed on her clit. Her body convulsed as her orgasm exploded, ramming her cunt into my face.
By this time my cock was hard again and Brian asked me to take him.
I grabbed some lube off the bedside table and told him to get on his knees.
I moved in behind him and pressed the head of my cock into his ass. He told me to take it slow as he had never had one so big.
Susan moved around behind us so she could watch my cock fucking her husband. She played with my balls and stroked Brians cock. He was tight and he moaned from the pain of having 8 1/2in slipping in and out of his ass. I sped up ramming it as deep as I could and Susan was sqeezing my ball harder and stroking him faster. My cock soon filled with cum as it shot a lood deep in his ass, he moaned as his own cock started to squirt cum all over the bed.
I slid my cock out of his ass, looked at the window and smiled and headed to the bathroom to clean my cock.
I fucked Susan twice more that night and in between Brian would suck my cock hard again her her.
They left about midnight and gave me their phone number in case I was in their district and wanted more on the same as they were leaving to go home in the morning.
I looked out the window but Cindy had gone, probably to be home before them.
Susan and Brian were packing up their van to get ready to go when Cindy said that she was going to say goodbye to her friend.
Her mother said "don't be long we will be going in an hour"
"Don't worry mum I won't be long Robert just lives in that cabin up by the amenities so will be back soon
Both her parents just stopped doing what they were doing and just looked at eachother in silence.

Hope you liked it will be back with more true stories

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yes I loved it wish there was a campground like that one here
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I would love to hear more friend it was awesome