I had just arrived back at the van park I was staying at for a weeks holiday. I had been out riding my bicycle along the beachfront paths for over 3 hours and needed a shower to refresh myself.
I went to the amenity block and threw my towel and clothes in a stall and went for a piss at the urinal which was on the same wall as the door.
I was half way through my piss when the door opened and to my supprise it was a young girl about 14 or 15, she just stood there staring at my cock, probably part supprised she was in the Mens room or mesmerised by the sight of my huge cock which was growing with every second she was looking.
She said "sorry I think I am in the wrong place'
I said "don't worry if you didn't come here you would have missed seeing my cock"
She just smiled and I said "maybe you would like to join me for a shower in my cubical"
She said that someone might come in and see us.
I convinced her that I would lock our cubical door and as long as we were quiet no one would know.
Cindy was hesitant so I walked over to her and took her hand and guided her to the disabled shower which was 4 times as big as the others and had a bench, basin, shower and cistern. I then grabbed my towel and clothes from the other cubical and locked our door.
I hung them on the hooks along side hers and moved over to her and pulled her towards me and kissed her gently on the lips. I then asked her if she liked my cock and she said she had only seen two and mine was alot bigger.
She told me that she had had sex with these two other school friends and would really like to feel mine inside her.
With that I removed her bikini top and shorts. Her body was slim and her breasts small but inproportion to her young body. Kissing her on the lips. then her neck and moving down to her hard nipples and gently nibbling and licking them.
Cindy was now breathing heavy and knew she would be getting wet so I slid my hand down between her legs and ran my finger over her slit and parting her lips, feeling her little clit and gently rubbing it.
Now she was mine, she would have liked to cum there and then but I had other plans. I pulled away and removed my shirt, shorts and briefs. I then took her hands and placed them around my hard 8 inch cock, with mine around hers started stroking it.
I was watching her and she never took her eyes off it. I told her it felt really nice and to keep doing it as I removed my hands and let her stroke it.
After a few minutes I pushed her back onto the bench and stood infront of her with my cock about neck high on her and asked her to lick the tip which was covered in precum. Cindy hesitated so i put my hand behind her head and pulled her to my cock. She took it in one hand and slowly licked my juice from it, all the time staring up at me watching the pleasure on my face. Slowly she took the head into her mouth, still watching my reaction, as her tongue licked up and down the bottom of my shaft.
She now started to take a few more inches into her mouth and stroked the shaft with her hand. After a few minutes I could feel my cum swell up and ready to explode. I told Cindy that I was going to cum and if she didn't want it in her mouth it was ok but to keep stroking it. Cindy just looked up at me and blinked her eyes and kept sucking and stroking.
I put my hand on the side of her face and could feel my cock stretching her her mouth wide and then my cum started to shoot up my penis and into her throat. She gagged a little at first and let the cum run out of her mouth but kept sucking as my cock ejaculated 3 or 4 more loads into her.
I pulled her head away and squeezed the last remaining cum over her little tits and wiped it on her nipples. She had cum dripping out of her mouth so I pulled her up and licked my warm juice from her chin and lips. We then kissed and I told her that she was great and very hot for her age.
She told me she had never done that before but had seen some porn movies and wanted to try it and loved it.
I took my towel and laid it on the bench and laid her down on it. At this moment I think she thought I was going to fuck her but I wanted to lick and suck that tight young pussy before I stretched it wide and filled it with cum.
I leaned over her and kissed her lips, then neck, nipples and then down her stomach. I parted her legs wide and moved between them and lowered my face into her wet fairly hairless virgina.
My tongue flicked and stroked her clit as my finger eased it's way slowly into her tight cunt. She moaned and groaned as my tongue teased her and my finger stretched her. I took her clit between my teeth and gently nibbled on it and my finger drove deep inside her.
She let out a squeal and shuddered as she exploded into an orgasm. Her body shook and rocked and she gasped for breath as her body errupted again and again.
Soon her body went limp but her breathing was still heavy and I removed my finger slowly causing her to moan again. I sat and watched as her cum juice weeped out of her. I leant down and licked it up with my tongue savering the taste of a young girls cum.
I moved up on top of her and kissed her and she started licking my lips wanting to taste her come. Feverishly her tongue licked me and then into my mouth trying not to miss any.
I was now in a position to enter her so I reached down and rubbed my penis over her clit. I could feel her open her legs wide, maybe thinking that would help accept my huge cock into her tight little pussy.
I didn't want to wait too long as she was still very wet and her muscles relaxed from her orgasm so I slowly pressed the head of my cock between her flaps. Loooking at her face she looked frightened so I told her not to worry I would take it very slow allowing her to stretch and to stop me if it hurt too much.
I pushed and now had about 3 inches into her when she put her hand against my chest and said to wait. I stopped pushing and leaned down and kissed her and told her she was the hottest girl I had ever been with. She returned my kisses passionately and raised her body a bit as if to say she wanted more.
I gently eased my cock deeper into her until I could feel that she couldn't take any more. I had at least 6in so was pleased she could take so much at her age.
Slowly I started to stroke it in and out. She moaned with every stroke and the feel of her tight cunt around my hard cock had me ready to cum again but I wanted to hold off long enough for her to stretch wider and take my cock more easily. I would stroke for a few times and then stop and relax kissing her and telling her how good she felt.
She was now starting to breathe heavy again and knew she was about to come so I sped up the strokes and slammed my cock in and out both our bodies moving in unision. She started to explode just one stroke before me and luckily nobody else was in the shower block and we both let out cries of satisfaction, knowing we came together and how explosive it was.
We laid there for a while until my cock went limp and slowly slipped out of her juice filled cunt.
I climbed off her but leant down and licked our cum that was weeping out of her and then she pulled me up and said she wanted some too so I let it run out of my mouth and into hers.
We both jumped under the shower and washed eachother down. We then toweled eachother off her paying particular attention to my cock. Stoppingg her I said won't your parents be missing you and she told me they had left her in the park and had taken their boat out and gone fishing,
I couldn't resist, she had made me hard again wiping me down so I pressed up against the wall raised her up with my hands under her thighs and lowered her down on my cock. Slowly raising her up and down nibbling on eachothers necks and my cock went slowly in and out of her. She came first just as I had lowered her further down on my cock than she had been and the feeling of me so deep in her or touching her 'G' spot made her burst into another orgasm followed closley by mine.
We both nearly collapsed as I lifted her off my cock and we held eachother tight for ages.
We got dressed and I checked that no one was around and beckoned her to the door. I pointed to the cabin I was staying in and told her any time she wanted me to come around. We were both there for the week so alot happened and will post the next episode soon- as HER SUPPRISE 2

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did her

93% (97/8)
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Great story
2 years ago
great story
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smokin' hot
2 years ago
He gets 6 inches into her and he's pleased, I don't think so if his cock was longer. My sister is tall and at 15 well developed for her age. She says she can get almost 7 inches of a dildo in her and more if it's a man but if he's reaching her cervix and the root of his cock isn't wedged into her slit it's no good for her. Short, thick, long lasting and really hard is what she says she likes best and if he has plenty of cum to put in her that's best of all.
2 years ago
Very good yes part 2 mmmmm
2 years ago
very hot. I love camp showers!
2 years ago
great story!!
2 years ago
Love it! Campsites are great places to pick up girls!
2 years ago
Can't wait for Part 2 Robert. This is one real horny story. Got me rock solid. 10 out of 10.