To a would be mistress

And yes I give you permission to touch yourself while reading this, actually I am telling you to slide one hand down to your clit/cock and slowly work it while you read this. Make your self cum to my story or fantasy or my reality..........

You open the door to me but before you can say a word I walk in and pin you against the wall as i lean in to kiss you but stop right before I get to your lips just so you can feel my breathe on your lips. You try to lean forward to kiss me but I pull away making you want it even more but not yet not yet. I look you in your eyes as I take your hands and pin them above your head. I use my other hand a slowly run it down your arms to your neck and then to your chest stopping so that you could feel the warmth of my hand then I continue to admire you beautiful curves with my hand. But never once do I take my eyes off of yours, watching as they start to roll a little into the back of your head with every pass my hand makes, But this is not ok I tell you to look at me,watch my eyes, show me how good if feels to have my hands run all over your body. With a slight moan and whimper you submit and look me in the eyes.I tell you That's want I wanted to see you deserve a kiss now as I slowly lean in to kiss you I start to run my hand up you body to you neck where I stop and put the slightest presser as I wrap my warm hands around your neck as use that to pull you to my lips. I kiss you very lightly at first to give you a taste nibbling on your bottom lip I look you dead in the eyes with before I let you go and use both my hands on you face and give you the deepest wettest sexy kiss we've both had in a long time. Moaning with each breathe we take as we come up for air.

At this point I can't take any more and I pick you up and lead you to the bed. We fall hard onto the bed pressing on bodies even harder and closer to each but we don't even skip a beat as we continue to kiss. I lean up and we start tearing, riping, biting at each other clothes wishing they would come off faster. And right as you being to pull off you last piece of clothing you grab my waist to pull me in to fall on top of you but I stop you and again pin you hands above you head exposing you now very sexy naked body. I slowly start to caress your body up and down. I get close to your pussy and can feel that you are hot and wet. But I don't start to play with your pussy just yet. I slowly move my hand up and down your thighs knowing you want me to touch your pussy. i lightly brush my fingers across your lips, and watch you shiver as i start to play with your clit. my cock begins to get hard as I feel how warm, hot, wet, welcoming and wanting you pussy feels. I look you in the eyes as I move my finger around your clit harder and faster. I can feel you shivering from the orgasm you are about to have but then I stop. You let out this loud whimper and look at me knowing you want to say stop but Love when I am in control.

I grab your body and pull it on top of mine and grab you face with both of my hands, look you in your eyes and tell you not yet. I can feel your pussy's warmth and wetness on my now hard throbbing cock You Look at me and tell me two can play at this game As you slowly rub your dripping wet pussy back and forth on my throbbing hard cock, I slowly scratch your back hard, lick and nibble on your beautiful breast and nipples. I moan and beg you to let me feel you. You stop and slowly put the tip of my cock in your warm welcoming pussy. But you don't let me all the way in, no you sit there moving in circles on the tip of my cock. I want to just arch my back and slide it all the way in but you pull away and tell me no not yet. God I can't take it any more and let out a loud moan knowing that it turns you on to see my in such pleasure and disarray. I tell you I love the way you tease my cock, and I know you want every hard throbbing inch of my cock inside of you. I pull you in close to nibble on your ear and whisper, I know you want to feel how hard I am deep inside of you. I know you want to cum all over my nice hard cock. You can't take any more and slowly slide every inch deep in side of you. we both moan in pleasure and relief.

We both just sit there for a moment to enjoy what we both had been waiting for. Then you start to slide up and down and back and forth faster and harder. I can feel your pussy start to tighten up around my throbbing cock. I reach down and start to play with your now very hard clit. You moan louder and start to ride me harder. I being to kiss you and moan telling you that I want you to cum for me baby. you are so beautiful, cum on my hard cock deep inside of you right now. I wrap both my arms around you and being to fuck you just as hard as you are fucking me until, You let out this scream of release. We start to slow down and enjoy the bliss we are feeling. I slowly pick you up and lay you on the bed kissing, biting, scratching every inch of your quivering body. I slowly slide down your body licking and kissing every inch till I get to your throbbing wet pussy.

The sweet smell makes my mouth water as I slowly start to lick around you very wet lips. Taste the oh so sweet juices of of your clit. I can't take any more and wrap my whole mouth around your clit sucking on it nibbling it, licking it, moaning on it. My tongue works it's way to your sexy little wet opening, you moan louder as I slide my tongue just in the opening tasting everything you have to offer. I work my way back up to your clit as I use one finger to tease your opening. I give you a light slap on your inner thigh as I look up and tell you to watch me as I enjoy how sweet your pussy tastes. I feel you pussy trying to suck my finger into, as i say that, But I want to hear you say it, Tell me what you want. And with one breathe you let out a moan and say please I want to feel your, and before you could finish I had two deep inside of you. I could feel you tighten up around not want to let go as I slide them in faster and faster all the while me tongue is still on you clit fucking it at the same pace. I tell you I want you to cum for me again to cum on my tongue let me taste your sweet juices, I want it give it to me. And just as my tongue hits you clit your juices start to flow.

While your body is still shaking I grab you hips and pull you to the edge of the bed where my still very hard cock awaits you. I lean over to kiss you and give you a taste of your sweet pussy. and before you know it I slam my cock into you throbbing pussy. you moan almost scream from the pleasure you are feeling. I grab both of your hands and use them as leverage as I being to fuck you harder and deeper. Making you body go into over load. I stop deep inside of you and say can you feel how you make my cock throbbing, and then I give you a deep thrust and stop, how hard you make me another deep thrust then stop, and how good it feels to have your pussy wrapped around me and another deep thrust and then stop. I see you look you at me with those eyes like please fuck me please give it to me. And I almost break and lose it right then and there but I stop and look at you with a smile knowing that I am teasing the fuck out of you.

I slide my cock out very slowly and grab you by the hands and pull you up towards me and tell you to bend over and show me that beautiful ass. You listen and slide down on to the bed with your ass up in the air and look back and say you mean like this, is this how you want me teasing me taunting me challenging me. I Don't respond but instead give you a nice firm spank on you ass as I guide my cock into you dripping pussy. I thrust in deep and hard a couple of times right before I lean over grab your hair and pull your head up and back towards me just so I could tell you yes this is how I wanted you.I arch back up so that I slide deep inside of you. I feel you slowly trying to move your hips up and down.I moan but tell you no no you can't fuck me yet it's my turn now, I tell you can you feel my cock throbbing and you feel how tight my balls are is it driving you crazy knowing I am so close to cumming. All you could do is whimper a yes. Do you want to feel my cum do you deserve to feel me cum, and again a whimper. I slowly thrust deep inside of you telling to feel my cock throb as I get ready to cum I grab you hips and thrust as deep as I can go and let out the loudest moan and I cum deep inside of you pussy with every pulse I thrust again making sure you feel me cum.I begin to fuck you harder and faster moan in pleasure I feel you fucking me back wanting to hear me scream. We get into a rhythm as we fuck harder and faster moan louder and louder just as you get ready to cum again I give you one last hard thrust to orgasm right before we collapse on top of each.

We lay there for a second trying to catch our breathes and just enjoy the bliss we feel I roll you over just so that I could kiss you and we could look into each others eyes and see the euphoric look we have and laugh at how good we feel.

The end or beginning?
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