my horny step mom and I, true account

My step mom seen me naked for the first time when I was only 13.

A year later I was having hard core sex with her!

The first time she seen me naked was in the bathroom taking a shower and she needed to pee before going out to the pool..

She knocked first and asked to come in and I simply said 'sure"..

I had forgotten that the shower door was clear and as she pulled her bikini bottoms down and squatted to urinate, I seen her pussy clearly

Then she crossed her hands over it, Then must have decided against it and took her hands away and even spread her legs wide enough that I had a full view.


It was the first time she let me see her pussy and in return she looked at my limp dick all soaped up before I rinsed off.

I seen her stare at me and she seemed to make sure I could see her too.

I don't know why she did it, But she spoke as she pee'd and said she had to go "real bad" and as I watched and listened I could see her spread her legs wider and I could actually see her urine flowing out of her in a fast steady stream and she moaned slightly as she again said she had to go!...

I already knew she kept her pussy trimmed and shaved and that she was just as blonde down there as she was on her head.
This was the first time I seen she had a bit more hair than I thought.
Her thong must just barely cover it...

My step mom had nice 34DD's that are natural, My own mom has 36DD's, So my dad is a "tit man"

Both my mom and step mom are too thin in my opinion!
My mom is dark haired and my step mom is a true bright blonde ( not dyed)

My step mom stared at my cock as i rinsed off and though we had seen each other in our swim suits before. This was the first time I was totally nude and she was almost nude. Her bikini top barely covered her breasts and left little to the imagination.

When this happened I was still a virgin, But had been masturbating since I was eleven years old.

I had my first orgasm while reading and looking at my dad's dirty magazines in his garage and snuck one to my room and learned how to do it.
I realized my cock is bigger than the male models I was seeing that where clearly older than me.

First by accident I shot cum, Then daily almost as I learned more about myself.anyways...
Sometimes I'd cum three times a day and still want more...

My cock started to grow erect looking at my step mom and she watched as she did her job and knew what she was doing to me..

I thankfully did not get a full erection, but she seen enough to know..

I am what is cosidered to be in the "Extremely Well Hung" range of men and though I am tall at 6'1" I am only 190 lbs now and back when this happened I was maybe only 140 lbs back then..

I had borrowed my mom's sewing tape and measured my erect cock and was even surprised at how long and thick my cock gets..
At age 13 my erect cock measured at 11 3/4" long and 6 3/4" in circumfrince ( around)
Now as an adult it is 12 1/4" long erect and right at 7" circumfrince ( thickness)

No wonder my step mom and my own mom always stare at it....

Marcia stood up and pulled her thong bottom up and turned to flush her pee and said "see you out there!" and walked out.

I put on my shorts and joined her and my step s*s at the pool and until we had enough of it we played in the pool and mom lost her top in the water as we played water volleyball.

Throwing her top out onto the hot side she to my step s*s,

"What there just titty's! He can handle it.." and nothing else was said.

As "mom" played I had a hard time trying to not stare at her perfect bouncing tits..
Even my step s*s had nice full tit's and they sag if not supported.

In the months to come she and my step s*s tanned alot and even nude sometmes.

I was urged to go nude also at home and so it was not uncommon to see each other this way.

My step s*s knew I had a big dick and so does her friends too.

My b*****r has a big cock also and so we have had some good times with the women to together also...

Both if us are really hung compared to our dad even and ironically, My own mother told me that my dad has a 8 1/2" dick erect.
I usually hang that limp!

But compared to my 12 1/4" incher when erect, We both are about 4"longer...

Even when limp both of our dicks hang about the size if dad's hard dick!

We knew that our step mom liked to see our cocks and often showed off now too..

My own mom had the "sex talk" with me and confided that she knew I had a big one and that since birth I have always been "Large down there..."
Mom warned me about how women might react and told me some things about women in general and about sex.
We have had a close relationship since her and my dad divorced and later she thought it was hot as hell that I had been fucking my dad's new wife...

Mom asked and learned my dick is tad over 12" inches she confided that my grandpa has a 13"incher when erect.

So I must have inherited it from him.

Before this I figured that it was because my mom has big natural tit's and is a skinny slender woman and that since I was a guy that I had a big cock instead of big tit's.

Even my s****r had big tit's

Just genetics I can thank.

Now around my step mom and step s*s it got lots of looks and one day while at the pool with my step mom and step s*s, I got a raging hard on as my step s*s kim layed on her belly with her butt facing me and her legs spread enough I could see her pussy, And my step mom was laying/sitting back with her legs spread wider and I had a full view of her naked hot pussy completely spread and my dick would not go down!

