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J's ass was amazing. She had a round bubble butt. I fucked her tight pussy all the time, made her squirt too, her juice spurting over my balls, but I wanted to fuck her asshole. Her tight pussy was so good to fuck, and she had quite big tits, I enjoyed watching her asshole pucker when she orgasmed on my cock, and I wanted to push my cock balls deep in her ass, I knew she hadn't been assfucked before.

I eventually got my chance. She was foolish enough to lie naked on the bed, face down one afternoon. I massaged her round bum with baby oil, rubbing her clit and asshole with my thumb as I did so, getting her good and wet. I used her pussy juice to lubricate her bumhole, and ocasionally slid my thumb up her ass.

I climbed on top of her, and slid my big cock up and down her bumcrack, flicking the glans against her pussy, and every now and the against her slippery anus, entering her twat, and then I started to fuck her.

She came pretty soon, and it was a good one from the filth she yelled out, so I took the opportunity and pushed the head of my cock up her bum. The head entered and her asshole constricted, locking my cockhead up her bum. Some clit play was needed, her ass obediently yawned open and to her shock, my whole cock slid smoothly up her asshole. She was not overly happy at first, but her ass gave way and I started pumping my thick veined dick faster and faster in and out of her bum.

She was yelling all kinds of filth at me through gritted teeth, but I had her exactly where I wanted.

I started to thrust rhythmically, gradually getting faster and faster.

I couldn't hold on very long, and ramming my cock up her ass one last time, I spurted my cum-filled balls deep into her rectum.

My cock twitched and spurted, once, twice, three times, four and then five huge squirts of hot cum. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH??!?!" was J's surprised and excited response.

I pulled my cock out, making a slurping sound, I knew I had shot a huge load.

My cock was covered in her juice, baby oil and cum.

I watched as her ass gradually opened and conreacted, before she farted bubbles of cum, before the whole of my load dribbled out of her throbbing asshole, and dripped down her asscrack and over her pussy.

95% (10/1)
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