sara, a friends wife and two other women at once.

I used to work as an structual steel ironworker for a company that traveled alot to do each project.

On one of the jobs I shared a two bedroom apartment with a co worker that was married to save money and help out on expenses.

, I was single at the time.

His wife is named sara .

She is a dark haired, Thin, Tall steamy beauty and has a nice pair of big tits and seems to like showing them off alot by the way she dresses.

She is a hot woman

My room mate was her husband.
After two weeks she moved in to stay with us and she only went home now and then to check on things..

At first I only seen her in nightgowns and the like before bed and late at night. But as time went by ( months)... she got more comfortable wearing just panties and bras and t shirts with NO bra on underneath around me and with her husband present as we all got comfortable watching movies, etc.

And I started to see more and more of her exposed, In more ways than one..


I did not know it at the time, But her husband was not satisfying her in bed enough anymore...

Because I am a very well endowed man I caught her looking at me more than once also and smiled every time I caught her looking.

My cock soft (limp) hangs around 8 to 8 1/2" normally

Even in gym shorts and underwear on you can still see me dick..

Erect I am proud of being 12 1/4" long and very thick to boot...( see my pictures)

Several times I caught her looking at my crotch.

I could see that I was easily twice as long LIMP compared to emil's dick.

Erect I already knew I was easy twice as long and twice as thick to boot.

The only time she seen me was in shorts worn over underwear underneath for the first two months, But when you are hung like me it still tries to get free

One day I wore just my underwear and no shorts over them.

Sara looked at me more than she watched the movie that night.

I have always had the problem of anyone can see my dick's outline even thru my clothes. Jeans, slacks, It's always there and noticible.
When I was a k** my mom would buy larger pants for me and hem the waist to fit me to make it more comfortable because of it, Just to get me out of earing sweat pants all the time..

So in trying to be modest I kept it covered by wearing both shorts and underwear.

If I was at home alone I would be naked or in just underwear (boxers).


Until the day she started to flirt with me while I was home and her husband was'nt, I never would have known of her desires.

She started it at first when one day she walked out in just panites and a bra that where lacy and totally see thru..

I seen it all, Nice large nipples and dark areola's, her dark bush trimmed short and still quite wide...

She stood and talked to me as if this was the norm.
She even had lacy stockings on..
I had an almost instant hard on and she looked at it with pride knowing she caused it..

I seen her dark bush a few times more in the weeks to come.
One night she watched tv with us and had on loose shorts and no panites..
I was treated to a good beaver shot!

Always seeing it showing thru her panties and I had seen her in a thong bikini at the pool with us and she did not shave it all either...
She still had hair that showed that she missed.

On that day she and some of the other men's wives and girlfriends had shown up and we had an inpromtu pool party.

I kept catching sara and another woman looking at my crotch all the time...

Both where married women!

Sara's husband is a short man and she is taller than him.

Before this I had heard the two of them having sex and since my girlfriend was working back home in colorado, She only came out about twice a month..

So.., I usually only got laid twice a month!

So I was always horny and got myself off now and then to relieve the tension and sex chatting with my woman back home to help..

Ironicaly I broke my left leg in a skydiving misshap in march, and after spending a week in the hospital because of it, I was now at home in the apartment we shared at this out of town job...

I stayed pretty much in my room and only got out a little the first couple of days, After this I would move to the couch and watch tv, etc to ass the time..

On the day she seen my naked dick exposed for the first time was totally not planned, But the pain meds made me fall in and out if sl**p.
I fell asl**p because of the pain meds I was on, On the couch, And apparently my cock had worked free in my sl**p and was exposed to her full view, AS I SLEPT !!!

I honestly had no idea she could see it and then I found out I was beat red with embarrasement.

I remember how she made small talk with me when I awoke and then she left to go get dan's wife she said "I'll be right back.."..

Sara and dan's wife returned together and she stayed over until it was about time to be home for her man when they all got ff work...

She came over, gave me a hug and bent over close to me and kissed me, then wispered.. " I can see you big cock and thought you should know we have been staring at it the whole time you was sl**ping !" then she kissed me on the cheek and smiled an wild grin and left.

Sara spoke next and what she said as I repositioned my cock back into my black shorts and it shocked me.,

" I wish emil had a cock as big as yours, He has such a little dick I know, Maybe 5" to 5 1/2" inches".., she said .

Then she told me that she " always knew I had a big one and that the reason she went to get dano's woman was to give her a look too, Cause she knows too!"..

I said "thanks" sarcastically and she started dinner for both her husband and me!

Nothng was said about her seeing and also sharing the sight of my dick to anyone..

A couple of days go by..

And after returning back from therepy for my leg and I walked in the door and sara was butt asses naked and standing in the kitchen as I walked in on my crutches..

She apologized and still gave me a bit of a show doing her task and then she went to the shower.

It was while she was in the shower that she left the door open and I could hear her, But not see her.