I threw caution to the wind and walked out with my hard on for each of them to see and as I went to the diving board I heard then talking in hushed tones to themselves.

I already knew how long my dick was at this age and at age 13 my erect cock was 11 3/4" long,

So from the age of 13 till I turned 16 my cock only grew another 1/2" longer..

I remembered how they both looked at it in the sunlight and even s*s turned around to face me as I dived off the board with a still very hard cock.

The water seemed to keep be aroused also and so as I exited the water again my cock was still very hard, And now red from the water hitting it.

It was after this that I seen more and more nudity from my step mom in the house too.

Many times before my dad got home she would do housework in the nude and bend over near me and smile if we made eye contact...

That summer I lost my virginity to the girl next door and I think my step mom knew it too..

She was a older woman and going to college and I was still just a soon to be 14 yr old k**.

In the next two years i was able to catch my step mom masturbating and would secretly watch her from the bathroom we shared that we each had a door to enter from out own bedrooms.

Sometimes I think she left it slightly cracked open just so I would find her doing herself, But maybe that is just my thinking about how it happened..

When I got caught I had been watching her doing herself with a large candle she never burned and always kept next to her side of the bed.

I watched and she could take almost all of this 15" candle and she did things with it that would make any man hard.
My step mom loved to fuck it...

I was masturbating also watching her and like the many times before she would talk to herself and say dirty things and I know it is the craze now to see a pussy squirt, I can tell you that back in the late 70's my step mom's pussy could squirt big time!

I even heard her bitch to my dad about how he would make her sl**p in the wet spot afterwards!

When she caught me she told me to enter and than asked me if .."I was man enough to fuck her with my big dick, Instead of just jerking off and watching?..."

I told her I was and she started sucking on my head and then stroking my shaft woth both hands she told me that " it was my big hard cock that made her so fucking horny"

When we kissed it was so wild swapping tongues with my hot step mom and we explored and touched each other she soon picked up that I was not a virgin any more and we fucked for over and hour and a half before she said we had to stop before my dad got home.

I know knew what my own step mom's pussy tasted like and how she liked to cum for me repeatedly.

That night she came in to say "goodnight" and told me that it was our secret and that she loved it and was still horny for my bigger cock..

She pulled the sheet off of me and sucked and stroked me and once hard she pulled her panties off and mounted me as I laid there..

She could take all of my cock and that was sometine the girl next door still could not do..

But my step mom seemed to like the feeling of my cock hitting bottom in her cunt and as she trued to be quiet she rode me thru a few orgasms and then told me t cum in her!
Marcia buried her face in my pillow to hide her screams and fucked me fast and hard.
I shot off and then she pulled off and licked me clean, said "goodnight" and then went into the bathroom and took a shower.

The the house got quiet as we all fell asl**p.

