Daughter's friend

When my daughter was in her early teens she had lots of friends come over to swimm in our pool. There was one girl Nikki who was very petite and gorgeous looking. Her breasts were just starting to develop and her body taking shape. Nikki was always friendly to me, more than the other girls who came over.
I often used to swim in the pool on hot days while she was there. One day while I was in the pool I adjusted my cock so it was pointing up to my navel in my skimpy trunks. I got out of the pool and laid on my back and as she passed by she looked over and was instantly shocked and couldn't take her eyes off it. When she saw me looking at her she went all red, then smiled and turned away.
My wife used to take both my girls to netball every Saturday and would be gone nearly all day.
It was a Saturday just after Nikki had seen my cock through my trunks that she called over for a swim. When she came to the door I told her that my girls were out and said she knew and wasn't them she came to see.
She was wearing her bikini and had a towel over her shoulder and asked could we swim together.
I told her to get into the pool and would join her when I had my trunks on. When
I came out I noticed her bikini and towel on the chair and she had a big grin on her face and said to take mine off, which I did instantly and dived into the pool.
She swam over to me and clasped her hand around my cock. I pulled her towards me and kissed her lips. I said that we shouldn't be doing this and she just laughed and said that she had wanted me for a long time and had seen me watching her in the pool. She said that she knew I wanted her when she saw my hard cock in my trunks that day.
I asked her had she ever had sex with a guy and she told me about how her older cousin fucked her a few times.
With that I moved my hands down to her tiny breasts and ran my fingers around her nipples. She pulled my cock towards her virgina but I resisted and said not in the pool, I want to enjoy you and would be much better in bed.
We showered and dried eachother off, my cock was stiff as a board and was weeping precum. When we got to the bed I laid down and told her to stroke my cock, then said I wanted her to lick my precum off which she was hesitant to do but soon was licking it up. "take it in your mouth" I said and she slowly opened her mouth and slid the head beteen her lips.
"I have never done anything like this before" she said and I told her it is normal for couples to have oral sex and to make eachother cum with their mouths.
She held my hard cock while she then took my of my cock in her mouth, and I told her to stroke it as she did. Soon my cum was building up ready to squirt, thinking that I didn't want to turn her off for her first time I told her I was going to cum and to take me mouth away and keep stroking while I cum.
My first ejaculation shot staight up onto her neck and my next on her tiny left tit, the rest just oozing over her hand.
She was supprised, in shock, excited as she had never seen a guy cum. "wow" she said "do other girls take that in their mouth", "and also swallow it" I said.
"I think you should taste some so you know what it is like if we do it again".
She hesitated but licked the tip of my cock and took a little at first and then licked up some more. I pulled her up to me and kissed and licked her cum covered lips and told her she is really hot.
I rolled her on her back and licked her hard nipples while my finger explored her tight wet virgina. She asked me to put it in ( meaning my cock) but I had other plans.
I kissed my way down her body until my tongue was licking her small hard clit. She moaned and spread her legs wide, as I inserted my finger deeper and licked her clit.
I had noticed that her breathing became more rapid and louder as she enjoyed her first oral orgasm. She squealled and her body convulsed and my finger rapidly slid in and out as I chewed on her clit.
Her body went limp but she was panting for air as I removed my finger and headed to the bathroom to wash my face even though I liked the taste of her juices a lot of girls aren't into that and this was her first time.
We laid there for a while chatting about what had happened and how good it felt.
My cock was now hard again and as I kissed her I moved over on top of her and held my cock and rubbed in on her clit.
She just stared into my eyes as my cock slowly inched it's way into her tight pussy. She grimmaced a few times as my cock stretched her wide open. She had told me earlier that my cock was a lot bigger than her cousins.
I was now deep inside her as far as it could go. She pulled away abit to release the pressure from the back of her virgina and then feverishly kissed and told me how good it felt and wanted it in there for ever.
I slowly started to stroke it in and out gently allowing her muscles to relax and accept this huge intrusion. She soon started to move her body to meet my strokes and she exploded into another orgasm. I could feel now that she was wetter and looser so started to stroke faster. She responded with some "YES YES FUCK ME ROBERT IT FEELS SO GOOD "
My strokes became longer and faster and couldn't tell by her reaction if she was cumming but looked like it was one continuous orgasm.
My balls were now swelling up ready to shoot a large load on cum in her. My
rythym became erratic as cum squirted deep inside her and her making even louder with her screams of pain and pleasure.
I collapsed on top of her small frame and could feel the limpness of my cock being pressed out of her tight wet cunt.
We laid there for minutes without saying anything just staring into each others eyes and occasionally just a little kiss and lots of smiles.
Then I said " I hope I didn't hurt you" she said "it did at first and a little and now you have taken it out is tingling but when I was cumming it felt so good"
She sucked me off a little later swallowing some of my cum and we also fucked again before we dived into the pool to cool down.
We got together regularly on Saturdays and also she skipped school a few times and I booked a motel for us.
Later that year she moved up the coast and recently I heard that she had married and moved a bit further away.
We did catch up a few years later and will write in next story
Daughter's Friend 2

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2 years ago
Amazing story!
2 years ago
great story.cant wait 4 part 2
2 years ago
I had older guy fucking me when I was young and I liked it.
2 years ago
Good story!
2 years ago
great your best yet
2 years ago
Loved it.
2 years ago
AWESOME story thanks for posting it