Growing up with a nudist stepmom & mom.

Growing up started puberty early compared to most boys.
At age 10 I started to grow noticible hair on my balls and around the base of my cock.
My own mom seen this and took note..
But my step mom did not see me naked until I was 13.
At age 11 I also learned about masturbation and would often do it daily, if not several times a day...
At age 11, I already had alot of hair growing thick around my balls and a happy trail of it growing from above.

I had my own room and it overlooked the pool where my stepmom often sunbathed in the nude and I would often stroke and suck myself until I cummed while watching her..
At age 13 I caught her masturbating and she caught me watching her after I had been already watching her for months.
We started having sex and I know that I am not the only guy to be fucking his step mom at age 14, But my step mom still got lots of dick from my dad and he never suspected I was also banging her when he was gone..
We started swimming nude together in our pool and I seen how she always looked at me and my big dick.
I think she teased me as much as I teased her and often she spread her legs wide and also spread her cunt lips to the sun also.
I would get erections in front of her and my step s*s and later on afterwards my step mom and I would fuck hard core while my step s*s was at work.
My step s*s knew well that my cock when erect is 12 1/4" long and sometimes her girlfreinds would ask me out, Just to see it for themselves!
I know kim had no idea I as fucking her mom also and until she caught us she would often tease me too and at bedtime she would wear just panites and walk around the house even when my dad was home.
I found out later that he was banging her also and thatmy step mom knew it also...
When her mom and I first started to have sex she was amazed that at my young age my penis was so large.
In comparison m dad's cock erect is 8 1/2" long, But for some reason (probably my mom's side of the f****y) MY penis hangs limp at about the size my dad's cock is erect!
The first time my step mom seen me erect was standing outside of the bathroom door to her and dad's bedroom that she had left cracked slightly ajar as she was pumping her huge thick candles in and out of her pussy and ass...
I was using both hands and occasionaly licking my precum from the head as I watched her standing in the bathroom with my speedo at my ankles as I watched her.
I was amazed at how this petite blonde woman could take so much cock and thinking about how I wanted to fuck her someday..
When she caught me she ordered me into the bedroom and standing with my cock only partially hiddn by my hands (remember I am very long and very thick in the cock) She asked me to pull my hands away from my cock and shes spread her legs wide and asked if I was ready to be a 'Real Man"????

She praised me for my cock and said that was why she was horny all the time an that seeing my hard cock made her cum so hard she had to do it again and again..

We had sex, but you might call it love, As we said things that only lovers say and the talk was downright nasty at times..
She made it known that she loved my cock and even measured it and took pictures of it for herself with the tape measure against it...

Secretly we fucked almost every day after school now
She liked her 15" long candles, So my real 12 1/4" incher was fine with her.
She loved to share sucking on my cock and was the first woman to watch me do it to completion..
Up until I was 16 we continued to fuck and she taught me how to fuck her ass and she even was such a hard core piece of ass that she would greedily suck my cock till I cummed again after having fucked her in the ass, Many times I seen the shit still on my cock as i withdrew from her ass, and she would swallow all that she could of my dick afterwards while still dirty.
She even likes it when I fuck her cunt after having already fucked her ass for a long time and she never complained so far.

My step mom is still one of only two women that have been able to suck my entire cock all the way to my balls and hold me there as I cummed.
I used to think she did this so as not to taste my cum, but I learned otherwise when she told me one day she always loves my cum and the taste of it and how I do cum in large shots.
After my step s*s kim caught us fucking and it was now out in the open, Kim started to be more of a tease and would bring friends over knowing that I may be naked at home also.
Many times I seen her class mates naked in the pool with her and I would be the only man there..
I got pussy even when I did not want it !!!!
It's hard to say NO when it's wet and ready for you and one did nothing to get it.

I even seen how my own mom looked at me and knew the sight of my cock limp or hard drove her nuts too...
She confided that since birth she knew I had a big one..
It's sort of wild hearing it from your own mom though....,
After my mom and dad had got divorced and she was dating alot I seen her naked often when I stayed with her on the weekends.
I learned that dad was a skilled lover, but that he was not as kinky as she liked and that their sex life faded.
the way she stared at my cock sometimes even when still in my underwear was sometimes fun.
Like for instance, I wore my tightest boxers only while watching movies with her and I knew she could see my own cock's entire outline and with alot of detail because I could see it also.
I could see my head and some veins in great detail and as she laid with her head on my lap and I pretended to be watching only the tv and I seen her staring at my cock instead of the screen.
She started to rub my leg and getting closer and closer to my cock it started to grow hard !
I looked at her in only her sports bra and panties and it did not help matters that her panties where see thru..
I could see mom's dark trimmed bush and she even smelled like it was wet also and ready as she touched me..
When the movie had a sex scene that showed actual penitration and actor was moaning on screen as she cummed my mom watched her only for mere moments and stared at my cock straining to be set free...
I knew she wanted cock, but she was my mom and I could not do it...
But I wanted to.
Mom asked me if I liked to fuck and how often did I do it????

Weeks later she and I watched movies again and she took a shower and came out with only her towel on, and sat with me naked drying her hair , and her 36DD's hung looking so full and firm and I got hard a stone again.
Her nipples where hard as hell and very large, Like thick penicils..

This time she told me that she liked how I was "Horse Hung" and we talked about sex and how things where with her lovers and I shared things about my lovers.
She was shocked to learn that I had been fucking my own step mother also and after that she did not hide her body from me anymore when I was around her..
We have been able to masturbate while watching each other and she has seen m self suck and showed me she likes to suck on her own tit's while masturbating.
She has seen me fuck my girfriend and we have watched her and her boyfriend fucking across the room from each other and it was such a turn on having your own mom watching and talking about the size of my cock, When her lovers cock is only 7" inches long,
Just Saying !!!!

90% (50/6)
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1 month ago
Very beautiful tale.
9 months ago
Good story about fucking.... but where is border line, we have brain to fuck when, whom and why...?
Your dad aand you are kind of bastards (like donkey which fucking sisters, mom,...)
1 year ago
2 years ago
For a guy to brag about his dick exploits, fucking his step-mother and step-sister and others, but he could expose himself in all sorts of undressed array with his mother "...she was my mom and I could not do it..." suddenly has morals about his birth mother!! Bullshit.

His mother, accoording to him, begged, pleaded and did everything she possibly could to get him to fuck her, everything except for forcing his dick into her pussy. What an infantile way to tease is mother, lead her on, and leave her desires unfulfilled!
2 years ago
Great stuff!
2 years ago
Great family!
2 years ago
sounds completely fake.