Soon we was fucking almost daily while my step s*s was at work and before dad got home.
She liked it in the ass and showed me how she can deepthroat me too.
"Mom" liked toys and doing it in weird places and sometimes we would go out in the boat together and fuck on the water away from anybody.
Her favorite position was riding me facing me and mine was doing her doggies style.
Having my 12" cock makes it easy for us to get into different positions and she learned I could suck on my own cock.
I no longer needed to masturbate and she no longer used her paid of thick long candles.
My dad still got her any time he wanted and I could tell where he was compared to where I went in her pussy.
My step mom is a size queen.
I got to fuck my girlfriend once and knew my step mom was watching, So I put on a great show and then after she left , I fucked my step mom and she said she could taste her young pussy on my cock.
I know it was totally taboo fucking each other and this added to the excitement.
No one knew we had a sexual relationship and that it was all because of my being well hung and she was a sex nympho...
My b*****r began to suspect I was fucking her and asked?
I told him I was and the next time we went out on the boat together, Just my step mom, my b*****r and myself we had a threesome..
My step mom always liked to wear a sexy thong bikini that really hid nothing.
I simply started it by asking my b*****r " Would you fuck this???" and pulled her thong to the side..As of teasing
She acted as if shocked and when my b*****r took his shorts off and showed her his big cock and I took mine off it was ON.
My b*****r's is a bit thinner than mine is all..
maybe 6 3/4" thick (around) circumfrince..
She sucked his cock and mine and took turns and told us that we have the largest cocks she had ever seen and I ate her pussy first while she deepthroated my b*****r and then we swapped.
I made her sit on my hard cock and Todd got between her legs and entered her pussy for the first time and we both fucked her till she almost seemed to pass out from the orgasms.
By the time we got back to the boat house it was almost dark and dad was home and looked relived we was home.
If he only knew what a slut his wife was he would have been pissed!
After that we would fuck as long as her daughtet and our dad was gone..
Kim ( my step s*s) suspected it also.
She often teased me at the pool and one day said she had seen me and her mom fucking in the kitchen.
After that she walked in on the next time her mom and I was having sex and made her mom lick her cunt while I fucked her mom. Then we swapped and she ate her mom's cunt while I fucked kim for the first time !!!
Kim and her mom both shared my cum and kissed and we began fucking in the open of our back yard pool, The house in almost every room including the boat house and the boat.
She always made my dad wear a condom, but for me and my b*****r we both was allowed to fuck either of them without one.
My b*****r and I showed them how we could each suck on our own cocks and both of them showed how they can suck on their own nipples with ease.
At a f****y reunion one year my step mom's s****r came and stayed with us for a week and my step mom, My aunt and I where home hanging out at the pool ( we all had swimwear on now) and my aunt kept staring at my crotch.
I was wearing a speedo and suddenly my step mom asked me to " Show her your cock baby!"
I slowly peeled it off and down and my aunt just about freaked out seeing my limp cock.
She had thought I as hard and had said something to her s****r to the fact. Which quickly changed to a "Oh my god you have a big dick!, It's not Hard!"
My step mom said next..
"Show her your cock hard honey!" and she took off her bikini also...
My aunt stared at my 12 1/4" cock and watched as her own s****r, (my step mom) now also naked played, sucked and stroked me with both hands and told me to fuck my aunt with it..
I licked her pussy first and even got to finger fuck her ass while I did it and by the time I entered my aunts tight cunt with my cock she was already acting like she was exhausted and watched her own pussy take my cock.
I lasted about only 40 minutes the first time in her s****r's puss, But she came like 42 times that I counted.
It was a great squirting time for both of us..
My "mom" just watched and I truely believe that unlike my step mom, My aunt had never had a cock as big as mine ever before..,
Afterwards she told aunt jan how big it was and that my b*****rs was just as large.
After that my step aunt came and cummed alot.

Grant Eaton

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4 months ago
Speak for yourself, I liked it enormously, despite the occasional error. We can't be all perfect, can we? When you get older, you'll learn to be more forgiving. Moreover, the rawness of the sentences makes the story realistic, in contrast to the smooth fake stories, which are all based on the same structure. I do agree with you that the size of his cock is mentioned too often, but don't forget it is the main thing of the story, it all turns around his enormous size. It is his stories that I have most re-read on x-hamster. Forgive me any grammatical errors, English is not my mother tongue.
1 year ago
SAW, not seen....OMG
great story otherwise
2 years ago
Lots of guys (males) will love this story. Most average men will not; the never-ending talk, mentioning, bravado, bragging and bulshit about his dick (he failed to mention phallus) is totally too much--probably fifty percnt of the story!

The writer's command of the English language is disgraceful; even on purpose a writer could not be any more elementary to spin a story.

The theme of the story could, possibly, be sexually stimulating; however, the terrible English usage, bad structure of sentences and paragraphs makes reading this story laborously non-sensual, sexually non-stimulating.
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
Juicy, juicy, juicy! If only I.....!!!
2 years ago
Hot story.
2 years ago
hot and are the man
2 years ago
2 years ago
i'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume english is not your first language ? might be where your inches and centimetres got mixed up ? why is it nobody with a small or average size cock ever gets to fuck a family member, a mother perhaps who is of normal size with an average arse and small tits, oh and isn't aged between 32 & 38 ? what a load of old regurgitated bullshit, read this same story a thousand times and better written too, even worse the fucking idiots prepared to think it is true, in which case i have magic beans you might want to buy ?
2 years ago
Great story.
2 years ago
2 years ago hot was to save for the favs
2 years ago
very good you should do porn
2 years ago
2 years ago
i dont think its fake,myself have fucked my daughters mother obviously
,her two sisters ,mother and three cousins,not all in the same month mind you but what a family of cock hungry sluts!!!gotta love em...
2 years ago
Not a great
2 years ago
2 years ago
maybe not mentioning about the cock growing over and over again can make this story even better in my opinion
well done

11 3/4 inches at 13???????????????? sure your not dreaming about your size??
2 years ago
good story hope it is true makes it even hotter
2 years ago
maybe not mentioning about the cock growing over and over again can make this story even better in my opinion
well done
2 years ago
great story! work on ur grammar and punctuation though was a little tough to follow