The Entertainment

The smell of the leather was quite strong, but not unpleasant. the mask he had been given to wear covered up his eyes and nose.

Apart from the leather boots he was wearing, and the mask he was naked. He had oiled himself as instructed, and was waiting for a signal from the hostess hat the “show” would start. “You’ll see” was all she would say broadly smiling when he asked what would be required of him.

She had seen his profile on an adult site, admired his large cock, tight balls, arse and strong physique, and asked him if he would be the entertainment at a party she was going to have. He agreed - he needed the cash, work wasn't paying so well these days, and that is how he found himself at a rather posh part of town.

The house was old but opulent, but thus far he had only seen what must have been the servant’s quarters in another age. Backrooms and kitchens, without a hint of what was to come. there was, however, over the sell of leather, another odour - he recognised it - poppers!
well, this would be an interesting show.

“Ok, it’s time!” she said.

Kat, as she called herself was in her mid forties he guessed. She was a very attractive blonde. She had very large breasts, which she had squeezed into a strapped, studded black leather corset. She was wearing a rubber mini skirt, a leather collar, and a pair of extremely high heels in patent black leather. She had long PVC gloves on. She had an amazing figure, and it was all he could do to stop staring at her thong covered arse, whch he could glimpse from time to time, which was beginning to have an affect on his cock.

She went ahead of him down the corridor, her beautifully round arse cheeks visible just below the “too short” rubber skirt.It was quite dark, he could see that there was a door at the end. She halted briefly, “Ready?” she asked. He nodded, not ready at all.

She opened the door and led him through by the hand.

The brightness of the lights made him squint at first, then he could slowly make out his surroundings. He could make out the ballroom before him, the stage was large and parquet floored, with a leather sofa in the middle, a table at the side. there were about twenty people, male and female seated at chairs and tables below, drinks were obviously flowing.

All of the guests were in fetish clothing, many of the women were, as Kat was, wearing leather or in some cases glinting steel collars, some with leads attached.There was a lot of very fim rounded tits and arse on display, one or two of the men wore leather harnesses, most were wearing leather trousers, prominent bulges at the crotch.

She led him to the centre of the stage, and then Kat announced ”Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome tonight’s hung fucker! Cockstud!” A ripple of applause and a murmur from the seated audience. He could hardly believe this was happening.

She let go of his hand, and wrapped hers round his cock, whch she began to stroke rhythmically, firmly and relentlessly. He was getting hard! fuck!, as his cock gained true firmness, Kat stopped the firm pumping she had been giving, held the base of his cock pulling it forwards at the same time bringing a stinging gloved hand down on his bare buttocks, thrusting his pelvis forwards at the seated guests.

“Look at the size of this fucker!” she said waving his oiled erect cock at the audience, slapping his dick into her other hand.

She squatted in front of him, the pair of them side-on to the audience. She took his cock and began to suck him off noisily. Her other hand strayed to her crotch, rubbing the gusset of the G-string.

She began to deep-throat him, the noise she made was so fucking slutty - “glrrrg! gppl! glppl! gloch! glurp!”

Hand inside her wet g-string she flicked her hardening clit.

She stopped the rhythmic slurping for a moment, as she needed both hands to pull her sodden knickers down, standing bent over for a moment, then squatting again, her legs apart, her underwear now taught stretched between her ankles. She resumed sucking him. She was fucking her wet twat with two fingers, a third, rhythmically pumping in and out of her ass.

This continued for five or six minutes until a shudder ran through her, she yelled and then she squirted all over her knickers and the floor.

“Fuck my cunt hard you fucker!” she said as she stood up, before kneeling on the sofa facing away from him, then flipping up her skirt and pulling her arse cheeks apart.

His tool obediently found and rammed her pussy, his cock pumping her hard.

“Slap my arse!” she hissed, he began to slap her buttocks harder, then he started to thrash her bum, reddening her beautifully presented bottom

He could feel her pussy contracting round his cock, he watched her arsehole pulsing as she came.

“Put that monster up my fucking arsehole!”

He pulled his big dick out of her hot pussy and pushed the large cockhead against her puckered anus. her muscles relaxed and he began to pound her deep into her rectum, his balls slapping her wet twat.

“You are not allowed to CUM in my ARSE!” she said. Her anus contracted and she orgasmed with his fuckrod up her arse.

“Stand up!” she said, as she got up from the sofa.

“I think he’s ready to meet tonight’s Bitch!” she announced, and there was another round of applause.

Kat left him standing, erect, as her heels clicked across the stage, back to the door. She opened it and led the woman out by the lead attached to her leather collar.

the two of them walked back over to where he was standing: The woman was about twenty five, with long dark hair, toned, with tits even bigger than Kat’s. The collar was part of a black leather tit-harness, which pushed the enormous breasts up and out. Her large nipples were already hard. She was wearing a ball-gag, and on her feet were clear plastic high heeled porn shoes, sandals with a wide leather strap at the ankles, which were padlocked. Her wrists were cuffed in leather, and bound behind her back. She was naked from the waist down. Her pussy was trimmed into a thin single line. She too was oiled, it , her tight round arse and tits glistened under the lights. He could see her buttocks were f***ed apart by a large obgect in her bum. It was causing a little difficulty walking. She regarded his naked form with not a little fear in her eyes, which kept darting to his huge erect phallus and back to meet his gaze.

