Do the Pee-Wee-Herman.

It was 2:30 in the morning when we slipped into the all night porno theatre. It wasn't the greatest section of town but we were both daring and had always had a curiosity about it. We entered the darkened cinema as a movie was already playing and walked to a middle row and sat down. As our eyes became used to the dark we could begin to see that there were about 10 other people there with us. A few couples and some single men. Up on the screen there was a scene playing with a woman taking on two men. She was screaming as they double penetrated her. I could tell you were getting excited. Just by the look in your eyes as you stared up at the screen. I reached between your legs and felt how moist you were. I pushed your skirt back to feel how soaked your panties were. You moaned as I pushed aside the underwear and stuck my finger up inside you. I pumped it in and out and then I took it out and slipped it in my mouth and sucked the juices off. I quickly returned to fucking you but this time I slipped two fingers in. You began to moan so loud that everyone in the theatre could hear.

Suddenly, a man appeared in the row before us and gazed down. "My friends want to know if we can all watch." He said. You smiled and looked up to him and nodded approvingly. He motioned to some other people and soon the man and three of his friends surrounded us. I continued to work on your hot bush. I lowered my head and began eating you out as well. Your taste was beautiful and it made me stick my fingers deeper. I filled you as far as I could. Around us, the men had taken out their dicks and were each stroking them hard.

The next thing surprised us both. An attractive blonde emerged from the row behind us and began kissing your neck and unbuttoning your blouse. She undid your bra and released your perfect breasts. As I worked below she tweaked your nipples and kissed your mouth hard. It became increasingly difficult for you to hold back but I knew before you came that you wanted even more to happen. I raised my head up and while continuing to use my hand I turned to the men. "Are you guys ready?" I asked. They all nodded and the first one came towards you. The woman behind you pushed your breasts together just in time to catch the first gobs of cum. It covered your tits and ran down between them on to your stomach. I kept on working you with my hand as the next two men let the sperm go from their cocks. You began to writhe in your seat and I knew your orgasm was close. The men's juice now completely covered the front of you. The woman let your breasts fall apart and came over the seats to where I was and took my hand out of you and replaced it with her own. Her strokes were faster and harder, the way you loved it. I lowered my pants and stood in front of you. Guy # 4 moved next to me. We both began pumping fast. You could take more and as he and I let go onto your tongue and mouth, you exploded below. Your orgasm was furious and lasted long. My dick was still rock hard so I pushed the woman away and thrust into you deeply. The feeling of cock in you was overwhelming and before your first orgasm could even subside, you had another. I kissed your face. We cleaned up and went and got take-out.
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4 years ago
did you get the womans number sounds so very hot excellent