Dreams of Tina

Throughout their life, men and women seek their complimentary, their ideal sex partner. So many fail, in bed, yes, very sensual, but passons differ. Some need but rarely, then, there are those, a small core in comparison with the billions of people throughout the world, who can be truly called oversexed.
Ive been consumed with sexual lust throughout my life. Sexual adventures a-pleanty, though, something was always lacking, generally the drive to match my own.Content to dwell in the world of porn to satisfy my unquenchable need. Then, unexpected, one came to me, unreachable, yet every fiber of me knew she would be the ultimate sexual encounter to me. Tina, a name that will be with me, in fantasies, for a long time. There are those sensual beauties , that are so breathtaking to one, attributes that so closely mirror inner fetishes, that they become lifetime fantasies. Before Tina, none stayed with me in erotic memories for very long, fading into the deep recesses of my memories. Her body so matches everything Ive ever sought in the body of a woman. The sight of her makes my pulse race so. My core fetish, adult breastfeeding, has found devotion to her. If life were truly fair, I could , each night, in devotion, kneel in front of her ( not as a slave, have never truly been a sub), but in devotion, in excited need, with my eves showing my sexual hunger for her swollen nipples, my pulse and breath racing to heart attack proportion, at the sight of Tina, standing over me, wearing a black french cut bra, her white cleavage making my vision swim, her slight, sweet smile showing how pleased she is to see my devotion to a need for her. Teasing me , enjoying seeing what it does to me, by slipping a fingertip into one of the cups of her bra, teasing one of her incredible nipples. Unable to breathe properly, seeing the tips of her nipples lightly outline through the cups of her bra. Damn, so very hard to find words that do justice to the waves of passion that go through me. Practically tears in my eyes, as I lick my lips, so very hungry. My cock straining, protesting against the tightness of my jeans. At a nod from the diamond, I stand for a brief, unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning and unzipping my pant, and pulling them down, my cock as swollen and hard as a piece of long concrete, in my need for her nipples.She licks her lips, aroused at the true sight of how much I want her. My knees give out, so deep is my need for her perfect breasts. Feeling compassion for me, Tina turns her back, and kneels in front of me, looking back with a nod. So hard to breathe, as I unhook the clips of her bra. Is hard to describe what its like, to feel sperm, need build in my cock , with out even touching it. So intense is my need for her nipples.Teasing, she cups her hands around the cups of her bra, holding her bra in place on her tits, as she turns, motioning for me to lie on my back. A pleasure, as my knees wont hold me any longer. I lay down, as she whispers for me not to touch my cock, not yet, with a soft smile on her lips, enjoying what her breasts do to me, excited by my need, she leans over me, still holding her bra over her incredible tits. Seeing my pupils so dilated, as I look up at her perfect, mouthwatering cleavage.Then, sensing the time is right, she allows her bra to slip down her arms, dropping to my chest. impossible to describe how fast my heart is racing, as I hold her bra to my face, inhaling the sweetness of her tits on the inside of the cups.Licking the inside of the cups, so much in need to breastfeed from her.As she wouldnt allow me to jack off, instead, she reaches down, wrapping her fingers around my rock hard cock, slowly stroking it. Her nipples are the most exciting sight Ive ever seen, my ultimate fantasy lover, her nipples so swollen and long, as her tits hang down above my mouth. Slowly, prolonging the orgasm building in my needing cock, she lowers her exciting tits to my mouth. Ive found heaven, true heaven, as I suck one of her nipples into my mouth.So swollen, the tips begging to be sucked. Time seems to go away, as I enjoy the nipples of my breast feeding queen, licking every inch of her cleavage, licking and sucking on nipples from heaven. She continually stops jack me off, prolonging to incredable lengths, a incredable orgasm building in my cock. Finally, can be held back no longer. Feels like a damn flood, a very sweet flood, of pleasure, over and over, arching my back with the intensity of the orgasm, and as I suck as much of her nipple into my mouth as I can, those beautiful large aureoles. Hearing her gasp with pleasure, as my sperm runs down the back of her hand. The orgasm seems to last so long, then, a sweet drained feeling. Enjoying her boy toys hunger, she leans over me for a bit, allowing me to memorize the taste of her nipples. I close my eyes, content like a adult baby, feeding. Then, as I open my eyes, I find myself alone, my cock in my hand. Devastating, it was but a well formed fantasy. My breast feeding queen , Tina, but a wish. But a smile crosses my lips, as I muse " Such a very sweet wish "

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4 years ago
Loved it !!!!!!
4 years ago
very good visuals & writting