“Ladies and gentlemen - tonight’s little whore - I give you SlutBitch!” Kat said to applause cheers and whistles. She turned the woman round, so she could be observed by the audience.

She led “Slutbitch” and “Cockstud” to the sofa, her, by the lead and chain, him, by the cock.

“Stand here!” she ordered him.

"Bend over you little bitch!"

Her arse facing him, Kat began to remove the biggest steel butt-plug he had ever seen from the woman’s tight asshole.

“mmmmmMMMMMMMMMM!!” groaned the little slut - and pop! her asshole was free.

Kat lead her to kneel on the sofa, her glistening oiled arse facing the audience, her pussy and anus displayed for them all.

“Pump your cock Cockstud .do NOT spunk - or I’ll fuck YOUR arse with this” she said as she picked up the object from the table.

The large jelly dildo was bright pink, it must have been 18“ long at least!

Kat f***ed the huge dildo with some effort into the woman’s arsehole, and up her arse it went, right up to the moulded balls. She began to thrust it in and out.

Kat was now pistoning the huge dildo faster and faster in and out of the woman’s stretched ass, squelching sounds could be heard, as a hush descended, broken only by the rhythmic squelching and the woman moaning softly through the ball-gag all eyes on the three figures on stage

He was pumping his cock, the eyes of the women in the audience glued to the spectacle of his big dick and balls.

Kat slapped the woman’s arse, again and again ,still thrusting the whole length of the dildo in and out of her anus, gaping her asshole for him to see. “Look at that fucking tasty asshole - you are going to fuck it when I’m finished with her, I’ll open her bumhole for your cock.”

“Keep pumping your cock you fucker!”

“mmPFm!” the woman responded. “Ok” Kat said “Let’s give you a taste” she removed the ball gag, held the woman’s head by the jaw and proceded to push the whole dildo down the woman’s throat.

She gagged, and threw up stringy bubbly spit noisily on the floor, her eyes watering, making her make up run.

“Messy little whore!”

Then the dildo went back up her arsehole. Then in her mouth and throat, then back up her bum

He was sweating at the effort of pumping his dick over the relentless assualt on the woman’s anus.

”Ok, now fuck her arse” said Kat, pulling the woman’s cheecks apart for him to see her gaped splayed asshole.

He pushed his cock up against her ass, it gave way immediately, the huge steel buttplug and the assfucking by Kat had loosened her. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!”she responded to his shaft sliding smoothly into her rectum.

He began to fuck. Slowly at first, gaping her and enjoying the view, savouring her ass.

Slowly he built up a rhythm, pump, pump...pump...pump...pump..pump pump pump pump

“Harder! HARDER! REAM her BUM!” shouted Kat.

Kat was licking and sucking his swollen balls from behind, then ramming her toungue up his arsehole, over and over again.

His spunk was rising he could feel it - his balls were ready to explode up the woman’s arse.


Then she stuck her toungue right up his bum as far as she could.

His balls erupted. Thick wads of hot creamy spunk shot out of his dick, he was so hard, his balls were practically UP her arsehole. Great jets filled her stretched hole, again and again and again his cock spurted, his balls emptying.

“Keep your FUCKING COCK up her ARSE until I say so! I want ALL your cum in her.”

He did as he was told - the huge orgasm still pulsing from his arse to his cockhead, he remained up to his balls in her bum, his dick throbbing in the hot little hole.

“Pull your dick out, SLOWLY I want to see this bitches stretched ass”

Slowly he removed his huge tool from her bottom.

Her poor little fucked asshole was gaping and contracting, then a bubbling squelch and hot spunk cumfarted out , splattering over his waiting cock, “UUhhhnng!"she moaned, again, more cum bubbles appeared, and then again, still more of the huge load he had spurted deep into her arsehole farted out of her rectum over his still erect dick “AAAHHhhng!” she cried, and the last push of her ass muscles the rest of the cumload poured out, some spattering onto the floor to join the oil, sweat, spit and pussy juice.

Now clean that up! ordered Kat, “you messy little assfucked bitch!”

She pulled her by the hair and f***ed her mouth on his cum-splattered fuckstick

She obediently sucked and licked his cum-covered cock clean.

Kat stood and turned to the audience - the smell of fucking was so strong.

“Ladies and gentleman - please show your appreciation for Cockstud and Slutbitch!”

The audience was whistiling clapping and cheering. Most, if not all had quite obviously either been fucking or wanking their way through the performance.

Kat went over to the wall and closed the stage curtains, the three of them collapsed sweatily onto the sofa, “SlutBitch” dug down the side of the sofa and produced cigarettes and a lighter, she lit one, took three draws on it and passed it to Kat.

“He’s good Kat - better than I expected” she said

Confused, he looked at Kat enquiringly

“Andrea here is one of our “regulars”, she loves all this don’t you sweetie?”

Andrea nodded, grinning.

“Dirty little bitch, she is. We wanted to see how you would perform, and I have to say, you exeeded all expectations”

Kat puckered her lips and blew a smoke ring.

“Anyway, there’s this little get together next week, and they need some er. “entertainment”, so I was wondering......”
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