I was about 7am the next morning and I had been up and showered, shaved and put on some shorts when there was a soft knock at the door.
On opening the door I was supprised to see Cindy standing there. I asked what she was doing here so early and said her parents went fishing early and will be back at lunch time and wanted to see me.
I asked her if she wanted some breakfast and she said yes I want to eat you first.
With that we headed into the bedroom, I removed her bikini top and shorts which was all she had on and pulled my shorts down.
We laid on the bed and kissed and I played with her nipple as she rubbed my cock.
It wasn't too long before she turned around on the bed and leaned over my cock and took it in her mouth. The way she was laying gave me a good view of her tight young pussy and made it easy for me to finger and play with her clit.
Cindy was now stroking fast and taking as much of my 10 inches as she could into her warm wet mouth. My fingers were rubbing her little hard clit and I would frequently slip a finger in and out of her, making her moan with pleasure.
I could feel my cum building up and I felt Cindy could sense what was going to happen and stroked faster and sucked harder until my cock errupted into her mouth and throat. I could her her gulpping as fast as I was squirting it into her, my body shaking with delight and I think I really was ramming my finger in her as well but was occupied with my orgasm I didn't know if I had hurt her or not.
Cindy slowly slipped her mouth from my cock licking the few last drops from it's tip.
She turned around and laid on top of me and said " How was that".
All I could say was that " you are so hot babe and you really know how to suck cock".
She got up and went to the fridge and must have got some milk or orange juice to wash down my cum.
Cindy looked so excited and lively as she jumped on the bed and started kissing my neck and then mouth.
I asked her if she had ever used a vibator or dildo on herself but she hadn't but seen them in mags.I got up and went to my drawer and pulled out a bag of sex toys. I showed them all to her and explained how they were used.
I had a 7in vibrator, a vibrating egg, 9in dildo, cock ring, anal beads and some lube.
She was quite excited by them and wanted to try them all.
First of all I turned the vibator on slow and rubbed it over her clit. I could see by the expression on her face that she was enjoying it. Slowly I eased in into her and her first orgasm exploded and went on for ages as I stoked it in and out. Next I took the egg and gently pushed it in as far as it would go and turned it on. She just went wild rolling around rubbing her clit and moaning.
her next orgasm was more explosive and I could see sweat developing on her brow.
I pulled the egg out slowly and she caught her breath.
I got her to put the cock ring on me which she was excited to do and wanted me to fuck her with it on but I had other ideas and told her "not yet".
I told her to lay face down on the bed and then raise herself up on her knees so her arse was pointing up.
I took the lube and put some on my finger and her ass and pussy. I then took the 9in dildo and slowly parted her pussy lips with it's tip and then slowly pushed it in as far as it would go.
Cindy moaned with delight as I slid it in and out. While I was dildo fucking her I slowly slipped a finger into her ass, stoking it in and out, twisting it and trying to stretch her tight little hole.
I removed the dildo after her next orgasm and pussed the anal beads into her now gaping virgina just to let her feel them before I inserted them into her ass.
I took my finger from Cindi's ass and replaced it with the beads. Slowly watching the beads dissapear inside her tight ass. First the smallest bead then the next size slowly working up to the biggest bead and all 10 inches into her.
All the time she just moaned or told me to take it slower. When she had relaxed I moved them in and out a few times, then removed them.
I knelt on the bed behind her and and pressed the tip of my now precum oozing cock against her now ready to fuck ass. I moved the cock ring down so at
8 inches it would press against butt and the ring would move up my cock if she could take more.
It took about a minute and a half to finally squeeze my cock into that virgin ass. She kept saying that I was tearing her apart but didn't want me to stop, but to start fucking her.
I held her hips as I pulled her towards me, my cock now up to the ring inside her. Cindy sounded as if she was crying but when I asked her she said it was only the joy she was receiving so I kept fucking her tight little ass, but watching my cock dissapearing deep inside her was getting me closer to cumming. I put my hand down and slid the cock ring up to the base of my cock and slid it all the way in her. She screamed with pain and pleasure and my load shot deep into her ass. I fucked her till the last drop had been sqeezed out and then slowly slid it out. As it came out her ass kind of farted but was the air I had pushed in there. I looked at my cock and thank goodness there was no bl**d on it.
She was still in the same position and her ass was wide open and couldn't resist fingering it with 2 fingers and watching my cum ooze out. I grabbed some tissues and wiped her ass clean, removed my cock ring and rolled her over on the bed.
At first she looked in shock but when she spoke she was excited and overwhelmed
but the whole morning, with all the toys and then having her virgin ass fucked was better than anything else she had ever done..
After loads of kissing and cuddles we got up and had a late breakfast both naked and chatting about what had happened.
The rest of the morning was spent playing with the toys and yes she did ass fuck me first with the beads and then the dildo.
Cindy left just before lunch as she was expecting her parents home but promised she would be back when ever she could.


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