Mate's s****r and friend

One Saturday afternoon I decided to go over to my mate Max's place. His parents always go to the races on Saturdays so thought I would catch up and maybe turn the music up.
As usual their door is always open so I walked in and down the hall to his room, but he wasn't there then I heard some giggles from across the hall from his s****r's bedroom. I put my head around the door and saw his s****r Linda and her friend Immy in the single bed together with a sheet thrown over them.
I noticed Immy laying on her side and could see her arm moving under the sheet towards Linda's groin. Linda was on her back with her eyes closed with a contented smile on her face.
I watched for a few moments and Linda started to quiver and shake and I knew she had cum.
I stepped inside the room and Linda looked up with a fright. Immy rolled onto her back and said 'What do you want'. I said 'What are you pair up to' as if I didn't know. They both blushed and I moved towards them and sat on the edge of the bed.
They were both only thirteen and I was sixteen,I had been with a few girls and one woman a lot older than me who had taught me all about sex and what women liked. I knew that Immy had had sex with a guy from school but believed Linda to be a virgin.
'I have been watching you for a while and saw what Immy was doing to you Linda' who immediately blushed. Immy denied it so I reached under the blanket and grabbed her hand and held it up to my nose and said ' it smells like you were making her cum'. Then they both went red.
Linda said 'you won't tell anyone will you'
I said 'no not if you let me touch you both too.
With that I slid my hand down Immy's body to her wet naked pussy and started rubbing her clit.Linda pulled down the sheet so she could watch.
After a minute or so I moved around beteen her legs and buried my face in her wet pussy. She said " what are you doing" I said " I am going make you cum with my tongue. Apparently neither girl had done or seen this before but it wasn't long before Immy had her first tongue licking orgasm which was very intense and her juices flowed into my mouth. Immy just moaned and held my head down there and Linda watched intensely. When I got up I leaned over and kissed Linda on the mouth giving her a taste of Immy's warm sweet cum.
Linda asked would I do that to her too, so I climbed over on the other side of the bed and gently rubbed her clit as I looked into her eyes.
Moving down my tongue lapped at her clit as my finger slid in and out of her tight pussy. I could hear her breathing heavily and her body pushing down to meet my tongue and finger. A steam of hot wet cum shot into my mouth and she screamed with enjoyment. Her body tossing and turning, her screaming continuing as her body kept ejaculating her cum. My mouth and face was covered, I removed my finger from her hole and she sighed and slumped on the bed, exhausted from this wild orgasm.
I said to them 'what are you going to do for me' and they just looked at eachother, so I stood up along side the bed and removed my shirt and jeans. They
both gazed at the bulge in my shorts and I slowly pulled them off.
They both gasped when they saw my 8in cut cock. Immy said 'wow that is bigger than Davids'. I moved closer and sat on the edge of the bed took Immy's hand and placed it around my cock. I held my hand on hers and started to stroke it, telling her to keep doing it while I fingered her pussy. I wanted to cum first so I wouldn't blow my load entering her as my second orgasm would take longer.
I stopped her and told her to get up and I laid on the bed and told her to start stroking again. I pulled Linda over to me and started kissing her lips, my hand then moving down and my finger once again rubbing her clit.
I the told Linda I wanted her to suck my cock while Immy stroked it.
She looked a bit shocked but reminded her that I did it to her. I told her how to lick it's tip and then slide her mouth over it and use her tongue to lick under it's tip.
It didn't take long and could feel my balls swelling up ready yto shoot my load.
I moved Linda away and told Immy not to stop when I started to cum and keep going until the last drop came out. My cum shot into the air supprising both girls making wooing noises like they were watching fireworks. Immy did as she was told and kept stroking until the last drop squeezed out. I told them I wanted both of them to taste it so when they suck me off next time they will take it in their mouth. Both girls took it in turn to lick some off my cock and Immy still had her hand around it covered in cum. I said to Linda to get some tissues and clean me and Immy up.