I needed a shower also, But because of the pain in the ass it was to wrap and waterproof my broken leg, ( because I could not get my leg wet yet) I instead take baths, Easier to leave my leg out to keep it dry.

I decided to take a bath now and after she was done I hobbled into my bathroom and undressed and started to slip into the tub..

As I laid there I could not help but think of his hot beautiful wife and her smoking hot body that as made for fucking.
Her beauty and boldness and my big cock conspired to my arousal.
My cock sprang to life and would not go down.
Constant thoughts of her..
So I masturbated and made myself cum thinking about how I would like to fuck her and how wrong it was..
I licked my own cock head and stroked it with both hands and even shaved m balls...
I even dreamed of days gone by when I used to fuck me step mom.
Not as taboo as all the times my step mom and I were fucking each other when I was a teenage, All because she is a size queen and loves my big dick..
I knew it was tabboo to fuck emil's wife!

I was not an idiot and knew well by the way sara flashed me and also talke more openly now about their sex life and all that she want me to fuck her...

The truth is, I wanted to fuck sara too...

I was just trying ti keep the peace during this trying time...

I rinsed off and as I was trying to stand back up out of the tub with my broken leg, I slipped and fell back into the tub basin.

Bam ! Down I went back into the tub.

There I was, Still naked and sara was almost instanty at the bathroom door and asking if I needed help?

"Was I ok?".. etc

At first I said I was allright, and caught my breath and she said she could help me get up out of there...
I refused and she did not walk away, She insisted that she could help me iof I needed help.

I was not hurt in anyway, but decided that she was right and with her saying that she has already "seen it all " of me anyways and that it was "No Problem" for her to help...

I relented and said she could come in.
She looked in my eyes at first and next my soft dick.
Limp my cock hangs all the way to the edge of my thigh,
She looked at it and thats when I noticed she was again in only her lacy see thru panties and bra and that she had a nice perfume on and some makeup..
Her american indian look sort of like a young cher....

She was a pro and even though she did look at my limp cock hanging across my thigh ( and it hangs off of it limp too sometimes)...

She helped me to my good leg and started to help drying me off...
Her hand brushed my cock and she apologozed, but did not move it away at first..
Her trying to dry me off...

I said I could do it myself and she simply said "nonsense" and I let her do it.

Her almost naked body did it and as she dried me off she even touched my cock again and it started to grow hard.

Sara told me then that she had dated a black guy that was hung like I was, She told me that he could make her cum "like no other man had" All because of his bigger dick.

Sara told me that she thought mine was akot bigger than even his dick and again told me that emil only has a 5 1/2" dick...

As she praised my erection and asked about it, I answered her question and told her It is 12 1/4" long...

She said she had seen porn movies with emil that had some cock huge guys like me in it and that it really turned her on..
She told me she had a dildo that is close to my size.
I knew I was bigger than her toy !

Next thing I knew sara was stroking my cock and licking it and started to give me head!

My cock being more than twice the size of his seemed to not slow her down one bit and she looked up at me and said,... "Please fuck me grant eaton",

" Fuck all of my holes and make me cum..".

"This place is ours for the next few hours and I want to suck ande fuck your cock!"
"I won't tell and I won't get you into trouble with linda ( my girlfriend at the time)

Sara could not take much of my cock deepthroatng me, She tried...
But she did an awesome handjob/blowjob to my head as she stroked and spit on on it and used both of her hands...
She teabagged my balls and still stroked me...

I was glad I had already beat off in the tub, or else I would have cummed already in sara's soft hands and lips she was sooo good...

She handed me my crutches and I for the first time since I broke my leg I walked with my crutches naked out oif the bathroom and across the hall into my room with her naked behind me...

She laid on my bed and spread her legs and gave me her awesome pussy to eat and eat I did.
She tasted so sweet and even squirted a small amount one of the times she cummed...

After she had a few orgasms she started talking and told me that she had heard me and my girlfriend fucking once and had heard linda say outloud " to fuck her with my huge cock" as we was doing it and she had heard it too...
Linda is very vocal and likes to talk dirty, Get her hair pulled when fucking her in the ass, etc
Likes it rough about70 percent of the time...

I told her that I too had heard her and emil fucking and she smiled and said that was wild.

I let her work my cock in by herself and she did most of the work, But my cock went in with ease and just like most any woman, I was soon hitting bottom in sara and she was cumming over and over on my dick while she starred at it going in and out.

She told me, " I was alot bigger than her black boyfriend was as he still did not hit bottom in her like I was. now.."

Sara asked me if ," I liked to fuck ass?" and I showed her how I do indeed..

My whole room stunk like sex as we fucked and she screamed and made my ears hurt!

I wanted to do her doggie style and we moved into it and using my bed to hold into if I needed to, I continued to fuck sara senseless and she gasped and cried out nonstop and praised my cock and samina and I just let her think I was normally this way, But I knew that I had already made myself cum taking the bath not barley over and hour ago seemed to make me last forevor..