While she was gone Immy leaned over and kissed me and asked if I would fuck her as she wanted to feel my big cock inside her. Linda came back and wiped the cum off both of us. Immy rolled over along side me and we kissed. I told Linda that I wanted her to stroke me and make me hard again as I was going to fuck Immy.
It didn't take long and my cock was as hard and ready to enter Immy's tight wet hole.
I moved over on top of her and rubbed the head of my penis over her clit and the slowly pressing the head in. I looked at her and could she that it was stretching her I left it there for a few seconds and then slowly pushed another 2 inches into her. I noticed that Linda had moved to the end of the bed to get a better look at the penetration. I leant down and tongue kissed Immy which seemed to relax her muscles and I now had 3/4 of it in her. Immy's eyes had glazed over with pleasure and she said 'Fuck me i want it all in me' So I withdrew a little and pushed it deep into her. She let out a scream, not from pain but pleasure as her orgasm exploded around my cock. She was huffing and puffing as I stroked it in and out of her and her orgasm still coming. My cock was ready to blow, so I kissed her again and said "baby I am going to fill yo with cum. That got her hotter then ever and when I started to squirt my warm cum into her she burst into orgasm again, shaking her head from side to side, wriggling her body under me, moaning and saying 'Yes Yes Yes - oh fuck that was great'.
When my limp cock finally slipped out of her I rolled over on my back. I saw Linda just staring in disbelief and what she had just witnessed I told her to clean us up and could use her tongue if she liked but still in shock she grabbed some more tissues and wiped my cock clean. I told her that my cum would be leaking out of Immy and to clean it up too. To my supprise and Immy too, she bent down and started licking our cum up and swallowing it. She then went to the bathroom and I could hear spitting some of it out that was still in her mouth and washing the rest down with water
We all laid on the bed with me in the middle, both girls kissing me and taking turns to storke my cock.
Immy jumped up with a fright as she had seen the clock and was supposed to be home 30 minutes ago. She quickly go dressed and kissed me and told me it was the best ever and we will do it again.
When she had gone Linda rolled over facing me and whispered to me that she was a virgin but wanted to try it with me and would I mind if I only put a bit of it in her incase it hurt too much.I told her I would take it easy and she could stop me at any time. I decided that fingering her for a while would stretch her and wouldn't be so painful. My hand reached down as we kissed and my finger rubbed on her clit and parted her wet lips. Slowly I pressed one finger deep inside her. stroking it in and out she seem to be enjoying it by here feverish kissing so I inserted another finger. Linda moaned a little but soon settled.
After a few minutes I moved over on top of her and told her to hold my cock and guide it in. She wrapped her fingers around it and pressed it's head in as I moved forward. I told her to stroke it a little, thinking it would take her mind off what was to come.
Slowly I lowered myself and another inch slid in. She didn't say anything just was looking at me expecting pain to strike at any moment. I now had enough in to know that I was going to break the hymen when I went deeper. I said to her that if I go further that i woulnd take her virginity and she said yes I want you to. I pushed a bit deeper and watched as she was biting her bottom lips trying to put up with being stretched open. I wiped her sweaty brow with my hand and she smiled at me. Slowly I inched my way in stopping each time I saw her face grimace. I had more than my eight inches in when she started to raise her body to get more in her so I lowered myself down filling her with my cock and our groins now touching. She kissed me frantically and said it felt so big in her but am glad she let me do it.
Slowly I withdrew a few inches and pressed it back in, she shook as her body burst into orgasm. Kissing me frantically as I stroked it in and out, her tightness pumping my cum up ready to shoot. She could feel what was going to happen and she came again just before I exploded deep inside her.
Collapsing on top of her we were both sweaty and kissing eachotherss face.
My cock was limp so move along side of her. To my supprise she moved down and took my limp cock into her mouth and started licking it. Asking her later why she did that she said she always wanted to remember the the taste of our first mixed cum forever.
We had many a good time either as a threesome or just one on one. The girls never got together alone again but we did have some great get togethers.
Maybe one day I will tell you about them.

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FUcking awesome story!
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your best yet
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