Alast I finally was close to cumming myself and she asked me to cum in her ass.

In her ass I was able to use my whole dick and I pushed it in all the way and blasted off inside of sara's sweet skinny ass!
I could'nt believe we had done it for over an hour and half non stop.

She even felt like she cummed out too by her comments...
I was counting her orgasms at first, but lost track of her climaxes around 36 or 37.
My bed was soaked.

I waited awhile before slowly pulling out of her ass and she turned and kissed it and sucked on my now dirty dick and cupped my big balls and I got hard again and this time I entered her missonary style and somehow she was determined to take it all this time, But soon my balls where slapping her ass hole as we rocked it back and forth and she watched it and my balls and we fucked hard and faster than before. She just cummed over and over and over..

I could tell she was trying to get me to cum again and I was lasting like forever!

Her big tits slapped back and forth and she evn held her own tit's and sucked on her own nipples...

I pulled my cock out of her cunt and showed her how I can lick and suck the first few inches of my own cock just by bending to it in responce!
Thi made sara go wild.
To her it was awesome I could suck on my own cock.

Man this drove sara wild seeing me do this and she started to cheer me on to not stop!
"Do it, Do it , Wow as she looked on in amazement...

Sara talked dirty and said that "Any man that can suck his own cock could fuck her anytime I wanted" and she shared it with me and told me that she wanted to see me cum in my mouth..

I pleased her and gave her a show she will never forget.
I seldom let myself cum in my mouth, But for her I was willing too..
It was my intent too do so....

When It was time to cum she knew it and holding my cock she stroked it as I shot off and she watched and wide eyed and all said that she would do anything for me sexually..

She told me that when my girlfriend was here she intently listened to me fucking her and that she used her vibrator to fuck herself at the same time, Knowing that only a wall seperated their room from mine she knew I could fuck her good....Trying to hide her own screams of pleasure...

She washed me with a wash cloth and we changed my sheets together and she washed them as we moved around the place naked together and made a drink for ourseleves..
More sex talk and I got hard and she stradled me yet again, And bounched up and down on my cock and told me that anytime I needed some pussy she was going to never say no...

Sara and I fucked for over two hours more, and then to clear out the apartment's air we opened the patio and got dressed.
It was cold outside and we had the windows and doors open to air out the place.
Sara showed me her dildo and it was a 10"incher, So still smaller than me...

Her husband was in a horny mood when he got home and he tried to fuck her, She ended up giving him head and said she was to "tired to fuck..".

I actualy heard her say it and knew what was happening in their room.
She said it loud enough.." just so I would hear it in my room next door.!"

I had fucked her good and my cock was sore even from it.
Sara has a very tight pussy and ass...

Sara and I started fucking almost daily and always her husband was at work and we would be nudist all day and walk around even in the balcony nude together.
One day when I did not have therapy she just sent her man off to work and then came directly to my bed instead and we fucked again for a few hours and slept together...

Then we realized that might do us in if emil came home because of the bad weather..

She shared her thoughts and some if his..

Emil said he wanted to have k**s and so did she, But she told me that she secretly was on the pill and he did not know..

As much as we fucked I was glad she was in the pill.

My leg got better and our sex got better too believe it or not..!!!!
Soon I was able to carry her around mounted on my cock and fuck her in any position with my bad leg.

Sara was riding my cock like a cowgirl and making all sorts of noise and we had left the front door unlocked..

As we fucked suddenly dano's woman walked in and she said that "The sounds of our fucking could be heard all the way down the hall !!!!!

There sara was on my hard dick and this was the first time dano's woman had seen me hard.
and she got into the action too.
She kept telling me.. "It's so big.."

I ended up fucking both of them and never have I met a wilder pair of sexpots in my life...

They where not previous lovers and suddenly they where willing to eat each others cunts and both ate my cum from both of each others holes!

Sara and her measured my cock and even took pictures of it and I let them.

I went to work half days and still went to therapy in the afternoon and always got sex afterwards in the few hours remaining before emil or dano got home from work.

One night the women told their men that they where going out on saturday for a "ladies only night out"

Emil went to a bar with another guy from work...

I said I was busy..

In truth, I got a room and spent the entire night fucking both of these women and another co workers girlfriend whom was at our pool party.

They had talked about my dick to richie's gal and I had always liked her too,
As she was a naturally skinny woman with very large natural big tit's.. They look fake, But their not and and I got to watch, Hold, fuck, see them bounce as I fucked and watched as they ate each others pussies and claimed afterwards that this was their first time being "BI".
I believed them.

The entire night was spent fuckiing and their men never suspected a thing...
When I got home sara acted like she had got d***k and crashed aat a friends house.
Emil was pissed and richie was made at his woman fior nt making it home until 6:30am ish
I know that at 4:30 I had been fucking her while sara and dano's woman ate each other.

True account.

Grant Eaton

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